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  1. same here. you can get heat gun for $10-$15 at harbor freight if you have one.
  2. sck260

    My M4

  3. Keep 2 safes!!! 1 decoy in plain view, the other hidden
  4. My dog can look really mean but she never is. She only growls when you stop pettin on her and she's a crotch sniffer! Getting back to the topic, anyone use those dehumidifying pellets? I just started using the one in my safe, with the plastic container where the top 1/2 is filled with pellets and the water draws to the bottom. I'm wondering if this is a bad idea. It's temporary (maybe 6 months) I plan on using an electric humidifier (rod) when I move my safe closer to an outlet.
  5. Yeah, my pitbull will want to play with whoever breaks in and leave with them!
  6. I got mine couple weeks ago and it took about 2-3 weeks. Definitely worth the wait. Just forget about it and go about your daily business and one day that white packaging tube will arrive.
  7. good bcz I just ordered the ss and didn't wanna be the only one on this forum with the wrong one. Once the M4 is completely upgraded, then what?
  8. Why not the stainless steel follower?
  9. Which follower do you have from brownell's...alumin or ss? Any disadvantage to either material?
  10. My LE127 00 measures (average) 2.367". But, my tube is brand spankin new. Would that make a difference? I just tried to put 7 in again and doesn't seem possible at this point. I guess .3" (.05" x 6) will make a difference whether the 7th will fit or not. Btw, these have the "Flitecontrol" wad.
  11. 6 with Federal Premium LE 00 (LE127 00). 7 with Federal Premium LE 1oz Rifled Slug. 7 with various Remington 71/2 and 8's.
  12. Got my tube installed yesterday. I'm really impressed with the quality. Took a while to remove the old one but finally got it done. Btw, I highly recommend eye protection when taking out the old spring! Thanks Kip for a great product!
  13. sck260

    Urbino Stock

    Thanks Hookster...great forum. I spoke with someone at Mesa today and he said July. I wish they'd hurry. I got short arms!
  14. sck260

    Urbino Stock

    Anyone know or hear of when the Urbino stocks will be available...or if Carriercomp will come out with one?
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