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    NRA pistol rifle & shotgun instructor. Chief range instructor.
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  1. Thats a very price. I remember about a year or so members were getting $700 to $800 But I got a tell ya if you get one update the recoil pad There's a post somewhere about stock pad upgrade Very simple.looks factory when installed properly AND it reduced a very noticeable amount of felt recoil. Made the gun more of a pleasure to shoot
  2. I to use the low recoil in my M4. Less recoil helps alot on a follow up shot not to mention my shoulder is a lot happier the next day. Also I've never had a cycle problem
  3. I've been using my M4le for a local 3-gun shoot for about 5 mth's. love the functionality and Aesthetics of the rectangular one. By the way the one I ordered came with a pre-drilled Factory inner peace I would have never been able to drill the existing one I have. I have never had an operational issue with the rectangular style. Aesthetics, I think it's far superior looking to that round looking thing that appears to hang below the lower Edge of the receiver
  4. I have been using my Benelli M4 for a local 3 gun shoot for about 6 months now. In my case recoil is definitely an issue I have personally found a compensator did nothing for me but I will say using Federal low recoil rounds makes a major difference. Also they have run flawlessly.
  5. Completed 3rd 3-gun match open division this last weekend here in florida.coming in at 11th position out of 26,not bad for a semi old guy. If anyone is interested I have a Mesa 6 shell rail and a delta point that's been sitting in safe for about 4 years. $225.00. Email or text me so I may send pics [email protected] 941-350-3501
  6. in my eyes that is one of the true definitions of beauty. Your photography is unbelievable.
  7. As the spending continues.Thanks a lot strangerDanger. I did get the slide glide standard off Amazon so I will be using that per your recommendation. Also I'm ordering a scalarworks( there notify me ) mount along with a RMR 3.25 Moa. Although I thought my Leupold red dot was fine until I saw the RMR on your project. I think I've decided before I send it off for a NP3+ refinish I'm going to run a few 3 gun matches with it the way it is to be sure this is exactly what I want although it will probably be the coolest shotgun out there except in open class where these guys are running tromax build shotguns with 20 round drums. I think I'm going to do a little bit of color scheme with the mount and RMR as black I'd like to get the trigger black and a few other miscellaneous parts black as an offset against the NP3+ finish. And just so you know strangerDanger I think I'm going to spend more on this Benelli build then I did on 3 HK full auto builds with Fleming Sears in 1981. I think I might even throw in one Colt M-16 in that equation.
  8. That's great to here. So far every person that I've spoke to has said only positive things about their triggers. This 3-gun stuff is all new to me especially shooting accurately. I've always just been used to selecting (when negotiations fail) on the trigger pack pulling the trigger and hoping they all go forward. I've just found if there's enough bullets going down range I usually hit something.
  9. Looks good But you lost your lifetime warranty on your Craftsman screwdriver
  10. If you find that see if the seller also has a Heckler & Koch 21/23e beltfed for sale.
  11. I want to say thank you to StrangerDanger for helping me prematurely, creatively spending my retirement money early on my Benelli M4LE. haha After seeing his H20 post with pictures my spending Journey Begins. Approximately 20 years ago I purchased this Benelli M4LE along with a Heckler & Koch Benelli M3 from an HK Forum member. Until recently it's just been sitting in the back of the safe behine most of my favorite HK Auto toys i collected back in the early 80s when full auto toys were cheap. Well that's changed. I just recently decided I'm going to use the M4 in the three gun shoot I participate in once a month as a newbie. After speaking to strangerDanger I decided to take some advice on a few accessories. Limbsaver butt pad, Daves Metal Works safety ,FFT carrier release , and a A & E trigger housing along with a Briley Match Trigger ( Thank you Gary ). Still waiting on a FFT upper rail. Good news they emailed me yesterday and said they are in production. Oh yeah and also due to StrangerDanger's addicting H2O gun porn post it looks like its off to Robar's for a Np3+ treatment. In my case its not just about functionality but most of all the COOL FACTOR. Before sending the trigger group off to Briley my trigger Pull was a horrible 8 + lb. Trigger came back today at a little less than 4 & 1/2 pounds and a unbelievable crisp break & almost 0 travel. Briley's customer service was wonderful & a special thanks to Gary i spoke to a few times.From the day I mailed it out Priority Mail to getting it back Priority Mail was two weeks Unbelievable. I'm an Extremely Happy Briley customer. I'll give you all an update after shooting this weekend.
  12. What is the reason that they can't be imported here into the USA It would seem to me that an authorized Benelli dealer here in the US could do a group buy and far surpass there minimum order of these. I think with most Benelli owners the cost would not be as much of a factor as availability.
  13. OK stop laughing Kinda Desperately Seeking a carrier comp M4 top rail for a new-build You name your fare price and then some I've Been Told I'm very easy prey. Setting M4 up for a local 3 gun match to start participating in Presently have a shell carrier rail on there now but trying to shave some ounces off here and there. Just purchased A @ E trigger housing and all parts are at Briley's now for their trigger upgrade. Thank you, Ken [email protected]
  14. The only words I can think of is amazing when I look at the work that you've done. I want to thank you so much for the long-distance support and guidance you've been giving me on my M4 Le project getting it setup for 3 gun. Thanks again, Ken in Sarasota Fl.
  15. Went to the ATI Web sight,looks like no longer for sale.Is there any one making a similar one Is there a member out there that might have a used heat shield and/or hand guard for sale. Please PM me or email.Thanks,Ken in Sunny Sarasota Fl. [email protected]
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