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  1. Larue mounts seem to be hard on all rails, not just Benelli.
  2. Think that true of almost any gun, even if you exclude the cost of ammo.
  3. ^^ Agree, beautiful work!
  4. Wait... What? Now that would be this season's must have! Can you say Winchester 1897 Trench Gun redux?
  5. Business is business and money is money. Has anyone asked CC if they would do a run for a guaranteed minimum order?
  6. Wonder what the minimum order would have to be to get CC interested.
  7. Sorry to hear about it. Most times it works out for the best even though it doesn't seem so at the time. Thanks for being a member here. Speaking for myself, you've been a great source of info specifically on the M4.
  8. ^^ Nice cross section of platforms.
  9. 👍👍👍 Looking good bud.
  10. I think there's one on eBay right now.
  11. Congrats! Just scored a Marlin 336 Dark in .357 myself. Kinda cool the venerable lever gun in making something of a comeback.
  12. Welcome aboard! I've seen these in person and they are gorgeous! And very functional too.
  13. No. 6


  14. No. 6


    Nope, that's our normal pricing. Unlike others, we don't jack up the price to score some extra profit. Our pricing remains the same as it was a year ago.
  15. No. 6


    and this one's gone....
  16. No. 6


    Brand new manufacture, so Cerakote not NP3. Pulled the sticker off the bolt that said "CERAKOTE" when I put it together.
  17. No. 6


    We received a Benelli 11794 M4 H2O into the shop today. Offering it here since I know a few people are looking for one. We are willing to ship it CONUS for what ever the charges are. Selling it for $1999+shipping. It is for sale in the store, so may or may not be available.
  18. No. 6

    Some R&D

    Put me down for one.
  19. Marcy has always been responsive to any contact I've made with CC. Mine was ready (and paid in full) in this last batch, but I let it pass on to someone else because my 14" entry model is still in NFA jail.
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