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  1. I went with the mesa urbino w cheek riser and limbsaver pad. No need to change the recoil tube. Don't over tighten the bolt that attaches the stock to the end of the recoil tube. My 1014 came with the non-collapsing "skeleton stock" which I am hanging on to for eventual swap of the recoil tube.
  2. That's cool. I would be in.
  3. Milspec, I'm wondening if the marks might come off with washing w soap and wipe down w light rem oil on a rag (or dare I say amorall)? I am expecting my foregrips back soon, hopefully no issues like this.
  4. D'zaster

    Some R&D

    I guess it will be appropriate to have a USA mark for 922r considerations......
  5. D'zaster

    Some R&D

    Looks very cool!
  6. Talc also works well on rubberized components that may become sticky as they age. In my case, radio knobs on the old porsche.
  7. D'zaster


    Just read this. Dang funny
  8. Just sent my foregrip to Tango today.
  9. Milspec, I have a Mesa Ubino PG fixed stock on my 1014. Length of pull is perfect and it has a cheek riser I dialed in for my optic. Recently switched to the limbsaver pad.The shape of the Urbino PG is different than the stock grip. No complaints.
  10. I purchased my 1014 at Sporstmans. Not my first experience buying a firearm from them. They worked with me on the price (this was well before covid-19). Great experience.
  11. excellent build you have there!
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