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  1. Perhaps legality where he lives. Only a guess but seems to be common.
  2. That is correct. Small world. Found out when chewing the fat with a MCSC operator that claims to know Kip personally from the late 90's. Can't recall all the details, but his reflections were positive.
  3. Seems too soon. In the words of another great who recently passed as well; Who's going to fill their shoes? R.I.P.
  4. If you are just setting out decoys and not needing to see trail reflectors there are visor clip-ons that use 2032 batteries on eekBay for under $5. I laughed at the sight of them at the dollar stores until receiving one as a gift. Works nice, is angle adjustable, light weight, durable, and for $20 I now have one in each truck and two in the barn.
  5. If you struggle to call them in close, and have to risk moving and spooking them, you could dress any suitable gun with camo wrap.
  6. How does one make steel tubes that light? Are they thin walled compared to the factory steel ones? I ask because the FFT steel tube I had weighed 10.5 oz, which is similar to the Benelli 7 rounder at 10.66 oz. My only concern with steel is actually a plus for the "glass half full" sort... ...any thin-walled steel tube that starts life at 8-1/2 oz doesn't have to rust very long in order to slim down to 5-1/2 oz titanium class.
  7. Not sure how familiar you are with unobtanium. Historically his posts alude to direct correspondence with vendors regarding everything from chemical analysis, metallurgy, right down to scratch and sniff test of every sample he gets his hands on. Leaning one way or another based on data compiled in that way seems fair. Notice he RECOMMENDED the one you are defending.
  8. When you channel surf trying to find the Super Bowl, World Series, NBA finals, etc etc.
  9. CarrierComp sent my muted charging handles in late October. A gal answered every email leading to that delivery. Great comm as I recall. They mentioned having to sort out a deceased relative's estate across country recently. Betting that put a damper on things. A month away from the shop sounds cumbersome. Just checked their home page. States that mag tube production is taking precedence during peak demand. Guess that precludes charging handles for a while. I just hope it won't affect my new pic rail order. Fingers crossed.
  10. They do offer it sans the cheek riser. It is best to buy direct, no advantage buying elsewhere that I'm aware of.
  11. Also some of them (12 ga adapters) aren't true. If you rotate the laser while it is in the chamber and the spot does not move in a circle you're GTG. If it DOES move, rotate it until its aiming high or low aligned with the center of the circle it created as opposed to left or right. This way your windage is more likely to be close at the start. Your elevation sight in range will vary based on choice of sighting platform anyhow, so plan on tweaking it (elevation) after initial bore sight. Usually the higher your sighting plane, the further away you bore sight.
  12. This is a copy of that detail from their home page; Due to our Merchant service software parameters, back-ordered items will invoice at the 25 day mark, or within 7 days of shipping, which ever occurs 1st. Customers uncomfortable with this necessity, may opt for a courteous and prompt refund from "carriercomp". I do notice an authorization within a day or so of ordering items from them, but never actually charged until 3 or 4 weeks later as described, unless it was for an in stock item, then the initial authorization became an up front charge.
  13. Wow Unobtanium! Now your very own personally signed "PM" prequel too. In post #56 he claims he had openly shared. Upon review.... he has ONLY offered to disclose his version of the grievance via PM. Several of us fell for it... or had it forced into our inbox. Problem with this was his "private" disclosures have tended to vary. Surely he knows we compare notes. Did he tell you he was a senior SNCO or a full bird Colonel this time? Wait, he can claim we are delusional if our accounts of what he said don't match. Convenient eh? Rhane71 nailed it though, expressing our exact grievance, while sparing the malice. Kip seems to have gotten better at keeping "mum", but still walks right into Big Hat's firing squad from time to time. He's learning . His staff does appear to respond to inquiries via email, which is exactly how they should be addressed. Updating us here use to be the norm, but then he lays his own trap, when he could be working.
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