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  1. not yet.. probably be a week or so before I have it in my hands and I can't seen to be able to copy the ones I saw of it..
  2. Well not much luck with that question.. lol So lets try this... how many have one of these FDE models ?? I just bought a NOS 2016 ... I haven't seen a lot of these...
  3. I was wondering it anyone knows how long the Flat Dark Earth models 11791 & 11792 lasted for ? seems like they started in 2015 or 2016 ? wondering when they were discontinued ??
  4. Mine is black and has a 20 date code on the receiver... I bought it in early March of 2021.. it has a date code in the butt pad of May 2020..
  5. JTs M4

    Botach order??

    I got both of my Meprolight Benelli M1S90 night sight sets today that I bought on sale from Botach.. after opening the envelope's they were shipped in, they were both DOA !! no glow in the dark or daylight !! black as coal !! contacted Botach and was sent a RMA return # and a postage paid label within just a few minuets !! I was amassed at how quickly they responded !!
  6. looks like a $120 or so down the drain that could have gone towards a real one..
  7. Sorry bambihunter.. I ended up taking it.. JT
  8. JTs M4

    Botach order??

    I wanted to try one of their KZ oversized charging handles as I liked the looks better then any of the others that are available.. I was very hesitant to buy from Botach with all the horrible reviews about them.. but I finally decided to take the gamble .. I ordered one and it shipped quickly from Botach but was shipped through DHL then transferred to USPS .. DHL was very slow to get it to USPS.. I bought another one of the same and it was shipped from Botach quickly and DHL moved it quickly.. so I just bought 2 sets of Mepro Benelli M1S90 ghost ring night sights that were on sale cheaper then
  9. So If you bought the short entry barrel and got a stamp you could switch the barrels back and forth anytime you choose ? when you use the entry barrel what do you use as the mag tube ? do you just take the extension off ??
  10. Yes that is interesting.. I see yours also has the 2020 date on it.. I see yours and the other ones all are 5+1 and PG stocks.. mine is the 7+1 model .. I 've now seen the ones on here and one other one with the 5+1 and PC stock that also has the blue hue.. I don't mind the look just wonder why some do and some don't..
  11. Hello everyone.. just been reading here and thought I'd add a bit... I also just bought a M4 on 3/3/21 and it has a black receiver.. although I don't know how long it sat in inventory before being sold..
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