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  1. My apologies Sir. My comments were in no way directed toward you. Your listing is more than fair.
  2. Not a insult, just the cold, hard facts. You have proven your character here. If the truth hurts, it sucks to be you. As far as me being bitter or hurt over not being able to afford the price you listed, you have no clue who I am or what I can spend on bits.
  3. I don’t think this is the proper place for a sales listing..........
  4. I don’t think the LOP gets any shorter than 14 3/8”
  5. I use a soft side fishing tackle box. Love the plastic containers with adjustable dividers
  6. Yes, a T1 or RMR on a ScalarWorks Mount works PERFECTLY for me in the middle position
  7. Ah......I can not use the ghost ring sights in the middle position.
  8. The T1 on the ScalarWorks mount works for me. What are you referring to as “GR” ?
  9. I’ve ran both with the Scalarworks mounts, used the same stock position. Reticle is about 1/16” below center. 6’
  10. For me, I use the fully extended setting when I did not have an optic installed. Once I put a optic on, I use the middle setting. Sights are not useable in the middle setting for me.
  11. Not a guy/shop that I would be interested in dealing with
  12. It’s been done a few times.......not enough market demand
  13. The idea of price gouging nearly makes me sick. Pricing an item over 5x what it sold for is freaking nuts. I guess it just isnt in my nature to profit off of others on a gun board.
  14. A rare, and out of production, piece,.....but over five times the original cost?
  15. Good-Fast-Cheap......pick any two, but you won’t have the third.
  16. Six weeks........thats rather normal
  17. I believe there are some internals available now. Gotta dig into this a bit more
  18. I guess the carrier was the part I was leaving out Seems that does make 13.
  19. Did they name the parts? Have anything on paper from them?
  20. Guess you are correct. The SuperNova has a 922 parts count of 12. Two parts must be replaced with US manufactured ones to deviate from the imported configuration and 5 shell capacity. Can anyone verify the SuperNova parts count ? Replace the factory stock & follower with US manufactured parts & you are good to go.
  21. I don’t believe 922 pertains to pump models......had to deal with the sporting definition
  22. I’ve seen these 1st hand at a shop in STL. Personally, I have no use for this rail. It provides nothing that I don’t get from the factory hand guards. I would even want/have to add covers to the MLOK rail. A light would be farther back than other options, creating even more shadow. I don’t run a vertical grip on a full size shotgun. I simply see no benefit other than a lighter wallet.
  23. As long as you don’t want the ability to remove it, theepoxy is a great idea
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