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  1. There's a collapsible stock on eBay right now. Only $1049. Guess it's gold plated....
  2. Be decisive man! Keep both! 😉 OK, OK. Keep the green.
  3. No. 6

    M4 Picture Thread

    ^^ +1 on what Cobra said.
  4. No. 6

    New M4 owner

    But, but I like evil features....
  5. And he wants shipping on top of it. Really!?
  6. Uh, yeah. Unfortunately. 😫
  7. No. 6

    Chest rig

    Sweet rig. Home brew or modified?
  8. After multiple ordering attempts, it finally took and hopefully will be on it's way to me soon. Too good a deal to pass up even though my 14" is in NFA jail for awhile.... Thanks for the heads up.
  9. ^^ Hadn't thought of that. Thanks.
  10. Just found the Winchester PDX1 round yesterday. Nasty!
  11. What do you shoot most often out of your M4? Do you run only one load in your magazine, or do you vary the order? (ie. 00 buck, slug, 00 buck, slug - thinking self defense here)
  12. https://www.gggaz.com/benelli-m4-sling-and-flashlight-combo-mount.html Wonder if you could flip it around and point the pic rail forward?
  13. Question asked: "Do you plan on offering the Benelli M4 hand guard for purchase?" Question answered: "Yes, not eta as of yet but hopefully soon."
  14. Curious, how does this install?
  15. You and me both....
  16. Let me try again. Looking for the "multi rail system".
  17. Thanks. Like jimbo, I was figuring about the same. Less weight, minimal functionality gain. Still probable going to do it.
  18. Pretty much exhausted all my connections. Also, anyone know if it will fit a 11722 (14" entry)?
  19. Title says it all. Looking for one for my 11722. Thanks.
  20. First came across Benelli when I got involved in IPSC. Started looking for a shotgun so I could play in the 3-gun matches. One of the guys I shot with was a FFL and suggested this new gun, a HK Super 90. Said sure, since everyone else was Remington 1100's and 1170's. Got supposedly one of the very first in the country. Broke it in with what HK suggested and man did that thing run! Paid all of $400 for it (IIRC). Fast forward a few years (OK, decades). And I'm winding down my working career with a job in a gun shop. Saw a Benelli M4 14" Entry sitting new on the rack. Eyeballed it for the past 2 years and finally figuratively "pulled the trigger". Waiting on the NFA to do it's "thing" that it does "so well"....
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