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  1. When I first started researching the M4 a few years back, I honestly thought the collapsable stock looked odd. Last Feb, I came across a M1014 US flag model w fixed collapsable stock at Sportsmans warehouse. Once I started seeing the various forum member builds and comments about the middle position being right length of pull in combination w RMR and Scalerworks mount, etc etc, I've slowly been moving in that direction. Finally, I have accumulated the parts and I am all set up to switch out neutered recoil tube w the 3 position. A shout out to SD for his extensive photo essay tutor
  2. D'zaster

    My new M4

    Welcome, Kaiser! You will find a TON of great information, advice and opinions on this forum....
  3. FYI, to order the 3-position recoil tube from Midwest, gotta be LEO/military. I ordered from Benelliparts.com who had em in stock at the time.
  4. I'm wondering if the short Briley CF tube is for the M4 Entry. Hope you will have it resolved soon.
  5. Feeding my Nova 3.5" loads is a serious kick. It is in a twisted kind of way.....fun.
  6. D'zaster


    ZRT, CC is definitely in business. Kip recently ceracoated my 3 position recoil tube midnight bronze and it came out bitchin. Your mag tube will be worth the wait
  7. That happened to me twice.....
  8. Filthy, Considering what we've seen this past year, it's a great deal. I've seen $1799 at Sportsmans for the standard PG config.
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