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  1. Sorry brother, I just bought it. -Rex
  2. I was just about to ask what a ShootingSport hammer would offer over factory Benelli, beyond 922r compliance.
  3. Nice Birdog, super helpful. And damn, hard for me to imaging what an M4 with a 12 mag tube on it would look like. Again, I’m new to SGs but the end of that thing wouldn’t catch any shot when fired?
  4. I picked my M1014 up on June 19th (pistol owner but was my first shotgun), this forum has been most helpful to Scout’s point. If you search and don’t find what you’re looking for, just start a new thread with your question. As maybe the newest member to the M4 Club myself, welcome (and I hope you’ve set a budget for modifications that you’ll stick to). -Rex
  5. Installed the Limbsaver 10403 on my M1014 today using zinc-plated M4 x 16mm hardware from HD. Fit and finish of the recoil pad was excellent- slightly larger than mating surface of c-stock but I was able to get the overhang uniform all the way around. This M1014 came with the factory fixed c-stock so modifying the recoil pad to accommodate the stock tube when collapsed is unnecessary at this point. I’ll do that when I get around to modifying the stock to make collapsible. Job was a breeze thanks to the information found here.
  6. Thanks Steve, this is phenomenal.
  7. RPC

    M4 Final Setup

    I am installing on a collapsible stock, new pad being delivered tomorrow. I’ll look at your previous post now. Thanks again Scout, you’ve been awesome.
  8. RPC

    M4 Final Setup

    Good copy, thank you.
  9. RPC

    M4 Final Setup

    Appreciate it. Thanks Sukhoi. I assume since my M1014 has the integral choke, employing this part is not in the cards for me?
  10. RPC

    M4 Final Setup

    Does this require an adapter or anything? I’ve seen Limbsaver recommended previously and done research (all great recommendations) and only found comments on fit issues & that it doesn’t come with hardware, but it also seems like some of LS’s buttpads require adapters. Does this require choke threads in the barrel or does it mount externally? Initial research inconclusive. Would you use the same again or recommend I look at another offering. Again, thanks Sigma.
  11. Yeah, I’ve read about/watched videos on ghost loading but came across folks warning against doing it due to potential for damaging the lifter/carrier/shell stop? Can’t speak 1st person but they seemed credible so I’ve not done it. Kind of a bummer because, due to the trigger, hammer & safety configuration I’m not comfortable storing it loaded so I’d love to sneak another shell in there if I’ve misdiagnosed the risk of “ghost loading”. Thoughts others on this? I believe Benelli’s product description says something like, “fixed modified choke” but my M1014 is just 18.5” of chrome-coated barrel. No threads on the business end, zero evidence of any modifications by Benelli, etc. Mine looks just like the barrel in the link Scout shared above My first shotgun, certainly my first Benelli, so I might be missing something.
  12. RPC

    M4 Final Setup

    Sigma- Could you please share the following: - Part # of the LimbSaver pad - Make/model of the door breacher - Is the single shell holder part of the hand guard or separate? - - If separate, make/model? Thanks in advance.
  13. RPC

    Sling Ergonomics?

    Nice. I had BFG sew a QD into the front of the custom sling I ordered from them knowing it would be connecting to the IWC light mount and I left the back free. Just placed an order at IWC for the mount and at BFG for another 1.25” QD. The one I got on my sling seems solid, guess no reason to deviate from that. If this set up meets my need I just might ship the sling back to BFG to have the rear sewn in also. Appreciate the suggested caution around connection of the QD. I’ll be sure to give them a tug test before putting weight on. Sounds like a lesson learned through experience...
  14. RPC

    Sling Ergonomics?

    Awesome Stranger. I love Earl’s stuff, no qualms with adding more! What is your favorite male QD maker? IWC & BFG both offer them, in addition to the tens or hundreds of probably off-brand/foreign-made available on AMZN, eBay, etc.
  15. Second one was helpful also, thanks Scout!
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