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  1. Nice kit, nice gesture. Thanks for the chance.
  2. No. 6

    stippled m4 forend?

    Very clean looking! Nice job.
  3. I'll take a chance at this and thank you for the great give away!
  4. It amazes me how few people realize what today is and more importantly what it means.
  5. No. 6

    M4 Porn

    Thanks. Not cheap for sure but interesting execution.
  6. No. 6

    M4 Porn

    That is a beast for sure. But, what the heck is it!? LOL
  7. Same here, would love to see a write up.
  8. Thanks for the comparo, very helpful to a newbie (like me).
  9. No. 6

    M4 pistol grip

    Link's not working for me for some reason.
  10. No. 6

    M4 pistol grip

    ^^ That thread was what got me thinking as a matter of fact. Thanks for the tip on numrich, I'll take a look.
  11. No. 6

    M4 pistol grip

    Didn't realize there was a rubber overmold on the grip. I'm in the market for a M4 (having owned a HK S90) and thought from the pictures I've seen they were a plastic grip. Guess my question is somewhat irrelevant since I was wondering if I could remove the "flip" at the bottom and change the texture more towards my AR grips.
  12. No. 6

    M4 pistol grip

    Actually either.
  13. No. 6

    M4 pistol grip

    Curious, has anyone modified their pistol grip? Stippled, re-profiled or otherwise changed it? I did a quick Google search and didn't find an aftermarket replacement grip so I'm guessing you'd have to use the one that comes with the M4 or find a replacement Benelli one to experiment on.
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