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  1. RPC

    Rethinking my HD Ammo

    Good stuff Sukhoi, got some of the #4 buck incoming. Looking forward to performance on the range.
  2. RPC

    Rethinking my HD Ammo

    Appreciate the input truckcop. TSLE321 00 is exactly the 00 buck I bought a case of. Couldn’t believe how tight and consistent the spread was, though some of that could be attributed to the M4 itself I guess. Even at reduced velocity, do you not see the LE321 as an over-penetration risk in an HD scenario?
  3. With all due respect, please call Benelli.
  4. RPC

    Rethinking my HD Ammo

    Thanks for the input Sukhoi. Pretty sure “T-shot” is in reference to Hevi’s use of tungsten for some of their shot (vs lead, steel, etc.). Though cool and logically sound given tungsten’s density, I’d say that’s definitely bordering on exotic. I also tend toward tried and true I like Federal’s offerings for the majority of my firearms. Following your link I found a #4 buck “Personal Defense” round. Might see if I can find that locally to give it a try. https://www.federalpremium.com/shotshell/premium-personal-defense/personal-defense-shotshell/11-PD156+4B.html If things ever go from bad to worse, I still have the 00 and slugs to fall back on.
  5. RPC

    Rethinking my HD Ammo

    Yeah, buck #4 is something I’ve read a lot about recently. Would be happy to stock & load this if anywhere close to the general consensus. For example: Hevi-shot’s Dead Coyote loads continue to come up among several other options.
  6. ... and by “rethinking”, I didn’t do a significant amount of thinking beyond a few hours of web reading and coming to the conclusion that a case of Federal LE 00 and a case of Federal LE slug should meet my needs. For context, I keep 7+1+1 of LE 00 loaded and always in the safe. The more I think about it though, I have a family of four in a typical CA home and, should I ever have to deploy the M4 in an HD situation, I will have to make split-second decisions about in what direction I can’t let 00 fly because I have kids or a wife sleeping in that direction. My question: I know ammo choice is about as personal as that of underwear or personal vehicle, but can any of you offer links/SMEs/etc. on how to make an informed decision on 12ga. HD ammo? Totally understand and appreciate the “try and test” recommendations but, for obvious reasons, “testing” 12ga. HD ammo in appropriately dynamic situations isn’t really an option. So I’m left asking for help deciding on 12ga. HD ammo. Any thoughts, references or data is highly appreciated.
  7. SD- You’re the man. And thanks. It’s not wearing its custom padded BFG sling in that photo, but is a work in progress for sure. Maybe someday I’ll get on your level. Searching for that bit PN though, I stumbled onto a FS thread of yours for the 3-position tubes. If you happen to have one available seven years later, msg me. I’d rather pay you than Benelli.
  8. I did a bunch of searching on this topic before posting but still have Q’s. Is this all I need to convert my US-compliant M1014 fixed skeletonized stock to adjustable?: My M1014 today: Last, any recommended sites/threads on making this conversion? I keep reading about needing heat (MAPP comes up a lot) but I haven’t yet found a write up on making the switch. Thanks in advance.
  9. SD- You’ve designed and built a professional tool for professional use, but do you- or anyone reading this- have a novice-grade recommendation for polishing the internal surface of a CC Ti tube? Thanks in advance.
  10. I have this set and they’re worth every cent. All of the various benefits SD mentions, haven’t yet found a use that this kit didn’t meet.
  11. This is awesome SD, thanks for sharing (and for the jumpstart to the forum). Question: Why continue to mess with the Noveski Adapter Plate when the Limbsaver 10403 doesn’t require it?
  12. Welcome to the club. I had the same issue with my new M1014, this might help:
  13. Bringing this one back from the dead... Followed SD’s instruction above, installation of my newly acquired Carrier Comp 7-round tube (much appreciated @DailyEDC) went flawlessly. Damn does this thing look exceptional on my M4. I ordered a gnarly powerful heat gun & had everything lined up for a fight -work gloves, infrared thermometer, pals on hand, etc.- and heated around the factory 5-round tube for literally less than a minute, gave it a twist and it threaded right off. How anti-climatic is that? For context, I had no work gloves on yet and the last 2/3rds of the factory mag tube was still ambient temp. I’ve got forearms like footballs (dude earlier = LOL) but this was overly easy. As a note, I was hyper concerned about over torquing the receiver while twisting the stock tube so took it very easy on twisting. There was clearly a red thread locker on the threads but was purely liquid when heated/removed. Easily wiped away and though I had also ordered thread locker red #242, I test fitted the CC tube and it locked in tight so I didn’t end up using the threadlocker. Anyway, recognition to StrangerDanger for the start on this project and to DailyEDC for the good buy of a Carrier Comp mag tube and words of wisdom installing it. Last, let’s never forget this gem: On 11/11/2011 at 2:41 AM, StrangerDanger said: You need to recover the Forearm Retaining Band #69 (gigity).
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