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  1. Nice entry. (is the an echo in here?) Can't wait to get mine out of jail. Never had a problem with the OEM bolt release on my Super 90, so I'm not sure I'll make the oversize change when I start with my 14".
  2. Sold! I'll send you either a check (whatever the heck that is) or your favorite board game based on money and property monetary units (aka Monopoly Money). Let me know.... ☺️
  3. It's fugly! Really substandard! You should sell it. Cheap. To me so I can dispose of it for you.
  4. It's worth the wait (and weight). Put mine on an entry model also.
  5. Went with CC on my 14". No ragrets. 😊
  6. Shoot with both eyes open=clear field of view.
  7. No. 6


    Picked this up and I'm reconsidering putting this on my M4. Anyone interested in buying it?
  8. Larue mounts seem to be hard on all rails, not just Benelli.
  9. Think that true of almost any gun, even if you exclude the cost of ammo.
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