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  1. Thanks for your comments, Guys! They expedited my order because I sent my mag tube limiter which enabled them to blend the cerakote and now offer midnight bronze. I waited just over 3 weeks from time of order.
  2. Shout out to Carrier Comp for their communication and quality! Nice work matching the midnight bronze. Removal of the stock mag tube was easy as there was only a small amount of red thread locker applied at the factory.
  3. I started off with the cheap walmart winchester loads and my new M1014 ran like a champ from the get go. Followed up with 3" slugs and had a lot of fun. Recently installed the Urbino stock, holosun green circle dot sight and received Carrier comp 7rd Ti tube color matched midnight bronze. I'll install later today and post to the picture thread.
  4. SD, Nice work! Did you have to refinish the receiver or can Cerkote be touched up?
  5. FFT is probably your best bet at the moment. I am expecting my CC 7 round tube, spring & follower to show up today.
  6. D'zaster

    Shell stop mods

    I will be giving this a try. Seems nuts to me how much pressure needs to be applied to load the mag.....
  7. Thanks NoTycoon!!! I will have a close the Noveski flush mount.
  8. Lower 1/3rd co-witness is likely far as you'll get with EOTech on the stock rail. I my experience trying different dot sights on my AR, lower 1/3 offers quicker target acquisiton. If you want true co-witness, you'll need a lower mount. The scalarworks mount with RMR, is pretty dang slick.
  9. I installed the Urbino this weekend and was pretty easy. No lock tight! My only complaint is there is no QD swivel attachment point for sling.
  10. Just a quick follow up. I was able to get the screw out no problem but it was pretty tight coming out. No thread locker observed. Urbino stock fits great. I'll be on the look out for 3 position recoil tube to have the option to switch back in the future.
  11. D'zaster

    New M4 build

    Looks great, Sigfla!! I am headed in a similar direction with my project.
  12. I am able to back the screw out a few turns then it gets tight. Does feel like there's lock tight in there. I just screwed it back in place for the time being until my Urbino stock comes in.
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