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  1. I have a NIB M4 Collapsible Stock For Sale for my cost of $499 + shipping
  2. Not trying to Hi-Jack Scout's thread, however the above barrel has been sold
  3. I have a NIB Entry Barrel I bought for my M4 for the same purpose as you. I have $900 in it if you are interested
  4. I placed a order for a 14" Benelli Entry barrel 5 months ago and it showed up today. However while waiting on the barrel I bought a brand new M2 Entry gun that had been sitting on the shelf of a local gun store for the last year. Price was killer and now I have a new Benelli M4 barrel and a new M2 Entry Gun. Told the wife I would consider selling the new barrel to cover the cost of the new M2. When I look on-line I see they have been selling for $1300 on Gun Broker, is this for real ???
  5. I ordered mine with the pistol grip, had the same style on my Super 90 M1 and liked it real well. Also ordered the collapsible stock, more or less while I still could. I haven't purchased the mount yet, I have an assigned Tahoe and am looking at various racks right now
  6. Well fella's was suprisingly shocked when my M4 showed up this morning; Benelli even direct shipped it to my PD even though I was told they would only ship it to my local FFl dealer. CMC told me to expect a delivery date of 4-6 months.
  7. Ordered my M4 Tactical on January 06th through CMC Govt Supply and was shocked when it showed up today at work. Even bigger suprise was Benelli drop shippinged it directly to my PD; after they stressed they would only ship it to a local FFl dealer
  8. I was hoping this wasn't the case, thank you
  9. Can anyone here tell me if Benelli USA will sell directly to Law Enforcement Officers on agency letterhead like Beretta, Glock, S&W, Remington, Mossberg ect. I wanting to purchase my own personal M4 for my patrol vehicle and I cant get with anyone at Benelli from the LE Division as they are all at the SHOT Show. Thank you, Andy
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