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  1. RPC

    FFT Forend- Questions

    Love it... I currently have a CC mag tube + spring + follower onboard. Extended carrier by who do you recommend, JR?
  2. RPC

    FFT Forend- Questions

    Damnit, I was cautiously optimistic about FFT’s offering but quietly expected this response. Appreciate you both. I have a USA-made mag tube and follower. Can I be so bold as to ask for recommendations on what that 3rd compliant piece should be? Thanks again.
  3. I’m looking to complete my 922r compliance journey and have a couple of questions about FFT’s forend for anyone who has experience with them: -From a feel and fit & finish perspective, is it largely identical to the stock Benelli forend? -Any reason using one would cause issues with my IWC M4 Light Mount? -Anyone gone to the FFT forend and been unsatisfied? -Any other other options that are similar to the stock Benelli forend that I should consider over FFT’s? Thanks in advance.
  4. Appreciate the input, multiple last-round cycles indicate adequate power. That said, Remarkable: Thanks for the words of caution. I bought two springs from Kip for exactly this reason and may just put the unadulterated spring in and let six rounds suffice.
  5. I modified my CC mag tube spring to accommodate my preferred loads and I want to verify it maintains enough power to reliably cycle all 7 rounds. At the risk of asking a stupid question, is there a way I can safely cycle through the tube to test this other than go run through a bunch of rounds at the range*? Is it as simple as just cycling a bunch of times using the charging handle and ensuring the last rounds make it onto the lifter? *I will be visiting the range immediately after I install the Meprolight sights, just trying to answer the tube spring question in advance
  6. RPC

    PN# + Source Inquiry

    Easy decision (replace), thx SD.
  7. RPC

    PN# + Source Inquiry

    Before I make a trip to Ace, does the nut need to be replaced when the front blade is reinstalled? Feel like I read that somewhere but can’t find it again.
  8. I appreciate the thoughtful response. As a matter of fact, I myself need just one more component to achieve 922r compliance after installing a Carrier Comp 7-rd tube and CC follower, thus my interest. I’ll stay tuned for updates on readiness. -Rex
  9. Hello sir. I’ve been watching your posts since maybe idea inception of your new hammer. I am both intrigued and inclined to buy but, given the criticality of the hammer within the working confines of an auto-shotgun, what compelling argument do you offer to purchase your offering (outside of the obvious 922r compliance gain)? *Asked with the utmost respect
  10. RPC

    PN# + Source Inquiry

    Any chance you recall the size? If no, I can just take the front sight in and figure it out. Thanks Sigma!
  11. RPC

    PN# + Source Inquiry

    Terrific, thanks SD!
  12. RPC

    PN# + Source Inquiry

    Cripes... *lock nut
  13. RPC

    PN# + Source Inquiry

    Can anyone offer a source and part number for the 5.5mm lock but securing the front blade sight on an M4? Thanks in advance.
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