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Found 3 results

  1. I have a M2 American on the way. I've heard from one friend that it's a good idea to run a couple of boxes of higher powered shells through a new gun in order to 'break it in.' I didn't see anything in the product manuals addressing this. It makes some sense, but I thought I'd ask other owners whether this is an accepted, normal practice or an old wives tale. I'm sure the first time out with the gun will be at the sporting clay range. Thanks, C
  2. Diamondbear


    Recieved a new sbe2 through ducks unlimited program very disappointed with quality of out of the box fit and finish...forestock fit is super tight and will “slide” off magazine only with forced effort as it is way too tight...experienced user told me it is common and will improve with wear. Assembly is very strained and not you would expect from premium shotgun. Ive owned Berretta’s, and an A5...nothing like this
  3. I recently purchased an M4. I have some questions that I hope you guys can answer. There are many questions...I will appreciate any help. 1) After firing about 100 rounds, I took the gun apart to clean it. I noticed the tail of the bolt (the long skinny piece), near the end closest to the stock, has some shaving/chipping, and I can see silver metal where the black coating used to be. The marks are small (approx 0.60 cm), but are quite sharp and jagged. Is this normal wear while breaking in the gun? 2) The gas pistons: while cleaning, I noticed some wear on the surface coating on the section of the pistons that are not enclosed. Is it a good idea to slightly lubricate those sections of the pistons? I am not considering lubricating the sections that are housed in the piston cylinders. 3) What is the best way to clean inside the piston cylinders? 4) How reliable are the o-rings for the gas system? How long do they last, and will the gun work with damaged/missing o-rings in an emergency? How can I get replacements? 5) I noticed that the o-ring which holds the firing-pin locking pin in place is chipped (I believe it came chipped when I bought the gun). When cleaning the gun after shooting, that locking pin is always a bit loose. Is this normal? Where can I find replacement o-rings? 6) A local armorer told me that it is fine to use CLP Break-Free for cleaning and lubricating, and use nothing else besides that. Benelli's manual says only to use their oil, but it is hard to find. Also, the military's manual for the M4 says "any" quality cleaner/lube is fine to use. What are your opinions? 7) How often do you find yourself re-tightening the choke? After every shooting session, maybe 20-40 rounds, I find the choke very lose (but still on the threads properly). Will there be damage or poor performance if I do not tighten it every 20-40 rounds? I am using a cylinder choke for slugs/buckshot. 8) Has anyone had trouble with ghost-loading (keeping a shell held in the carrier for an extra round)? Again, I will appreciate any help with this.
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