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  1. Not wanting to bring up a sour or old post but i got my stock in and it wont allow me to seat the stock with the trigger group installed prior and i sure cant shove the trigger into the stock after its attached. I contacted Mesa and will see what they say. the fact that 7 years later (or so) that i need to modify the slot is uncalled for. picture shows how close i can pull stock toward placed trigger group. the OP picture is probably why it wont let me seat it.
  2. thank you! someone suggested it should be flush.. lol.. at least the barrel comes attached.
  3. thank you. quick question and since I don't have my aftermarket ones avail, does the hand guard provide any structure or advantage other then some place to put your hand? As I noted, they appear not to be seating 100% flush. Is that a bad thing? lol.. again.. many thanks. its suppose to rain here this weekend but as we all know, guns are waterproof. -ish. thanks!
  4. thanks again! tried when I got home. ... it is dark when I try this. I'll try again this weekend since I need to lube it up prior to actually shooting it. many thanks!! I ordered the strike industries hand guard. may just wait for that to come in.. lol..
  5. in store. they had it all set up when I saw it on the wall. It went back into its box. unassembled. I am guessing that plastic peices don't always line up. I went online and looked at a bunch of pictures. some were flush.. some the bottom (rear) was flush while top /front had a gap. sometimes, both flushed. I got home late and had to "hide" it from the significant one. lol.. thanks for the insight!!!
  6. So I got my NEW m4 late last nite. Putting it together. (never had to put a gun together before!!) so its going well. (instructions? pfft who needs those.) well.. it was a slight pain. ( I thought m16's were hard) (twss) so.. I did it. I think pictures show what I think is ok. thank you again for all your insights and help! Looking forward to shooting some rounds!!!
  7. thanks.. i try to located that info when deciding. and yes, 1+1/8 + 1200 fps is a good benchmark! thanks mike!!!
  8. quick question, while researching.. I see FPS .. anything over 1100 would be considered doable for m4? at this point.. its going to be just buy a box of each and see..lol..
  9. thank you! I use ammoseek and since I am in cali, have to ship it to a ffl to get best deals! any particular... load I should look for? I think bird shot is the cheapest to shoot and that would be more for practicing reloading and practicing immediate action! thank you again!! Ahh.. any particular types, Winchester, federal? if not bird, buck? lol.. lots to learn.. a lot!!!
  10. Hello and got my first shot gun (m4). Go big or go home. Still learning about the weapon (am a Former Marine, so shooting isn't new) but looking to breaking it in and just general cheap /decent ammo to shoot . I will maintain good home defense ammo and will train with it at some point in the near future. Trying to Google/you tube info from experienced shooters. Any advice on decent ammo to break this in and not kill the wallet to badly? thank you in advance.
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