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  1. RPC

    IWC Light Mount

    Marks on your M4 are like scars on people… dead sexy. Word to the wise though, loctite the sh*t out of the hardware as it otherwise loosens with use. Earl @ IWC is a good dude, engage him here with your questions/concerns and I guarantee you wont be disappointed: [email protected]
  2. All due respect, but why all of a sudden are several folks trying to source the OEM false msg extension?
  3. Looks like the 6 position tubes are now available.
  4. Any testimonials or posts from current owners/users to share?
  5. “I’ve got a horseshoe up my ass when it comes to catching suspects,” Man, what a story…
  6. Thanks for the info, @Sukhoi_fan. For the reasons you listed I’ve been thinking about trying out an Esstac set-up on my M4. Of the various sizes available, I get that round count will be up to the individual purchaser but, is there a max size that fits in the logical location on the M4 (ex.- Don’t buy larger than 5-round because the 6&7-round cards are too long to reasonably fit on the receiver)?
  7. Purchased this set-up here several months ago, installed it on my M1014 and discovered the weapon no longer fits in my wall safe in this config. Took some time to decide whether to keep the gear (which fits my body geometry terrifically) and replace the wall safe or revert to my previous hand guards/IWC set up, decided against replacing the wall safe. These items are back up for grabs. Offering for what I paid, gear in exact condition received. $420 TYD, prefer PP G&S, would take USMO if buyer prefers that. Selling as set only for now. *using previous posting pics because, well, it still looks the same
  8. Man, great responses. Appreciate it. Going to dig into some reading on that Benjamin Marauder, that might be the ticket.
  9. I live in a residential neighborhood of moderate density but occasionally have a need for a vermin solution. Anyone able to recommend an air rifle of high quality & dependable accuracy, while also quiet?
  10. RPC

    Benelli M1014/M4

    Any chance OP could have gotten an M4 with the correct milled receiver but also with the adjustment button immobilized?
  11. RPC

    hello-quick intro

    Welcome. I’m newer myself, but couldn’t ask for more from this community.
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