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  1. Congrats on your M4 LastStand and thank you for your service!
  2. JT111

    hello-quick intro

    Welcome to this forum. There is a lot of useful information here. What model of Benelli do you have?
  3. I do not have an M3, but if it’s anything like an M4 it’s important to thoroughly clean an properly lubricate before firing the new weapon. I ran my M4 pretty wet during break in. I’m assuming your M3 is new? Also, during break in I used high brass heavier loads, full power buck shot and slugs. Maybe you did all that already. Just thought I’d try to help to rule out typical break in stuff.
  4. It’s a bad idea to post your full name and address on the internet. You should request to have your post deleted as soon as possible.
  5. Thanks for asking the question. I’d like to know as well.
  6. Microtechs lock up solidly. That’s a great knife. I gave an Ultratech blade to my son. He loves it.
  7. That looks like you could get a good grip on it. I love that knife. This is my OTF.
  8. Looks like you’re settled on what you really want. Looks great to me! That’s a keeper.
  9. This thread has pictures and a description of the Mesa stock. I have the Mesa and like it. Someday I will get a C stock after the market settles down.
  10. And I will not let go of my M4.
  11. I had two M2 tacticals and have an M4. They are both fantastic shotguns. My M4 is slightly more picky about ammo, but it still cycles a variety of rounds, even some inexpensive target loads. My M2s would eat anything. The M4 is a lot heavier than the M2, is battle proven and is considerably more expensive. I personally think the M2 is a great choice and I wish I still had one.
  12. My understanding is the top one in the picture in your original post is the new and improved charging handle design. I’m surprised to hear you have better luck with the old design. As I read through this thread, you also said you like the new design a lot. I’m confused, but that’s ok.
  13. I recently ordered one of these from TTI. I was hoping they would send the new style like the top one in your picture. They sent me the old style. I ended up sending it back because it was rusty. Not sure why they mailed me the old style. I’ll just keep the stock one on since I don’t know if they would send me another old one.
  14. JT111


    The Urbino stock doesn’t require a vice to install.
  15. Clean it and properly lubricate it. Others may correct me if I’m wrong. I lubricated fairly generously on my M4 during break in.
  16. It’s normal. When you remove the charging handle you’ll see that it has detents that hold it in position with some play. Clean it and properly lubricate it for break in. Use high brass loads, buck shot or slugs for best results. You’re gonna love that thing. Congrats on your new M4 and welcome to the forum!
  17. Welcome to the forum! There is a lot of good reading here. You should take a picture of that shotgun and post it up.
  18. TTI took care of me right away. They apologized that my charging handle was sent out looking like it did. They already emailed a return shipping label. Honestly, the ultimate charging handle I bought for my M2 is awesome. I don’t judge them. They treated me right. Customer service wins every time.
  19. Thanks for the advice. I’ll give them benefit of the doubt.
  20. They need to refund me or send me a decent item. I’m not impressed. They sent me some old piece they had laying around.
  21. Also, I thought the design was changed so the handle doesn’t spin when it’s installed. Has anybody ordered one of these recently? This handle does not have the directional knurling pattern that I saw described in a thread by stranger danger from August. Maybe I was sent an old one.
  22. This is what they sent me. I’ve sent an email requesting to return it.
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