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  1. Why not use a pressure switch for the light? Use an mlok switch mount on the hand guard
  2. This is how my Super Nova Tac has sat for seven years.....”cruiser ready”
  3. Haven’t seen any unless you have a machinist that works pro-bono, it would be cheaper to replace the tube
  4. You won’t find one for $400...... that’s not unicorn pricing
  5. It installs with no modifications at all. Installed one a few months ago on new “blue m4”. I first used one of these about ten years ago. It’s awesome for a QD sling cup
  6. I’m stealing this.....
  7. Often the torque for a fastener is given. Other times there is no mention of torque or the use of a thread locking compound. If one decides to use thread locker, reduce the given torque by 15-20%. Wet torque reduces the fastener friction, reducing the torque value takes this into account. 243 is an improved version of 242. It does not require the use of a primer and is less susceptible to weakening from the intrusion of oils and other fluids, AFTER it has cured. It also works better with plated fasteners than 242. There are charts available that list general torque values for threaded fasteners. When in doubt, check the chart.
  8. Blue thread locker on all the above
  9. I think I have a Larue 660 let me know if ya still need one
  10. Don’t think it would cause any undue wear to the tabs on the buttplate. if I were to do this, I would want to have a spare on hand
  11. Poor planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part. I’ve had guys begging me at work to sell them some ammo. These are the guys who mocked me when I was buying ammo two years ago.
  12. The guy has issues.....do a search. I won’t give the guy a dime
  13. These are the two mount bosses I was referring to.
  14. The ModLight has two bosses. These allow hardware to affix the light to the mount with screws from the inner side of the mount
  15. Looks great. I still need to find the time to swap the FCG to my new A&S housing. Not a fan of TT, but I can see the carrier and safety being useful
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