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  1. It looks like someone posted the official method back in 2011. This method is actually in the USMC manual for the M1014, though is omitted from the civilian Benelli M4 manual. See attached for photos of the relevant pages from the USMC manual.
  2. I guess I could do that. It's just a little odd to me that it didn't include holes to begin with and that I have to drill holes to remove it.
  3. Hello! I am the new owner of a lightly used Benelli M4 (11707). I cannot figure out how to remove the magazine spring retaining cap (in order to swap out the follower). I have seen photos of some retaining caps with two "holes" in which needle nose or snap ring pliers can be inserted to squeeze the cap. My magazine retaining cap lacks these holes (is this normal?) so I cannot figure out a clean way to remove it without marring the cap or tube. Please let me know the trick to removing the spring retaining cap. Please also let me know the trick to reinstalling it. Many thanks in advance!
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