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  1. No, my m1014 isn’t pinned. Does have the fully extended tube though They were only pinned for states that require them to be pinned. Often done at a dealer prior to customer taking possession
  2. Kinda makes sense And always modify the cheaper part
  3. Correct, it’s been a while since I did it. But I didn’t take much material off. Maybe 0.030 or so. Basically just removed the hard coat anodizing
  4. He isn’t trying to disable the collapsible function. He is attempting to “unpin” one
  5. Need to post some pics for those questions
  6. RooftopDefense is GTG
  7. I’m not a HoloSun fan……I avoid Chinese when possible I run Trijicon
  8. If one files the sling mount, it WILL seat properly and WONT gouge the stock body. If you don’t care about gouges or plan on never removing the mount, it’s a non issue.
  9. Drive out the pin. Many newer M1014 models will need a three position tube to allow the stock body to collapse It’s really all about the tube. If it has the position cuts, the stock body will collapse. The body has nothing to do with it.
  10. Mine needed a bit of persuasion. I believe I had to file it a bit. Installed on newer m1014 “blue receiver” m4
  11. The flag was enough for me…..love it
  12. ScalarWorks and RMR is the best I’ve tried thus far. It just works
  13. What was the sale price? Woukd be nice if these weren’t removed from listings. Allows for analysis of what the market is buying/selling for
  14. Could you expound on the thoughts?
  15. Wow……a 12 year old rant Aint this a peach
  16. Quality parts Small runs, as in not made in the tens of thousands, they will be expensive. One doesn’t HAVE to buy his parts.
  17. Hey, that mount is made in USA. Thats about all it has going for it
  18. Footprint of the Holosun is the same as an RMR Not knocking you, but I learned years ago, quality is not cheap. Buy once cry once. Cheap components and optics are rarely worth the hassle. A 12ga is brutal on optics.
  19. Buy a ScalarWorks rail, they designed it. Botach is a horrible company to deal with.
  20. Looking for an m4 AVA light mount for a friend. Please let me know if you have one you would like to sell thanks in advance
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