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  1. ScalarWorks with an RMR is perfect for my needs An optic on top of the Benelli rail is just too high and uncomfortable
  2. The IWC light mount is AWESOME I highly recommend it. I tried one of the Briley cheese graters and hated it.
  3. Not a very knowledgeable sales guy…..
  4. It’s the gun letting you know where it needs lube……it’s good to go
  5. You won’t notice the noise when you are shooting.
  6. Got mine…..cool tool
  7. A nice upgrade for sure
  8. I was able to replicate the OP’s issue by doing this. I had never had a malfunction with my SN Tac that wasn’t shooter induced
  9. I’ll get a date code pic shortly
  10. All a muzzle brake did for me was increase the noise level. They are very brutal in an enclosed environment like indoor range
  11. I got one…..I’m in the LIKE crowd
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