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  1. Its from the plastic, clearer picture attached
  2. Looking to sell this Scalarworks Benelli M4 RMR Mount - Mounted once for a day, then took off. - Never been fielded - Pretty Much in brand new condition - Price: 85 Shipped
  3. So bring back this topic again. I had a chance to visit the Briley booth and hold one of their M4 shotguns. Then I remembered about the loading port I did with them. What I found out was they did have a beveled edge while the one they did for me did not have one. While taking the rep there, he told me all their shotguns had beveled edges and not sure why mine didn't have one. I'm going to write to their customer service to find out what is going on.
  4. Now that I got my field stock, I want to sell the pistol grip stock Price: $65 Shipped (Paypal Friends and Family)
  5. I'll be at the Holosun booth. Yea the show is huge, love all the innovation going on each year.
  6. I'll be going to exhibit. This will be my 2nd show. I was able to meet tons of YouTube stars there, it was a blast
  7. Overall I think its pretty good. It definitely makes double or quad loads much faster and easier. I recently just got a field stock so now I'm able to practice weak hand loads. I think it was worth it. If you send yours in, I'll be interested to see if it comes out the same.
  8. Hello: I just wanted to check if anyone here had any experience with Taran Tactical Reduced Power Spring for an M4? I'm thinking this might cause feeding issues. I was thinking about getting one, but then I remember I had issues with their lighten trigger and hammer spring. Thanks!
  9. Thanks, I put my email on the notification list so hopefully when it comes in I'll be around to purchase one. Can you still order it if its backordered?
  10. Anyone know were I can find a field stock? I have a pistol grip stock that I really don't use.
  11. So I got a response from Briley, this what they said below and they need to update their website. "Subsequently we greatly reduced the bevel on the inside edges of the port. While it allowed the shooter easier access to the port, it reduced the amount of control on the cartridge during insertion to the magazine. Our sponsored shooters unanimously agreed that the way we do it now is preferable and with adequate practice it is not a limitation on the speed of reloading." So it seems like I'm good to go.
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