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  1. First of all. Benelliparts is not a scammer and it is a 100% legit business. Have you ever heard of a scammer calling up the victim to cuss them out? I haven't. Whether or not the owner of Benelliparts is the most organized individual on the planet, is a different issue. Just because a small business owner accidentally makes a mistake, doesn't make them a scammer and it doesn't mean you shouldn't buy from them because if you want something he is selling, who the fuck cares how friendly that person is or how good their customer services skills are? As long as you're using a payment op
  2. The manufacturer or brand is ProMag....and I just remembered where it is so it might take me a minute to get it out of my storage unit. I'll get in touch with you first once I install it.
  3. I'm interested in the clone collapsible stock. Can you instal it and send me some pics. Im interested!

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    2. DailyEDC


      Once I get it installed and play around with it, I'll take some photos and will report to you on the quality and we'll try to determine a fair price.  I'll be looking out for how well it fits the gun, does it line up correctly or is it loose anywhere, how well it expands and retracts from short to long and back to short, etc.  

    3. ButchP


      Sounds good! Thank you.

    4. ButchP


      Hey, just wanted to let you know I ordered a Benelli collapsible stock. Didn't want you to go to any trouble looking it.

  4. Would either of you guys be interested in a copycat version of the stock? I have a brand new one in the box but have never opened the box since I have the real thing. It's made by a company called pro something and it's an exact copy....at least visually. Let me know...I could install it really quickly to see the quality of it I guess.
  5. In my opinion, the best ammo is going to be the Fiocchi 7/8 oz Aero Slugs 1300 FPS because it's just about the lowest FPS round you can use without worrying about cycling issues because anything under 1250 FPS, there's a 50% chance that the ammo won't cycle (jams) on a newer gun. The reason the FPS is so important is because 12 guage shotguns have a lot of recoil and when your gun rattles the fillings out of your teeth on each shot, you're less likely to practice with the gun because it's unpleasant. And you have to use above 1250 FPS to avoid jamming. The Fiocchi 7/8oz 1300 fps Aer
  6. Over time the holes from the set screws will probably get bigger as the gun vibrates.
  7. I think his description is outdated since you just bought one and it didn't come with that tube. I'm in CA and mine came with the 3 position tube with the standard pistol grip stock, not the skeletal collapsible one like yours. So when I put the collapsible stock on, it was fully functional.
  8. I love how this stuff looks like it's just chillin on the nice floor in the living room or something.....haha
  9. At that price, you should buy it so you can compare the two. Keep the one you like more and in this market you can probably sell the other one really quickly without losing any money. You can't go wrong if the gun is in good condition. If it's in new condition, it's a no brainer because you end up with the gun you like best for free. If the M4 is in demand right now due to everything going on, you can probably even make a few bucks in the process.
  10. I'm in full agreement that as a general rule, there should never be any surprises when you buy something online. But complaining about the variation in packaging is over the top and unreasonable. I've been buying from Benelliparts since about 2014 or 15 with no disappointments and I've purchased at least one of every part he has ever offered for the M4. You should know that in most cases, people are only reacting to how you treat them. Not only was your tone unfair from the first text, you asked him a ridiculous, almost comical question like "Do these two tubes look the same to you?"
  11. Just noticed this here...anyone have any experience with it? I think it looks really clean and the attachment fittings look like it probably installs very nicely. And only $100?
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