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  1. Hey brother...what's the status, did you decide on anything? Are you looking to trade for a field stock?
  2. I wonder why it's so cheap....that's the craziest price ever.
  3. DailyEDC

    Wtb Ava mount

    Anyone know what these are worth?
  4. DailyEDC

    Wtb Ava mount

    Just read this, did you find one? How much are these worth?
  5. DailyEDC

    Wtb Ava mount

    I don't think mine is the M-lok version because I've never used that system. Mine has a QD and I think a pic rail on the other side....here's a copy of my invoice if it tells you anything. Mine is the .8 version. Mine is brand new but has been mounted to make sure it fit correctly when I got it...so there are probably some tiny handling marks on it. Interested? ==== Items ==== Benelli M4 Light Mount - .8 Inch Light Ring SKU BM4-8 Weight 0.50lbs Quantity: 1 Price (each): $179.99 ==== Order Totals ==== Items: $179.99 Shipping: $5.80 Tax: $0.00 TOTAL: $185.79
  6. DailyEDC

    Carrier Comp

    What is so good about them? Do you have a picture of one?
  7. I have a new one I'd sell for $180 shipped.
  8. DailyEDC

    Pissed off

    If that's how you treat a company that you recommend to all your friends, I'd hate to be on your bad side dude.
  9. So I'm assuming this applies to storing pistol mags all the way full? What a huge relief. I have like 20 full pistol magazines that haven't been touched in years so I was just about to order magazine spring replacements.
  10. I'm using the conventional field stock, not the c-stock. Yeah, it's not pretty but I need something because the recoil drains the fun.
  11. You can buy one here. I've purchased everything on this site, the owner is legit. https://www.benelliparts.net/store/p1/Benelli_M4_Collapsible_Stock_70085.html
  12. Me too...performance upgrades started with cars for me.
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