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  1. So I got a response from Briley, this what they said below and they need to update their website. "Subsequently we greatly reduced the bevel on the inside edges of the port. While it allowed the shooter easier access to the port, it reduced the amount of control on the cartridge during insertion to the magazine. Our sponsored shooters unanimously agreed that the way we do it now is preferable and with adequate practice it is not a limitation on the speed of reloading." So it seems like I'm good to go.
  2. After you told me about the edges, it doesn't feel sharp but I noticed they didn't widen it. I emailed Briley to see if this was suppose to be tapered back to widen the port. Below is the picture of what I pulled from online.
  3. I saw this too late I would have recommended a Holosun HS507C or HE508T-RD (Titanium mode). It gives you 3 reticle options. 2 MOA dot, 32 MOA circle, or 32 MOA circle with dot. I have one on my M4 and use the 32 MOA circle and it works great. Cost less and compatible with RMR mount too.
  4. Yea, in fact I got the receiver back this last Tuesday. I didn't have a chance to update this forum yet. They sent me a label, got it cleaned up and sent it back to me. The only thing is it took another 3 weeks, to get the receiver back. They even threw in a trigger shoe free. I reassembled the M4 and its works great. My next project is try to fix the shell catch, I tried quad loading and I can barely push 1 shell in without the 2nd one popping out...
  5. They didn't say, and I didn't ask. After looking at it, they didn't do into the feeding tube, just didn't clean it up. I have the plastic trigger frame which I want to switch out, just not sure if it worth it. I did notice one thing. When trying to dual load, the shell catch its very stiff. It takes a lot to push in the shell, any advice in this?
  6. So I called Briley and they told me that did an incomplete job, so Ill be sending back the receiver. I did get an opportunity to assemble everything together and it worked great. Hey stranger Danger, are the A&S Benelli Trigger guards worth it?
  7. That's what I was thinking so I'm in touch with Briley again to see what can be done
  8. I sent my M4 to get the loading port opened by Briley. Not sure if anyone else here has done it. This is what I got back. The only I would say is I think they cut too far into the shell tube. It doesn't feel any different when I slide my thumb across but just look a little off. I plan on using this gun for Three Gun.
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