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  1. Shoot, maybe that scratch was your lucky charm. Best not fix it just in case.
  2. If it doesn’t work for me, it’s yours.
  3. I’ll try this out, msg incoming.
  4. I feel your pain. Bought an M4 May of last year and, literally day one having it home, I was beginning my first ever dissemble to clean and relube and the damn cocking lever loses purchase and skips off of the trigger guard pin, scratches the receiver housing and I died a little inside. Upside is I haven’t really worried about babying it since...
  5. https://www.armsunlimited.com/AU-Large-Bolt-Charging-Handle-for-Benelli-M4-p/lb-m4-bch.htm
  6. RPC


    Couldn’t be happier with this one.
  7. I haven’t, but am personally interested in testing this ammo. I’ll look for it locally and order if necessary. Disappointing that the article nor the display carton mention use of Federal’s Flitecontrol wad. That makes such a significant difference in pattern and shot consistency in my own testing. Thanks for the lead, CCB.
  8. Welcome! This forum was invaluable to me as a first time M4 owner and tinkerer-at-heart, I trust you’ll find it the same. If you have a question and don’t see a thread about it, just ask. Decades of experience here (not me, the other guys/gals...)!
  9. Totally get it. Buy SD’s NP3 coated non-adjustable and knock it out, keeping the adjustable tube for application down the road.
  10. SD- Thank you. You’re a gentleman and a scholar. @Piza14- There’s no evidence I’ve seen indicating StrangerDanger isn’t the best in the Benelli business. I’d cover all costs of you- up front- if you’re so inclined. My non-adjustable recoil tube came factory in my M1014, is less than a year old since purchased new and is entirely unmolested Please consider it and IM me if you’re open to exploring this opportunity. -Rex *edited for spelling
  11. Boy I wish there was an easy way to trade my non-notched for your adjustable one... If you do remove your adjustable, I’d love to take it off your hands (for non-CA ownership, of course).
  12. Hey CA, sorry to hear of your difficulties. I was able to use a 5/64 hex wrench to pull that screw out. Can’t say it was overly difficult to break loose and I don’t recall it having any thread locker on it. I will say that I bought my M1014 new last May and had an incredibly easy time removing the factory 5-rd mag tube to replace with a 7-rd tube, so maybe newer issues used less or no thread locker vs. previous releases? In short, I had no issues removing that bolt from my M1014 neutered c-stock a handful of weeks ago. Maybe a soldering iron to that screw to heat it to a safe
  13. Hey Daily. Still penciling a solution, either keeping the c-stock on or buying a field stock and keeping the c-stock in reserve in the event I ever get to exercise it- in the state of CA or otherwise.
  14. Check out the thread I linked to, there’s a screw under the cheek weld that has to be removed to activate the repositioning button, but by doing so you take it out of compliance with state law.
  15. Did you purchase your M4 in CA by chance?
  16. If you other from GG&G: The price includes a new factory Benelli carrier latch, modified for the new tac pad. You do not have to drill and tap any item in this kit.
  17. Yes, $50 even out of pocket. Sent you my email address via PM if you decide you want them. -Rex
  18. Any takers at $50 TYD? Tired of looking at these taking space on my desk, will drop the price ‘til they go, even if I have to pay someone to take ‘em...
  19. Interested, PM incoming.
  20. Ordered, little to lose. I also like that the end which engages the bolt assembly is an uninterrupted “lip”, not a three-lobe design as in other aftermarket designs.
  21. Unless OP lives in California that is...
  22. Hey Mil. I looked all over the packaging, included literature and sights themselves and can’t find any date of manufacture. If you or anyone else knows where I should be looking I’ll give it another try. The warranty card says the sights are warranted for 12 years from sale date and the tritium is warranted for 5 years from sale date. Best I might be able to do is provide the sale date: 9/28/2019 I’m happy to provide a printed copy of the invoice to the buyer in the event of a warrantee need. Appreciate the question, something any prospective buyer should be intere
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