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  1. Will miss him…..
  2. IWC scout light mount light use, slight marks, no damage $50 shipped ConUS only
  3. Got it figured out Was trying to assemble it without taking the rear plate off.
  4. Just got mine installed today. Instructions are poor at best. I like the MI setup, still need to mount a light.
  5. Oh come on……no one has installed one?
  6. Midwest Industries M4 mlok rail, any install tips? I hear the instructions are rather lacking.
  7. It’s a damn nice piece for sure. With all the tools I have, a 27mm wrench isn’t one of them. Ordered one, my install will await tooling.
  8. Got mine…….a damn fine part. Well done Sir
  9. I have one of the “special run” blue ones……🤣
  10. I looked at doing just that Simply not enough stock material for a screw in insert like the one you linked. The sidewalls of the socket are very thin. I installed with hardware shown. I then filled the off side with devcon. I believe I did this two and a half years ago……no issues to date
  11. Your call as to whether this is a “bubba attempt” or what.
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