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Found 10 results

  1. Hey y’all This is my first season ever turkey hunting and so I was wondering what would be the best load and choke combo to use with the benelli nova? I am a complete newcomer to hunting for them so I am wondering what would be my best options especially with limited budget.. Thanks and good luck this season!
  2. Hello and got my first shot gun (m4). Go big or go home. Still learning about the weapon (am a Former Marine, so shooting isn't new) but looking to breaking it in and just general cheap /decent ammo to shoot . I will maintain good home defense ammo and will train with it at some point in the near future. Trying to Google/you tube info from experienced shooters. Any advice on decent ammo to break this in and not kill the wallet to badly? thank you in advance.
  3. I was looking up the ballistic info on Federal Premium, Vital Shock, .300 180gr with Nosler partition and noticed a statement "not for use in semi autos". Does anyone know why? I have 5 box's of this stuff and that statement has me leary of shooting until I find out the specifics behind it. Maybe related to feed issues? Slow burn powder vs fast, crimping, notched or something like that? I don't know, can't find any info online. As long as it doesn't have anything to do with pressure or something that will cause damage. I shot ten rounds of this (prior to this new info) on my last outing and it
  4. This might sound a little odd, but I take my Benelli M4 trap or skeet shooting regularly. Today, I was using the shells they sell you at the range (Low Recoil 12g, 1oz #8). Out of the 75 shells I shot, 4 or 5 of them jammed in the barrel so bad I needed to use my needle nose pliers to pull the shell out of the barrel. Assumption 1: I assume the low recoil shell doesnt have enough kick to push back the slide far enough to completely eject the spent shell. Assumption 2: I also assume I need a different round with enough kick to push the slide (not sure thats the right terminology) comp
  5. What is too light dove ammo for the SBE 2? anyone?
  6. Hey there everyone! Glad to me a new member and a proud papa of a Benelli M4. New here and new to Benelli and looking for some tips. Ammo to use, ammo to avoid, mods, opinions, etc. So far in the works I have a Mesa Tactical Urbino stock, gg&g tac bolt release, Mesa Tactical rail / shot shell carrier (all on back order from Botach) and a preorder for an ATI fore end -considering a surefire for the rails but damn they are pricey. Heard good things and excited to be a part of the community.
  7. I have always wanted a benelli tactical model and I just happend to stumble onto a really nice M3 convertible on the used rack at one of my local gun stores this past week. I took her home, did some research, and it turns out its really a find. HK import marks, one piece 7 shell mag tube, pistol grip stock, and ghost ring sights. So I really like it but the stock just is aggrivatingly long compared to my 1100's and the bolt release is really hard to find in a hurry. Theres just not much info out there on the M3 and im really wanting to know if i can fit the m4/m1014 collapsible stock an
  8. What's everybody's take on best ammo for the SBE2? I've had mine for years and can't seem to find the best shot pattern. I have a Carlson's long range choke tube, but it doesn't pattern well at all even with black cloud shells. In fact, I haven't had a black cloud shell that has patterned well at all. Shooter error? I'd hope not.... Standing still at multiple distances right on target and was still disappointed. The only pattern that looked like a kill shot was at 30 yards. Keep using the aftermarket choke? Switch away from Black Cloud shells? Any suggestions? -------
  9. I haven't seen many/any posts about shotgun ammunition. It'd be nice to see what kind of ammo everyone uses and where they get it from. I'm looking for more of a home defense/fun to shoot round. Found some 0000 buck that looks like it'd be nice to have on hand Particularly what websites you get it from because there are so many. My hope is that seeing how other people get their goods will make questions such as: "am I getting a good price? will I get the order within the next year? will I get high quality ammo?" go away. I've been lurking around sites such as ammunitiontogo.com, parakles
  10. I have a M2 American on the way. I've heard from one friend that it's a good idea to run a couple of boxes of higher powered shells through a new gun in order to 'break it in.' I didn't see anything in the product manuals addressing this. It makes some sense, but I thought I'd ask other owners whether this is an accepted, normal practice or an old wives tale. I'm sure the first time out with the gun will be at the sporting clay range. Thanks, C
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