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    25 years AF/AF Reserve and ANG. Master parachutist with 93 jumps. Deployed a few times. Now an Army Spouse.
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  1. I'll query both the BD and SF reps at SHOT. I'll also see if I can get info on the new fore grip. FWIW: Benelli Defense and Benelli act as separate entities at SHOT, which may be why they don't respond to any inquiries.
  2. Don't know when you sent it back, but for the last two years, Benelli Defense has displayed a M4 with the SureFire fore grip at SHOT show. The SureFire rep tells me everytime I ask that 100% of production is going to Benelli Defense. I told him to look at this website to see how popular the foregrip actually is. I'll see him again in 95 days, it'll be interesting to see what he says (Benelli going with an in-house fore grip may mean the real end of the SureFire M80) The attached photo was taken in January 2019.
  3. Interesting, gives me a reason to visit the Benelli Defense booth at SHOT this year. Are you sure they stopped making the M-80? My understanding is Benelli Defense had an exclusive with SureFire and all the M-80's were going on the LE purchased weapons.
  4. FYI: Ebay had an older GG&G (new) for auction the other day.
  5. I have the FFT and love it, though it looks like they are only selling the titanium one.
  6. Where did you find a M4 SBS?
  7. Add the factory bolt release to the suck factor.
  8. Interesting, as I have shot nothing but slugs through mine. Guess I'll find out one way or another
  9. I cut most of the rail off my Scalarworks mount, then cut a notch in my mesa side saddle, haven't had any issues with it. I posted photos in this thread.
  10. I believe this rule is law from the Clinton era.
  11. That's why I but LaRues with a throw lever.
  12. Then the answer to the OP is yes. Shoot me a PM.
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