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  1. I have this and it's a great reference.
  2. Didn't know that. Guess I'm spoiled by the kiosk method! I hadn't paid much attention to the tax stamp where it says "Agency Or Department Name" and assumed it was the CLEO sign off box.
  3. And you'll create a SBS (short barrel shotgun) in the process. Tax stamp needed and IF you can get a CLEO signature....
  4. No. 6

    Both M2 and M4

    No. Makes you a hoarder! Remember sharing is caring. I'll PM you my shipping address.... 🙂🙃🙂
  5. I was typing at the same time you were. Good news for sure!
  6. We've been getting slow response and DELAY all day. My guess it's the "upgrade" they did earlier this week. As far as the possibility of DENIED happening, that will usually happen same day. Of course the system has been overwhelmed since the beginning of the Wuhan Flu and that may play into the overall scheme of things. Personally I wouldn't worry until you get the call saying; "bad news". As far as timing goes, the day it's entered and Friday thru Sunday don't count against the Brady date. So by my ATF calculator, you've only gone one day. And yes, the appeal process is long, drawn out and a PITA. But if you don't appeal, then the guns you own now will be all that you will own buying through a FFL.
  7. Nice mod on the lifter.
  8. That's funny! Actually I view it as the great wokening. As in they "woke" up to the Second Amendment. Gee, there might really be something to this 2A thing....
  9. NICS has been up since about 12:30 CDST. Mostly PROCEED with a few DELAY mixed in. Late afternoon, we experienced the usual long research times, but again mostly PROCEED.
  10. No. 6

    M4 Final Setup

    Old+104+mano-a-mano=WIN! Congrats on not only surviving, but coming out triumphant!
  11. For sure if I ran into a Hodag, Benelli Time!
  12. Whatcha got against Bigfoot. He'd probably just looking for a Jack Links snack. On the other hand, chupacabra gets the Benelli....
  13. Be glad to take it off your hands.
  14. No. 6

    Got the disease

    And you better hope you outlive her so she doesn't sell them for "invoice".
  15. No. 6

    Got the disease

    It's getting worse. Yesterday at work I looked in the Benelli catalog for another M4 (11707) to go with my SBS Benelli (11722). Oh, the humanity....
  16. No. 6

    Got the disease

    P3X came with it.
  17. No. 6

    Got the disease

    Heard from Marcy, expected time frame is mid October. Which is fine since mine will not be released from NFA jail for awhile.
  18. No. 6

    Got the disease

    NO! Not the "rona! I've had BRD (black rifle disease) for years. But now I've caught the BSD (black shotgun disease). And worse I got the SBS variant (11722).... The "official" diagnosis is when you start buying accessories for the base gun. And I've got it now, "officially". Scored an AVA mount with Surefire flashlight last month and just placed the order with CC for a Ti tube. There is no hope for me now. Save yourself....
  19. I'll second both posts. Glad I found this forum and most definitely the members here are incredibly knowledgeable and very willing to help.
  20. No. 6

    Benelli M4 101

    Of course they did. But only after they agreed, but disagreed to the agree they disagreed with....
  21. ^^ Thanks, I'll be looking into that since it's (relatively) close to here.
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