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  1. You've never heard of the California Assault Weapon law? http://oag.ca.gov/firearms/regagunfaqs#1
  2. We haven't been to a gun show since 2005 or so. Quantico Tactical used to sell some of our stuff at Del Mar.
  3. There's no shopping cart. You can buy from one of our dealers (you might save a few bucks) or call us up directly.
  4. It might be the gimmick that allows them to get around the ARGO system patents.
  5. Are they saying that about the Benelli M4?
  6. I'd like to know more about how the riser was hurting your face. And what's a "face saver?" We're not crazy about the riser aesthetics and were considering a redesign. Also, there's some cool new textures we've been looking at.
  7. Now that Benelli M4 stocks are available in different colors, it seems to be imperative that Benelli aficionados buy multiple shotguns.
  8. The Urbino grip sleeves do not match the factory Benelli sleeves exactly, and at first we thought that was a problem. For example, I, personally, prefer the factory grip sleeve. Fortunately, for people who like the factory grip, it can be installed on the Urbino Tactical stock. But now that the stock is out we have actually received more compliments than complaints about the grip, especially from people with smaller hands. Just yesterday we heard from someone who was concerned the grip might be too big for him, yet it's slightly smaller than the factory grip. So, as usual, you can't please everyone. We are still thinking about reworking the grip, but based on the feedback we have received so far, it has become far less of a priority. This bundle is the result of an opportunity we spotted when we saw Freedom Fighter's forends. We envisioned a way to make our coyote stocks (of which we have about 500 in the warehouse) much more attractive. At the moment, we aren't really interested in the forend business per se, but depending on what happens with this bundle that could change. Not from us, but there might be from Freedom Fighter; they have become a Mesa Tactical dealer and will soon have an inventory of Urbino Tactical stocks for the Benelli M4. That would look cool. We will probably begin selling the grip sleeves separately in a few weeks, so folks can mix and match (and, of course, the black factory Benelli grip sleeve will fit on the Urbino Tactical stock). Black cheek risers are already available separately (SKU #91690). The Limbsaver butt pads are black in any case: Rats! Full disclosure: when we decided to do this, one of our thoughts was that there would be customers out there would would actually buy multiple furniture sets in different colors! Even if you don't do it, we are betting a few others will! Here are some SKUs and retail prices: 92730 Urbino Tactical Stock and Forend for Ben M4 (Standard Butt, 12-GA, Coyote) $165.00 92740 Urbino Tactical Stock and Forend for Ben M4 (Riser, Standard Butt, 12-GA, Coyote) $195.00 92750 Urbino Tactical Stock and Forend for Ben M4 (Limbsaver, 12-GA, Coyote) $190.00 92760 Urbino Tactical Stock and Forend for Ben M4 (Riser, Limbsaver, 12-GA, Coyote) $220.00 These will be available from Mesa Tactical in about a week; they should be available through the reseller channel by the middle of July. OD is definitely on our (Mesa and FFT) minds. We want to see how these do. Since Eiko (below) is a friend and customer of ours, we have also been thinking about pink. Thanks for your comments and encouragement.
  9. Mesa Tactical has teamed with local supplier Freedom Fighter Tactical to bundle their US-made forends with Mesa Tactical’s Urbino Tactical stock for the Benelli M4 semi-automatic shotgun. This new product bundle will allow Benelli M4 owners to customize their shotguns with coyote-colored stock and forend “furniture.” If these do well, the next versions will be OD green.
  10. The requests are coming down for a hydraulic recoil absorbing stock.
  11. Thanks for the reply, KB. I spoke indirectly with an LE armorer who said the nut can be removed with heat. Naturally I want to be careful with that, but I will try a heatgun and see what happens. The demand for this is coming from law enforcement customers, who are far less worried about 922r.
  12. Hey folks, We have been receiving a number of requests for telescoping recoil stock for the Benelli SuperNova patterned after our popular LEO stocks for the Remington and Mossberg platforms. The only way this would be viable is if the stock support rod in the rear of the SuperNova (that simulates a recoil spring tube in a semi-auto) can be easily removed in the field. I just tried to remove the nut that is at the base of the rod at the receiver and it doesn't seem to want to come loose. I am pretty sure that, as with the magazine tube, this is never meant to be removed in the field; but I was also wondering whether, as with the magazine tube, there is a secret trick to getting it off. Obviously with a plastic shotgun receiver I am reluctant to apply a lot of heat. Does anyone have any ideas on how to remove this without destroying the weapon?
  13. Not me, I don't shoot enough to have any problems, that was the complaint of some of our, how did you put it? "Our men in harm's way." That was it. Some USMC Lt Colonel was complaining to me about the factory stock's pointy cheekpiece while I attended a combat shotgun training session at Camp Pendleton. I will have to defer to his expertise in the matter. Since you have never held an Urbino Tactical stock to your face, it's really quite mystifying that you could arrive at such a conclusion. . . . Unless, after canceling your order with us, you secretly ordered one through one of our dealers? This is the only way you could possibly be making an informed statement about the relative comfort of the Urbino Tactical stock cheekpiece vs the factory Benelli cheekpiece. I think we should be told.
  14. Please refer to our Essay about collapsing stocks for Benelli shotguns for our position on collapsing stocks for the Benelli M4.
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