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  1. Picked up my new M1014 Sunday and the first thing I did was read the manual cover to cover. The second thing I did was read it cover to cover again. Then, following the manual, I disassembled the weapon, cleaned it (found some metal shavings, unexpected) and lubed it, again, according to the manual. My issue: Since picking it up and cleaning/lubing, I’ve been practicing loading, chambering, etc. but cannot get more than four 2 3/4” Federal shells in the tube. When inserting the fifth shell, the stack bottoms out with approx. 1/4” of the fifth round left out. I’ve searched this and read thread after thread. It’s not getting hung up on any burrs/lips/etc. (the first four shells go in smoothly but stiffly). Strength is not at issue here, though technique might be, but no amount of brute force gets it home. What’s interesting is, I ordered some dummy rounds- a pack of five- and they’re 2 1/2” long. I can fit five of those in the tube, and I can BARELY fit in 4 x 2 3/4” live rounds + 1 x dummy round, but even that requires finesse and just barely clears and seats. What are the chances I’m doing something wrong (I know this is a stupid question to ask someone to answer as I type it)? I read in more than one place that folks with similar issues had to send M4s back to Benelli who ultimately clipped the recoil spring and returned to owner. Do they not test fill the tube in addition to the live firing they do? I’m headed to the range with a couple hundred rounds of Federal LE 00B + Federal LE Slug on Friday and hoping a bunch of the ol’ “in/out” there will loosen things up, but stopping by here tonight to ask what I might be missing. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hate to bring the dead back to life, but... Hi all. My name is Rex and I am on wait-day 6 for my M1014. Of the few mods I want to apply out of the gate, a light mount is one. And, as I like to “do it right the first time”, AVA’s offerings have made the top of my list. Having found zero bearing on a timeline for AVA mount availability I recently ordered IWC components to mount my SF Fury but would still like to come by an AVA solution, even if the timeline is longer (but at least known or anticipated). Anyone have line of sight to AVA’s resumed production? Thanks in advance. -Rex
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