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  1. Purchased the gun at the end of May for $1450 before rebate. +1 on the authorized dealer comment (lots of deals on GunBroker, but need the authorized dealer to get the rebate). ________ Bong Pictures
  2. I think you need 15+ posts total to upload pics. ________ FES125 PANTHEON
  3. My new collapsible stock has ceased to collapse since my last visit to the range (first with the stock). The button still depresses and returns to normal at release but, the stock will oly move right to left (about 90 degrees to the left and 45 degrees to the right when viewed from the breech end of the weapon). It will not move up and down the recoil tube. Anyone got any ideas what I did? Edited: Sloppy proof read - incorrect spelling of collapsible in the title ... sorry. ________ LovelyWendie
  4. Received mine today via UPS. Factory sealed as described. ________ Life insurance forum
  5. Thanks. Link corrected for Brownell's Follower. ________ Extreme vaporizer review
  6. I don't think that such a sticky can exist. If you have "silently observed" this forum, you realize that there is no definitive choice for a particular component. There are plenty of personal opinions and experiences, but no unanimous agreement re: what is the "best" (e.g. the forum is filled with debate over extension vs. full length magazine tubes; what bolt release is the best, what bolt handle is the best, etc). My intent was to compile a list of all manufacturers in one thread so that those who have a mind of their own, can research an item and temper that with real life experience f
  7. H.Bowman - Thanks for the kind words. I will update the first post as I see people comment below. ________ Vermont dispensaries
  8. Below is a list of manufacturers, their websites (so as to not show favoritism to a particular vendor; even though many do not sell direct) and a list of the products they produce. While this list is probably far from comprehensive, this should give a new owner a jumping off point to start "pimpin' out" their M4. Please add any vendors I missed. Benelli M4 Accessories Arredondo - http://www.arredondoaccessories.com/category.cfm?cid=1004,2008 (Tactical bolt release bar, tactical bolt handle) Benelli ? http://www.benelliusa.com/ (Collapsible stock, +2 magazine extension)
  9. Skeeter, What is the cost of the B&T rail system? Where did you get yours? ________ Expert Insurance
  10. Add me to the list of those trying to win the "BoTach Lottery"! ________ Bondage Latex
  11. Ordered my "Tactical Choke" today. Can't wait to test it out. FYI, Trulock gives a 5% discount to NRA members when you purchase direct. ________ Silver surfer vaporiser
  12. GretzFan - Do you still have a stock for sale? What are the payment terms? ________ Vaporizer affiliate
  13. quad44

    M-4 fs $1300

    Just purchased M4 (11707) from East Coast Sales (PA) for $1450, Paid with credit for 0% fee and because they are an authorized dealer you are eligible for the $200 rebate (through July 31st). My shipping was $30 but included one other long gun and a pistol. eastcoastgunsales.com ask for Justin McElheny. ________ Lyiza
  14. Sorry to bring this thread back on topic ... Are there any more stocks for sale? If so, what are the payment terms? ________ ass Webcams
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