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  1. I came across a pretty good deal in an M2 Tactical, but it has the rifle sights. Is it possible/easy to replace these with the ghost ring sights? If so, any sense of the cost and if I could do it myself, or is a gunsmith needed? thnx!
  2. I don't see harm if someone really wants to sign this, but keep in mind that president does not give a damn about what gun owners think, and is not interested in including gun owners in the "national conversation" about this crime, regardless of the verbal bones he throws to his lapdog media. What will be more effective is to send something similar to make your views known to your congressional representative and, if you live in a red or purple state, to both of your senators-- especially if they are up for re-election in 2014.
  3. Anyone know of third-party 18.5 inch barrels that can fitted to the Nova 20 gauge (with the 24-inch barrel)? I'd be using this for home defense and want it as small as possible. thanks!
  4. Hi. New gun owner here, so forgive a basic question (yes, I've looked for but have not found the answer on the forums). I'm probably going to get a SuperNova Tactical for home defense. I've held the pistol grip stock and like it alot. It would be great if I could get it with the ComforTech stock for additional dampening -- a big plus for my wife -- but I guess that's not an option. Can anyone suggest alternatives that would work with the pistol grip to reduce the recoil impact? Thanks for any input. Tman
  5. Hi. I'm looking into options for a first shotgun that will be used for home defense. I'm really leaning to the SuperNova tactical with pistol. Is it possible to get both the pistol grip AND the ComforTech stock on the same gun? I ask because I've held -- and prefer -- the pistol grip, but my wife will be using this as well, and I'm looking at options that can help reduce the impact on her shoulder. (BTW, I was steered to Benelli by some folks I know at the local police dept, who use them and rave about the product quality -- the M2 and M3 are their top choices, but that's a bit out of my price range for how much use it will get). Thanks for any input!
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