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  1. No issues running the Scout 600 DF. One thing I noticed when I was experimenting (messing with) the pressure switch/tail cap, when I didn't have the tail cap screwed on tight enough, the light was intermittent. I thought it was tight enough but no. Maybe the head needs to be snugged down a bit more??
  2. So, it fires the first round, chambers the second round but does not go bang? Is the magazine cap screwed on all the way (bbl fully seated)? If so, I'd suggest field stripping it to inspect the bolt assy.
  3. NT, nice set up. The heat shield and fore grip on the M4 are cool. How are these parts attached?
  4. is it getting hot enough for the thread locker to start smoking?
  5. Well, I thought I was done spending money on my 1014..... Just ordered the J Kenny latch. They confirmed that it is currently in-stock.
  6. Probably happened at the dealer/gun shop would be my guess. Pisser they did not mention the scratch/ding. If you don't get satisfaction from the dealer, I'd suggest shooting/enjoying the gun and getting the part cerakoted down the road. There are good folks here who can advise on taking it apart.
  7. Looking forward to your review, jlgarza.
  8. Finally got out to shoot my 1301 tactical. Cycles great, no issues at all but I am gravitating to my 1014. The extra weight of the Benelli noticeably tames the high velocity buckshot loads compared to the 1301 (I have limbsaver on both). Not sure I'll keep the 1301.
  9. VB, I am surprised there was lubricant in the mag tube. Good you have it cleaned up. The action on my 1014 was a bit sluggish but after cleaning, lube and manually cycling the bolt ~100 times or so, it has been flawless.
  10. My 1014 new out of the box was the same. I centered and tightened w my (at the time) newly acquired 5.5mm wrench being careful not to over tighten and have been good to go since.
  11. Wow!! Looking forward to see it completely assembled.
  12. If it does not come off with a rag and breakfree or other oil/cleaner, I'd suggest calling Benelli tech support.
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