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  1. I had my R1 .300 Win Mag 24" barrel ported by Magna Port. Not their muzzle brake, which costs about double, just 4 ports on the front of the barrel. I have to say that it reduced recoil a slight amount, but didn't make the .300 significantly lighter on the shoulder. It still shot 1" groups at 100 yards, but I was hoping for it to recoil more like the -06. It still has a whallop to it, but a little less than stock. Magna Port has fast and good customer service, and their electro porting process is very clean with no machining. I'm not really a recoil shy person, but I do like my follow up shots on hogs to be fast and the .300 Win Mag had just a little too much recoil for me. I also have the .30-06 barrel, which I like just fine, but the .300 knocks them down like nobody's business. I had my 10mm Glock ported too and that's a whole different story. Noticeably less muzzle flip, no flames coming through the top, and faster target acquisition on follow up shots. Worth the $140 on this one. Thought I'd give my feedback in case anyone was thinking of doing this.
  2. Hey folks, We have been receiving a number of requests for telescoping recoil stock for the Benelli SuperNova patterned after our popular LEO stocks for the Remington and Mossberg platforms. The only way this would be viable is if the stock support rod in the rear of the SuperNova (that simulates a recoil spring tube in a semi-auto) can be easily removed in the field. I just tried to remove the nut that is at the base of the rod at the receiver and it doesn't seem to want to come loose. I am pretty sure that, as with the magazine tube, this is never meant to be removed in the field; but I was also wondering whether, as with the magazine tube, there is a secret trick to getting it off. Obviously with a plastic shotgun receiver I am reluctant to apply a lot of heat. Does anyone have any ideas on how to remove this without destroying the weapon?
  3. I'm interested in buying my first shotgun, mainly for trap shooting, but I'd also like to be able to hunt with it. I'm basically settled on either the Supernova or the Nova, and as near as I can tell the main difference is the Comfortech stock. How much lighter is the felt recoil on the Supernova than on the Nova? Is it worth the price difference? Again, this will mainly be for trap, so I want to be able to comfortably shoot 100 times or more in a day without killing my shoulder, but, being a grad student, I'd like not to spend too much money.
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