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  1. I use nickel anti seize compound…..have been using the same container for many years. A little goes a very long way
  2. I used the Midwest Industries piece for my M4 I do have a B&T rail on my SP5
  3. I’ve shot quite a few winchesters over the years. I must say I prefer the Federal from what is shown.
  4. Well that sucks. I’ve used that crappy tool for years…..never had an issue with that bit. Guess they must have changed it
  5. Looks like “rust bluing” or “browning” have you contacted customer service?
  6. How did you clean? could be oil residue that has baked in the chamber. Use a good solvent and chamber brush
  7. My apologies for that comment folks. Apparently, that is against the considerate, polite posting rules.
  8. First time in 10 years, I’ve actually used the ignore feature. Merry Christmas folks
  9. Could easily be used with a handguard, such as the MI. An MLOK vertical grip could be easily added
  10. pull your panties out of your crack, Karen
  11. You were correct, Benelli owned my apologies
  12. I stand corrected, thank you.
  13. Dunno who owns it. Most are owned by Carbon Media out of Canada. However, Im really not sure. I’ve asked the question before and I’ve never gotten an answer. How do you know it’s Benelli owned?
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