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    Civil Engineering student at The University of Toledo.
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  1. Got a goose today in Ohio and it had unusual plastic bands as seen in the attachment (picture). Anyone else ever see bands like this before? ODNR had no idea what they were for..
  2. I haven't. Where do you get it?
  3. Sorry but the above link will not work. If you go to their hompage and click shotgun parts in the bottom right and search the SBE you'll see a few options.
  4. I just recently bought a +4 extension tube from midwayusa for my supernova. I decided to go with the more expensive nordic components tube after looking around and seeing other people's reviews. It seemed to me like the idea "you get what you pay for" applied when it came to extension tubes. Haven't had a problem and i love the way it looks on the gun. Not hard at all to install either you just have to trim the new spring up (a little at a time) and screw the new extension tube on. Here are a couple options you might be interested in: http://www.midwayusa.com/browse/BrowseProducts.aspx?pageNum=1&tabId=8&categoryId=19226&categoryString=649***20766***11422***12459***
  5. I've owned a SN for over a year now and i've had no problems and I have no complaints. Looks like its all gonna come down to your choice between semi-auto and pump. From what i've heard both are solid choices. I do like the option of throwing in a few 3-1/2" shells once in a while, however. BOOM. BOOM. BOOM.
  6. Thanks for the feedback!
  7. I'm looking more for where you get the ammo from..IF you get it from a website that is. Curious as to what types of rounds are out there. Thanks though
  8. I haven't seen many/any posts about shotgun ammunition. It'd be nice to see what kind of ammo everyone uses and where they get it from. I'm looking for more of a home defense/fun to shoot round. Found some 0000 buck that looks like it'd be nice to have on hand Particularly what websites you get it from because there are so many. My hope is that seeing how other people get their goods will make questions such as: "am I getting a good price? will I get the order within the next year? will I get high quality ammo?" go away. I've been lurking around sites such as ammunitiontogo.com, paraklesetechnologies.com, etc., just haven't ordered anything yet. Any posts will help!
  9. Well I wish I worked where you do! One thing I think the others may have left out is that the trigger guard is somewhat larger making it more user friendly when using gloves.
  10. Mine is kind of confusing. I want to say its the tactical version, but the ghost rings aren't there and the barrel is 26". Has the pistol grip and pre-tapped screw holes in the rail on the top, but then has a red bead at the end of the barrel and no rear sights.
  11. Ohh ok. I actually have that same gun and may be looking to sell mine too. I was curious as to what they could go for though. But thats about what i'd ask for mine.
  12. Yeah im just in the process of researching accessories for my supernova. I find the feedback very helpful. Thanks! JC808: I will not be ordering from tacticalshotgunner.com thanks for going through all that bs now I don't have to hah
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