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  1. Totally get it. Buy SD’s NP3 coated non-adjustable and knock it out, keeping the adjustable tube for application down the road.
  2. SD- Thank you. You’re a gentleman and a scholar. @Piza14- There’s no evidence I’ve seen indicating StrangerDanger isn’t the best in the Benelli business. I’d cover all costs of you- up front- if you’re so inclined. My non-adjustable recoil tube came factory in my M1014, is less than a year old since purchased new and is entirely unmolested Please consider it and IM me if you’re open to exploring this opportunity. -Rex *edited for spelling
  3. Boy I wish there was an easy way to trade my non-notched for your adjustable one... If you do remove your adjustable, I’d love to take it off your hands (for non-CA ownership, of course).
  4. Hey CA, sorry to hear of your difficulties. I was able to use a 5/64 hex wrench to pull that screw out. Can’t say it was overly difficult to break loose and I don’t recall it having any thread locker on it. I will say that I bought my M1014 new last May and had an incredibly easy time removing the factory 5-rd mag tube to replace with a 7-rd tube, so maybe newer issues used less or no thread locker vs. previous releases? In short, I had no issues removing that bolt from my M1014 neutered c-stock a handful of weeks ago. Maybe a soldering iron to that screw to heat it to a safe temp could help?
  5. Hey Daily. Still penciling a solution, either keeping the c-stock on or buying a field stock and keeping the c-stock in reserve in the event I ever get to exercise it- in the state of CA or otherwise.
  6. Check out the thread I linked to, there’s a screw under the cheek weld that has to be removed to activate the repositioning button, but by doing so you take it out of compliance with state law.
  7. Did you purchase your M4 in CA by chance?
  8. If you other from GG&G: The price includes a new factory Benelli carrier latch, modified for the new tac pad. You do not have to drill and tap any item in this kit.
  9. Yes, $50 even out of pocket. Sent you my email address via PM if you decide you want them. -Rex
  10. Any takers at $50 TYD? Tired of looking at these taking space on my desk, will drop the price ‘til they go, even if I have to pay someone to take ‘em...
  11. Interested, PM incoming.
  12. Ordered, little to lose. I also like that the end which engages the bolt assembly is an uninterrupted “lip”, not a three-lobe design as in other aftermarket designs.
  13. RPC

    Shoot or Save?

    Unless OP lives in California that is...
  14. Hey Mil. I looked all over the packaging, included literature and sights themselves and can’t find any date of manufacture. If you or anyone else knows where I should be looking I’ll give it another try. The warranty card says the sights are warranted for 12 years from sale date and the tritium is warranted for 5 years from sale date. Best I might be able to do is provide the sale date: 9/28/2019 I’m happy to provide a printed copy of the invoice to the buyer in the event of a warrantee need. Appreciate the question, something any prospective buyer should be interested in. -Rex
  15. Installed the set, took a single range trip to try them out, just not my cup of tea. I’ll include a Craftsman 5.5mm wrench for the front sight nut (rear sight requires only a flathead screwdriver). $57 shipped, save yourself 40 bucks if you’ve been looking for an interim option between stock sights and an optic. -Rex
  16. Evo/SD- You guys are awesome. Your knowledge and wisdom continue to disproportionally contribute to this collective info base. Personally, your contributions to my issue are much appreciated. I've been eyeing a move to a field stock anyway, maybe I can find someone interested in a straight trade. The aesthetics of the CA-compliant c-stock are admittedly attractive, but I favor function over form. Thanks again to you both. This thread has single-handedly saved me $350+ in orders I would have placed tonight, not to mention the weapon confiscation or worse I faced by undoubtedly strolling into a local range, stock collapsed, and a right-minded employee or witnessing citizen observing my non-compliant modifications. -Rex *Anyone have any threads saved where a person modified an M4 from c-stock to field stock?
  17. Well I’ll be a sonofa... So this leads me to two follow-up questions: 1) If I wanted to go down this rabbit hole, is there a permit, exemption or stamp I could apply for that would allow me to modify my M4 to a collapsible stock config. and remain legal? 2) Aside from Q#1, I guess I would have been better off purchasing a model with the field stock then? *Huge thanks to Evolution on this blindspot of mine, could have been all kinds of trouble for me.
  18. Interesting. I was under the impression that as long as I was 922r compliant, it was OK to enable the collapsible stock. Am I mistaken?
  19. Good eye, SD! I was looking back through the pics, saw the exact same thing and wondered what it was, so I took the cheek piece off and low and behold, a screw I absolutely did not expect to find- see first pic. Strangely, where the cheek piece hardware required a metric hex wrench as expected (2mm), the screw underneath was SAE, or at least my own 5/64” hex wrench fit it perfectly to remove. Once removed, the unlock button worked exactly as explained it should and I was able to remove the stock for the first time in close to a year of ownership. Many thanks!
  20. Sorry SD, I didn’t answer your question above: I live in CA and purchased the M4 new here in CA. To my stock, the unlock button is free to depress ~1/16” but is a hard stop beyond that. I can wiggle the stock maybe 1/8” left to right and it has zero in/out play. Some photos of the stock below, curious if it’s that pin under the cheek weld that’s the culprit... For anyone who has seen multiple of these c-stocks, does anything stand out about mine? Anything new to mine that’s unusual? I’d have to pull the box out of storage to find the manufacturing date but I bought it new from a high volume dealer May of 2019.
  21. Yes, specifically how to remove the stock from a non-notched/CA-compliant recoil tube (unsure if the operation is different for a botched tube vs. an un-notched tube). I’ve tried everything I can think of to remove the stock but the unlock button on mine only depresses ~1/16”, seemingly not enough to release anything inside. I initially thought Benelli had somehow pinned the button to make it inoperable for the CA market but I don’t see any evidence of that. Again, the button doesn’t depress, much less am I able to rotate or push/pull the stock at all. I’ll try again when I get home and if the button doesn’t behave any differently than it has, I’ll post pics of the stock to see if someone sees something I’m not.
  22. Thanks SD, I’ve read and re-read your install thread readying my testicular fortitude for the job... Appreciate the confirmation of just a recoil tube needed. I thought that was the case, occurred to me I should get positive confirmation before buying parts. Last question: How does one remove the un-notched tube from from the c-stock?
  23. I think the last mod I want to do to my M4 for now is enable the collapsible stock. I purchased mine new LY in CA and it came with the “collapsible” stock but a un-notched recoil tube. Does the C-Stock on my M4 just need a four position recoil tube to enable the collapsible functionality, or is this thing purely for looks and I have to replace both the stock and recoil tube? -Rex
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