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  1. or better yet...everyone please list the shells that are short enough for 7+1. I too have a extension tube and cant get 7 shells loaded.
  2. No. Im pretty sure you have to go thru a 3rd party such as CMC Government Supply. http://www.cmcgov.com/
  3. Other then wanting to use a Benelli on the person that dented your car, how is this pertinent to the benelli forum ??.
  4. Not that $400 is cheap but im seeing them for alot more lately on gunbroker.com....what the deal ?.
  5. Hi all Im looking for some input on a good red dot site system for my M4 that can withstand the shock of slugs / 00buck rounds. Thanks all
  6. All this has done is boosted the sales of assault rifles and cause a nation wide price gauge on all weapons and ammo. It's sad that one nut job screws everything up for everyone else.
  7. As others have stated you will have to break it in with 100+ rounds of heave loads (00 buck works well). But it doesnt need to be "wet" at all. after the break in period your M4 will eat about anything except low recoil shells.
  8. I was so excited when i heard that they were going to feature a Benelli M4 on SoG. Then i watched the episode...what a let down. I expected that at the very least they would replace the 5 shell mag tube with a full length tube. But it looks like they went with a $50 tacstar addon on the full auto M4. whoop Dee Doo. Fail......... Next.......
  9. I really like the Specter 3-point sling myself. http://www.spectergear.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=292
  10. Huff64

    Newbie M4 owner

    for breaking in the M4 any heavy loads will be fine (00 buck or slugs). keep in mind that you want to go thru at least 75-100 shells so id buy the cheap stuff. Walmart special ammo (Federal or Winchester super X) or even buy in bulk online if you want. In the end your M4 should eat just about anything from magnum loads down to bird shot without a hitch.
  11. gunbroker is your friend. Oh and HAHA
  12. I guess ill break down and order my CC full tube today. These M4's are rapidly becoming money pits. $1600 for the shotgun, $350 for a C-stock, $180 for a tube. And I still want a red/green dot site system, sureshell shell carrier and maybe a 3 point sling. Guess I need to start playing the lotto. LOL.
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