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Everything posted by M2_shootr

  1. Got mine…..cool tool
  2. A nice upgrade for sure
  3. I was able to replicate the OP’s issue by doing this. I had never had a malfunction with my SN Tac that wasn’t shooter induced
  4. I’ll get a date code pic shortly
  5. All a muzzle brake did for me was increase the noise level. They are very brutal in an enclosed environment like indoor range
  6. I got one…..I’m in the LIKE crowd
  7. https://www.primaryarms.com/magpul-sling-mount-kit-type-2-mag332
  8. The MagPul socket fits. Will need to open up the molded dimple in the stock body.
  9. A seller can’t control what ships in
  10. I’ve considered adding one, haven’t gotten that far. The polymer has an indent for one, would just need to fit a socket into the stock body
  11. I changed because I liked shooting with the stock fully extended. With it extended, the T2 was too high. The RMR is the perfect height for me.
  12. Message sent, I could use one
  13. Trying to figure out what trigger mods I’ll get done. Have an A&S housing on hand, FFT trigger kit and a Geissele hammer. Kinda leaning toward installing the FFT parts in the A&S housing and selling the Geissele hammer
  14. Is there still a market for these Geissele m4 hammers?
  15. M2_shootr

    M4 OEM Sling

    Ok, so here is how the OEM Benelli sling mounts and operates In the 1st pic, the circle shows strapping with the snaps is the loop to attach the sling to the front sling lug. In the second pic, the slider is for snugging the weapon to the body when shooting a pistol or some other action where hands are off the gun. In the third pic, there are two things going on. The red circle shows the rear sling attachment. The white circle shows the adjuster for the overall length of the sling. The sling length should be adjusted with the white circled adjuster so the gun can be shouldered. Once this is done, it isn’t to be messed with. It is also adjusted to allow the snugging adjustment in the second pic to slide up to near the left armpit, for a right hand shooter, when snugging the gun The straps at the clips allow for a quieter sling vs attaching the hooks directly to the gun, no metal on metal. The straps can be removed if one wishes to just use the clips.
  16. M2_shootr

    My new M4

    Congrats........love the m4
  17. Missed that I guess.... Mine goes the other way, stock on shoulder, muzzle to ground
  18. Ah.....those are wonderful
  19. Would allow for a closer mounted light, and a better switch position
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