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  1. Hello, I'll take 4 if you still have any. Let me know how you want to be paid. Thanks-Bob
  2. Hello, I've shot approx. 1000 rds through mine with no problems. You do have to tighten it when you can, It does loosen up. I have used in in defensive shotgun classes and tighten it when I pick the gun up for the next round of shooting.
  3. Hello, The strip if a hours drive from Front Sight, Most people stay in Pahrump. Saddle West gives discounts to Front Sight students and are used to the guns and people dry practicing in their rooms.
  4. Hello, I've been through the shotgun class a few times and you will have a great time, The Instructors are excellent and no matter where your at in your shooting ability you'll come out much improved. Front Sight is a great place to train and you pick up different things in every class. As for the ammo, It's best to buy all the same type so when you get your pattern it shouldn't change. The low recoil isn't as hard on you if your gun will cycle it, but try to train with what you'll be using at home. Dr. Piazza is ragged on by a lot of people but in all of my dealing with him he does what he s
  5. Hello, I ordered one from Brownells and it isn't the nylon lock nut. It's a regular nut. If you get the nylon one please post the part#. Thanks Bob
  6. Monsterous Oversized Parts Arraigned Radically
  7. Nice, No replacement for displacement.
  8. The point was that they have them available now, take it easy.
  9. Mesa has the adapter you are looking for, I got my Urbino Friday and had them include a rear sling adapter with it.
  10. The Sidearmor uses spring loaded ball bearings to retain the shells and the Mesa product uses a piece of rubber that is inconsistent and subject to wear. Sidearmor is a excellent product and so is there service.
  11. Spoke to Mesa Tactical today, was told standard stocks should ship next week and the ones with risers would be in Dec.
  12. Hello, I have mine mounted as far back as possible on the Sidearmor rail. I haven't used it in any training yet, but I'm sure it will work fine.
  13. They haven't charged my card yet.
  14. I ordered mine with cheek riser and limbsaver in black, when I was told about it shipping the guy looked up my order and said it should ship in a week or two.
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