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  1. So, my question is: is this for defense, or just for plinking? (sorry if this is a repeat; there are 6 pages of replies that I didn't want to read... I made it through 1.5 haha) If it is for defense, then I think the pistol she'd be carrying would be smaller, right? In that case, recoil is going to be an issue with most carry guns. IMO, 380 is very manageable in a compact frame. I used to own a Sig P238, and it was very easy to shoot. I've also fired a Ruger LCP, and it too was manageable, though I think the 238 kicked a little less. For plinking, you could try a similarly s
  2. Hey all, New to the site, and a new Benelli owner here (18.5" SN Tactical for those that are curious). This is my very first shotgun, so I was curious what type of lube is preferred for shotguns. I use a medium-to-heavy grease in all of my handguns and rifles. I just like the way it "stays put," you know? Anyway, what are your thoughts about grease v. oil? Is one better than the other for shotguns? I've searched on the site for this, but couldn't find anything definitive. Thanks in advance!
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