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    25 years AF/AF Reserve and ANG. Master parachutist with 93 jumps. Deployed a few times. Now an Army Spouse.
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  1. I have a mesa tactical 6 round shell holder and haven't had any problems. But I am splitting my side saddle load alternating between slugs, 00 buck, salt, and breaching rounds depending on the training evolution.
  2. Look up youtube videos to see what has to be done to take the barrel off, not exactly a quick change option.
  3. Or it's not in with red locktite, so swapping barrels is easier.
  4. The holosun looks nice. Originally I went with Insight (, the L3, now?) MRDS, which worked fine, but blocked the iron sigts. I switched to the trijicon RMR and the original scalarworks co-witness mount and am very happy. There are some good choices offered here, go with what you like and wallet can afford. Mahalo!
  5. Did you mount it, or is it still available?
  6. Who makes the two shot shell holder?
  7. Only a standard stock? Pistol grip stock is a no-go?
  8. Retired

    SHOT Show 2020

    Was kind of disappointed this year. The show seemed "flat" to me. Surefire continues to disappoint. Smaller redesigned area this year. The normal shotgun POC wasn't there and his replacement is adamant that M-80 fore-ends are going to Mil/LEO customers only (WTFO?). I even pointed out that Beretta Defense (LEO supplier) had their own fore-end, but no dice on getting some out of storage.🤬 Beretta Defense also redesigned their booth, passer by's couldn't get a hands on look at the LE Tactical version. I have to find my photos and will post them as soon as I can. Anyone else have a better time then I?
  9. I am an unrepentant geardo, I mod every weapon I get just to play around. Eventually I come up with a setup I like and stick with it.
  10. Retired

    SHOT Show 2020

    Which booth?
  11. Back to topic. Good friend bought one and convinced me to get one. I let one slip away on Gunbroker.com at 1500, and ended up paying 1650 for mine. I've added stuff, but will admit to being a gadget hound.
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