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    25 years AF/AF Reserve and ANG. Master parachutist with 93 jumps. Deployed a few times. Now an Army Spouse.
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    Running, shooting, SCUBA
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    Semi-Retired, write technical stories for a NV Company
  1. Retired

    Just for fun.....(picture)

  2. Retired

    WTB: Surefire M80 for Benelli M4

    You may want to consider staying away from the Surefire M80 Rail. The rubber comes in contact the Argo system pistons causing failure to eject under rapid fire. Under single shot fire you will have no problem. Most ranges will not authorize rapid fire. You would never know there was a problem. I was able to find a range that authorizes rapid fire and that is when I realized there was a problem. You could see where the rubber was melting. I sent it back to Surefire. It was determined the problem was on their side . Even know they don't manufacture them any longer they had a few left in stock and sent a new one, no charge. I have since sold it unopened for $300.00 which is a fair price. I went with the B&T Quad Rail which is all aluminum. I have fired at least 500 rounds rapid fire with out one failure. There have been other articles in the past addressing the same problem with the Surefire M80. I hope this helps. Haven't had any issues with mine. FWIW I was at SHOT Show, and Beretta Defense sells LEO M-4's with the Surefire fore end as standard equipment. I talked to the Surefire rep, and he says they are limiting sales to the LEO modls for now.
  3. Retired

    ATI buttstock tool help

    PM your address and I'll let you use mine if you promise to return it.
  4. Retired

    It followed me home today!

    All I've run nothing but slugs and 00 buck with no problems. Running low power rounds by any chance?
  5. Have your looked at the Mesa stocks?
  6. Retired

    Benelli M4 -- ATI Stock Issues

    Resurrecting a long dead thread. It took a couple of e-mails, but I finally got a replacement stock. Used the "brail" method to replace the peeling stock as the original comes assembled, and ATI did not send any instructions (like screw sizes/types), but I removed and replaced the old stock. Almost 3 years and not too many rounds later, the ATI hasn't started peeling. The inability to get a good tight mount is my biggest grip (the grip shakes a bit). On a side note: looks like ATI stopped making Benelli parts. I was doing some research and jumped on their website to see what new stuff they had. For grins I tried to find Benelli stuff with no luck, so I guess we have one less after market manufacturer to complain about.
  7. Retired

    M4 Side Saddle w/ SYNC/RMR?

    carved out part of a mesa side saddle, cut my Scalarworks RMR mount and use them both on my M4 (think I have pics in the Benelli Optic Rail Thread). I
  8. Retired

    Sidearmor M4 Rail

    I looked at the webpage and didn't see the modified M4 (M115), did they stop making them? [video=youtube;YzP-Lak4BG8]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YzP-Lak4BG8
  9. Retired

    Most accurate slugs (12ga)

    What are you using the slugs for?
  10. Retired

    BNIB Benelli M4

    I thought PayPal outlawed firearms sales?
  11. Retired

    Oauth Shotgun Rounds

    Glad I live in Texas with a strong Castle Law.
  12. Retired

    Oauth Shotgun Rounds

    I'd like to see how they fly before getting excited.
  13. Retired

    M4 Side Saddle

    My side saddle has a nylon (?) shaft (for lack of a better term) that can be replaced when it wears out, they even sent a spare with my order.
  14. Retired

    M4 Side Saddle

    I have a Mesa Tactical, worked well for me.
  15. http://forums.benelliusa.com/showthread.php/33247-Scalar-Works-Mesa-Side-saddle-combo I just cut the rail segment off, and then cut a U shaped segment out of the Mesa Side-Saddle.