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  1. I clicked just to see the train wreck. The train wreck is more like the aftermath of the Hiroshima bombing.
  2. I just recently bought a few Benelli parts from BenelliParts..... Just as orders I have placed over the years, they went though without issues. I never have gotten into the “pre-order BS”. Not with BenelliParts or anyone. If the part I want is in stock, I’ll buy it. If it’s back ordered, I might place the order. But I’ve never done the pre-order crap. The retailers are at the mercy of the manufacturer or warehouse.
  3. The IWC quick disconnect socket may be a better choice. https://www.impactweaponscomponents.com/product/qd-rotation-limited-buttstock-sling-mount-n-slot/
  4. It’s very sad, because they really do have some innovative product in the marketplace.
  5. Fab Defense has never been a pillar of quality.
  6. I’ll get a pic tonight. I know it’s the MR1 5 Position Recoil Tube
  7. So a while back, I was curious about upgrading the butt pad on my SN Tac’s collapsible stock body. After a bit of research, and using a spec sheet StrangerDanger sent me, I was able to confirm the 10403 pad would fit well. I ordered one and did the install. An easy process, getting the screws out of the Benelli pad was the hardest step. Like the M4, a relief hole must be drilled in the backing plate. Due to the angle of the Super Nova’s receiver extension tube, I drilled a 3/4” & a 1” hole as pictured. The factory Benelli pad has a slightly larger relief hole. I reused the Benelli screws from the factory butt pad. **I did notice one thing that I don’t care for. When fully collapsed, the receiver extension tube presses on the pad. I won’t shoot it with the stock fully collapsed, but some may. Just a point to be aware of. I have thought of acquiring a spare tube and cutting an inch off my factory tube. **Apologies for the poor pics, taken in my dungeon work shop in basement, very poor lighting. @StrangerDanger
  8. I can confirm, ModLight is brighter and has a better beam throw, I have two. Both are PLHV2-18350 models. They are more expensive though, come with two rechargeable batteries and charger. I do have them on rifles at the moment.
  9. A tip for cleaning the pistons. Soak them in Motorcraft carburetor cleaner. The liquid, not the spray. The carbon is dissolved in a few hours, wipes clean with a paper towel.
  10. it’s a piston driven gun, not sure how close it resembles ARGO Their stock choice may have been import driven.
  11. M2_shootr


    Did not know that....thanks for the correction.
  12. M2_shootr


    I think you will also need the tube as your tube is different. I hope StrangerDanger will hop in here and confirm or correct me if I have given incorrect info @StrangerDanger
  13. M2_shootr


    BenelliParts DOT net
  14. The come with thread compound on the screws already.
  15. The reply from ScalarWorks that I expected
  16. That’s about it. the A&S housing is phenomenal, I have the FFT trigger parts as well as a Geissele hammer. Just have to get the time and patience to install the bits in the housing
  17. My recently purchased mount came with the three sets
  18. That is an awesome plate.......I may need one as well
  19. All my years of shooting the M16/AR has pushed me toward pistol grips. Except my 870, have a MagPul on it. Forgot about the Browning BPS, it’s has the “English stock” on it
  20. I’m really not a fam of the field stocks, I prefer the collapsible But, something about the NP3 finish just makes your M4 pop with the field stock, love it!
  21. And the collapsible stock received and even installed
  22. GunBroker can be a nightmare. Many dishonest sellers there now and scammers are multiplying like rabbits.
  23. You’re fine....there are other opinions on what works best.
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