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  1. I’ve probably shot 250 rounds of slug through my M1014. I will admit it’s a bitch to remove the lead fouling from the end of the barrel (what I assume is the modified choke). No squibs or kabooms or anything but man, cleaning it after sucks.
  2. RPC

    Sending M4 to Benelli

    I like this idea a lot, thanks SD.
  3. Any experience or guidance to offer regarding box to use (their warranty page recommends using the factory box, the guy at Bennell recommends against it), how to wrap/protect the barrel & receiver separately, best carrier to use, etc.? Thanks in advance.
  4. Variances are a reality any manufacturing environment. Got a couple additional ideas, the Rx charging handle is otherwise too nice for me to just put it in a drawer with the others.
  5. Talking with Robb on the side about the Rx handle. I think this is the 4th order I’ve placed from him, never been anything but completely satisfied. Hoping to understand why this different retention in mine even if it ends up being something uncontrollable.
  6. Yeah, ordered this one. I push it into the BCG until it stops then rotate it to match a detent to the detent ball. I don’t have a gauge that can measure the effort to spin mine, but I threw the stock one back in as a baseline and the Rx one spins as easily if not more easily.
  7. Mine arrived today, had time to throw it on and manipulate it a bunch. @SuzukiGS750EZ Your BCG detent ball & spring may be different/stronger than mine but the RX Arms charging handle spins more easily for me. Once disengaged from the detent it pulls out effortlessly. It’s impossible to pull out while the detent is engaged, but with gloves on it’s not hard to imagine getting spun accidentally while charging and disappearing. Curious why the difference. That said, the knurling, length and diameter are amazing in hand.
  8. Just placed an order for one also, appreciate you asking the question.
  9. RPC

    When to Rebuild

    Got it, thank you. Shot a note to Benelli CS asking, will share whatever I get back for anyone else who might look for this info later.
  10. RPC

    When to Rebuild

    Helpful, thank you. So when one breaks would be a fair plan.
  11. RPC

    When to Rebuild

    I am familiar with rebuild guidelines- specifically expected spring life and on what timelines to replace them- of my Glock firearms and am curious what intervals either Benelli or this group recommends to replace the various springs of the M4. For example, I keep my M4 fully loaded and in Condition 1 in the wall safe. At what age should I think about replacing the mag spring? Replacing the various trigger pack springs? Any other component of the M4 have a finite life span in terms of age vs round count?
  12. RPC

    IWC Light Mount

    Marks on your M4 are like scars on people… dead sexy. Word to the wise though, loctite the sh*t out of the hardware as it otherwise loosens with use. Earl @ IWC is a good dude, engage him here with your questions/concerns and I guarantee you wont be disappointed: [email protected]
  13. All due respect, but why all of a sudden are several folks trying to source the OEM false msg extension?
  14. Looks like the 6 position tubes are now available.
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