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  1. Scalarworks + SRO on order......
  2. Sigma, That's a bad ass Christmas tree!!!! 🤠
  3. Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones!!
  4. Just on this thread. I watched a bit of the video link Jolly Rober posted. That little bit was enough for me.
  5. Damn, I had no idea about this guy. Now I know to steer clear.
  6. Thanks Guys. Good to know. I am running the Urbino stock.
  7. SD, What's the bipod you're running on the CM and AR10 rifles?
  8. Tactical lever gun goodness. I have a 357 on order. It's going to replace my clunky Rossi 92.
  9. I have theIWC mount and I'm thinking it would require quite a hard hit to get it to rotate as you're suggesting. I have not seen this issue brought up on the forum but I'm relatively new.
  10. I went with the mesa urbino w cheek riser and limbsaver pad. No need to change the recoil tube. Don't over tighten the bolt that attaches the stock to the end of the recoil tube. My 1014 came with the non-collapsing "skeleton stock" which I am hanging on to for eventual swap of the recoil tube.
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