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  1. I just received my SuperNova from being serviced for a misfiring issue where the firing pin strikes the primer too softly or not at all. I was not able to fire the shotgun since the middle of goose season. The notes from 5-2-16 said the gun was inspected and and firing properly and Benelli could not duplicate the issue. I doubt they tested my gun in the freezer so I was not surprised when I shot the gun yesterday (a 65 degree spring day in Kansas) but I have lost all trust using it in the field during the winter duck/goose season. I know there remains an issue with my gun since there was
  2. I am new to the Benelli family. I recently purchased my first shotgun and I’m excited. I am looking to get variety out of my new Benelli nova. So I’m currently searching for an 18.5” Benelli nova/supernova barrel. Anyone know how I may purchase one?
  3. I recently bought a brand new Benelli Super Nova. I am trying to mount an accessory rail. The manual shows tapped holes but they aren't apparent when looking at the top of the receiver as shown in the photo. Are the holes beneath that camo colored strip? Or did I just end up with a model that doesn't have the holes. If they are under a cover strip, how do you remove the strip?
  4. Does anyone know if the comfortech stock will fit on a supernova model #20160?
  5. I've got a Supernova on the way! I called choke-tubes.com and they told me that 3inch hevishot 2oz. #6's will out pattern a 3.5" with 2 1/4 #6's. They also said the 3inchers pattern more consisteltny over the ten shots they test their chokes with. They recommended I get a .650 choke. Anyone agree? Disagree?
  6. I recently bought a SuperNova as my first shotgun. I'd like to practice without dry firing my SuperNova. Could you recommend snap caps and/or dummy shells for it? I have read through reviews of widely-available snap caps and dummy shells and each brand seems to have a comment from a SuperNova owner that that particular brand causes issues with the SuperNova. Thank you, Andrew
  7. I picked up a new supernova about a month ago and through about 100 shells double fed a dozen or so times. I tried some different ammo with no improvement. Has anyone else had this problem or have any advice?
  8. So i just purchased my new Benelli SuperNova. It seems to hang up a bit unless i muscle the shotgun a little bit. Now i know you can't just move the pump with one finger i know you have to put a little bit of force into it but i called benelli they told me to strip it clean and re lube it. I did that and it does feels much better. They also said there is a break in period as it is a BRAND new firearm. Maybe i'm just being anal and paranoid but i just don't want any issues. It has loosened up the more i play with it but it just had me a little worried. Am i just being a little too paranoid and
  9. Hey guys, I have picked up a supernova tactical, and I would like to modify it to even better suit home defense. What items would you guys consider, and if you could, include a link to it.
  10. Hey guys, I'm new to this forum, and I'm not sure if this is allowed, but I have a pistol grip stock for the supernova that I would like to trade for the comfortech stock. Comes with sling.
  11. Hello everyone. I'm new here. Not new to shotgunning (35 years exp.) but new to Benelli. I have a problem. A crooked rear ghost ring. Not the mount, but rather the ring itself. Right side of ring sets higher than the left. (as you face it during normal aiming) It's under spring tension as I can push it downward.. What you guys think? It is a brand new weapon. Faulty install or faulty manufacturing? I shot out a email to Benelli C.S. (pun) I figure there are some very savy shooters on here though that may have seen or heard of this. Any & all remarks are welcome. 18.5 Tact
  12. I use an 870 for work, but bought this for play. Benelli Supernova Cerakote FDE with co-witnessed SpeedBead/FastFireIII
  13. Hello all, I am a left handed shooter with a right handed Supernova. Ive always shot a right handed shotgun so no complaints there, however I recently heard about being able to reverse the safety on a right handed gun to accomodate a lefty. It would be nice on those colder mornings when the finger tips get a little numb. Can anyone confirm/deny it and also does anyone know if Benelli has the directions posted online anywhere? Thank in advance.
  14. SOLD! I have a brand new +3 Nordic Components mag tube extension. I just bought a Supernova Tactical and this +3 sticks out a little to far past the muzzle for me. Gun was never fired with extension installed. $50 shipped to anywhere in the continental 48. Paypal preferred for payment please. I have the threaded nut, cap, tube, and spring as well as original packaging and paperwork. This will fit all nova and supernova shotguns 12 gauge. ITEM HAS BEEN SOLD!
