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  1. lol I never could figure out gun broker! I honestly think people can not be that stupid and half these crazy prices are fake!
  2. lol there is one at my LGS for 1699.99 last I was there.(also there for a few yrs) it was cammo version but still you can gold plate it for the savings
  3. I am not getting that one I am getting the hand gun one. I seen it at my LGS it has a back up key. I was just posting that for ideas for you. most big real safes are not gonna have back up key. only the lil ones like we are talking about
  4. lol oops this one http://www.gunvault.com/tacvault-4810.html
  5. this is what I am getting for my 1911 http://www.opticsplanet.com/gunvault-speedvault-biometric-fingerprint-pistol-safe.html I will find the corner long gun safe it was pretty cool
  6. not really my real safe that has all my stuff in it has no back up key just digital lock. if there was a EMP that would be the first thing I wanted into. people are crazy and with no food or water I would do bad stuff myself. I think if you belive in a EMP attack they this is a real concern. I am just not sure how much I belive in a EMP attack,lol
  7. never thought of that what about a EMP. I watch that show preppers and if you are into that stuff you know you need a gun 99% guns along with 99% ammo is in safe,lol if a EMP hit I will have a wilson combat 1911 and 30 or so rounds everything else is in safe whats the fix for that? I have electric key pad (battery) M4 I also want a lil safe for my 1911 by my bed but as Sukhoi said I will open it at night and close in morning.(it is only to keep kids away) the one I am looking at is biometric with a back up key. they also make a nice long gun safe that works the same and fit in corner hold 2-3 long guns and 1 pistol. I will look for it and link you if I find it. It was pretty cool for what it was but personaly I would only trust it to keep kids out
  8. my LGS has 2 one is camo version (had that for a long time) and a black one. the black one is 1699.99 F gun broker and thoes rip off gougers. I am in Nor Cal if you want the info PM me or something. I wont post the name here as I might get yelled at for being a spammer or something. I also have no connection with gun shop and actually dont like them but they got them
  9. I just bought a few boxes of that stuff myself. I went to walmart to by cheep slugs for range and they were bone dry except for these so i bought some just cuz I had nothing else to buy,lol glad they work good I load them when in the safe for HD
  10. GUn Broker is a joke. they over price everything and it still sales,lol. M4s can still be had a MSRP. there is a cammo one at my LGS right now been there for years actuall same one that was there when I bought mine.
  11. at the SHOT show the FHN guys said they were running 24/7 and have been for awhile! your source says 50% thats two tottaly different directions,lol sure the shot show guys are just sales men but funny to hear it like that
  12. lol when I mentioned it here I got blasted as a spammer or something like that. I personaly would never do iron on but some are not that bad not like they used to be. I use a print tec called discharge. the ink is water based and removes the shirt color (only works on dark shirts) and dyes it with the color chose. do this on a ringspun cotton shirt and what you get is a super soft tshirt where you do not feel the print. I am not sure if you have seen thoes 90$ Tshirts called Affliction? same exact tecnique. I make MMA shirts as a hobbie also I am in the middle of printing some other gun shirts for a buddy but it has a AK 47 on it but the shirts is super funny I wish I could take credit for it but he told me what to do. this shirt he wanted low number so to keep cost down regular cotton shirt with reg plastisol print. Maybe I will post that one afterr its printed as it is not for sale by me so I cant get yelled at,lol
  13. wow 20 bucks for that? I made one 100% better and better quailty for 20$ about 6 moths ago. that shirt depending how many they made cost 3-4 bucks each. mine costed me around 11$
  14. thats awsome but it is gonna be way to big for the M4. I have the XPS 2 and it is to big but I love the sigh so I keep it.
  15. I have Eotech but not on stock rail I bought kips rail. to many horror stories about messed up outta spec rails for me to chance it.
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