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  1. FWIW, if you have ever dealt with Silencershop, and used their kiosk, then you can buy a copy of the fingerprint card for something like $15.
  2. My last e-file form 1 took 5 weeks, 2 days. If you have never filed one, I suggest you read all the way through it and collect all the data needed to fill it out before launching into it. Found myself backing up (which logs you out) and making you start from square one all over.
  3. OK, you forced me to google the meaning of Trypophobia.... 😄 Thanks for the review. Cross it off the list and keep relying on the tried and true OEM.
  4. Thank you sir.
  5. No. 6

    LE M4

    Recent experience with efile Form 1 was 5 weeks, 2 days. ATF NFA quotes 60 days current average time. YMMV
  6. Yes, and I would do it again. 11722 model.
  7. Personally I think there is still a market for them, but apparently Geissele doesn't as they don't offer them anymore.
  8. I can attest to that sound sending a miscreant running. Had someone try to break-in about 2 AM and I greeted his efforts with a single rack of an 870. Noise stopped. And only wet footprints left on my front porch.
  9. Nice entry. (is the an echo in here?) Can't wait to get mine out of jail. Never had a problem with the OEM bolt release on my Super 90, so I'm not sure I'll make the oversize change when I start with my 14".
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