  15. SOLD.. First time doing this so please forgive any missteps on my part. This is what I have: Brand new Factory Benelli C-Stock for Supernova shotguns. This has never been on a shotgun that was fired. It is new. I don't have the original box but it is complete. I live in Dallas TX area so local sale would not include any shipping. Will not sell to anyone in CA, NY, NJ, CT, DC, IL, MA, MD, HI, CO. Know your local laws before purchasing. Will ship to the lower 48 via UPS for 17.50 insured. Price is 350.00 or best offer received asap. If you are interested, email me at [email protected]
  16. Can anyone source/identify the threaded mounting stub for this breacher? I have the collapsible stock set, but I don't want to hack the receiver extension. I don't own this picture, but sweet looking h2o.
  17. Hi. I'm looking into options for a first shotgun that will be used for home defense. I'm really leaning to the SuperNova tactical with pistol. Is it possible to get both the pistol grip AND the ComforTech stock on the same gun? I ask because I've held -- and prefer -- the pistol grip, but my wife will be using this as well, and I'm looking at options that can help reduce the impact on her shoulder. (BTW, I was steered to Benelli by some folks I know at the local police dept, who use them and rave about the product quality -- the M2 and M3 are their top choices, but that's a bit out of
  18. Hi, my name is Sam. I just picked up a brand new Benelli Supernova tactical with rifle sights.I got it home, read the manual and before I even assembling the barrel I notice this on the breach side of the barrel. Is this normal or a defect? To me it looks like a chip. Would it still be safe to fire? I google for pics of benelli supernova barrels but didn't find one showing this angle. Thanks [ATTACH=CONFIG]1626[/ATTACH]
  19. Hey all, New to the site, and a new Benelli owner here (18.5" SN Tactical for those that are curious). This is my very first shotgun, so I was curious what type of lube is preferred for shotguns. I use a medium-to-heavy grease in all of my handguns and rifles. I just like the way it "stays put," you know? Anyway, what are your thoughts about grease v. oil? Is one better than the other for shotguns? I've searched on the site for this, but couldn't find anything definitive. Thanks in advance!
  20. I just got my first benelli (supernova) and I don't want to damage the camo coating when I clean it. I was thinking of using rem oil (with moisture guard) to do it all. Will that work? I wanted something to be able to put on the barrel in case of small nicks in the coating.
  21. Hi. I just bought a used supernova tactical the other day and would like to put a collapsible stock on it. Anyone know where I can find one? Thanks
  22. Does anyone have any experience or recommendations regarding what sling setup works best for a Supernova with a collapsible stock? It seems like it would be ideal to be able to use a sling in either a 1 or 2 point configuration. Also, are the holes on either side of the collapsible stock, sort of above and behind the slot for a sling, designed to incorporate a QD sling swivel? That's the only reason I could think of for them being there. Since the stock is synthetic and all the sling swivels I have seen seem to be metal, would that wear away at the holes in the stock over time? Thanks in advan
  23. To say that I do a bit of research before I buy anything is an understatement so there were a few expectations I had about the Supernova when I went to pick it up. First and foremost was that the pump might be extremely stiff until I cycled it a few hundred times. I can vouch that, at least mine, came OTB silky smooth and without much rattle. My next question is this: I live in Northern Denver out by DIA and would like take it somewhere and put a couple of hundred rounds through it. I know Colorado Clays is just down the road, but I don't think that I'm ready to spend the money without getting
  24. I'm a new member and just purchased my first Benelli (Supernova Tactical). I took it apart and put it back together but now there is a rattling noise coming from the trigger assembly AFTER the trigger has been pulled and before the action is racked. Once I rack the action the rattling stops. After I dry fire it, the rattling returns in the trigger assembly. Did I put this thing back together correctly? Should I be concerened about the rattling?
  25. tsw9240

    New Supernova

    Hey guys just got my first Benelli ever and i went with the supernova for now I had to ordder it in the camo I wanted and was wondering what the include with the gun such as choke tubes and a wrench? and does it come with a lock from them. I went with Realtree APG and a 24" barrel it will be used for hunting and shooting clays. Thanks!
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