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  1. So does anyone know if the SBS coming straight from Benelli (11724) have the shiny end, and if the barrel is stamped "18" Thank you.
  2. Then beretta really is cutting down 18" barrels, so the 14's will still be stamped 18 on the side of the barrel and the end will be really shinny metal. Does any one know how hard it is to have the tip of your barrel Parkerized so you don't end up signaling aircraft? And lastly, are theses considered "factory" barrels? Meaning all shortened barrels will have the shinny ring on the front end? thanks against for you help
  3. If you are wanting to look at this guys list here it is: http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.aspx?Item=322938762
  4. Does anybody have more info on Revolation13, a guy on GunBroker selling "Genuine Benelli M4 entry 14" factory cut barrel ( Machine work done thru Beretta USA)" What's the story here? are these legit? or 18"er's cut down? or are all 14"er's just cut down 18's? If they are all cut downs, what about parkerizing the end? Thanks for any info.
  5. http://www.benelliusa.com/forum/showthread.php?t=15884
  6. If someone is complaining about gas discharge, then plain and simple, they do not own one, nor have they ever fired one. The Mesa carrier, and the rail would be a lot better if they had the solid block across the top. Brugger & Thomet did it to match the factory rail, Benelli and Mesa have no excuse. Specs are avalible at Surefire for the M900A, with the turbo head (KT4-HA) option. All I can say is that it is bright.
  7. yes, brugger & thomet rail, Surefire vertical foregrip M900A, Mesa Shell carrier, Spector Sling, Pelican 1720 Case (foam self cut).
  8. Like Duggan, I too would buy one if the rails were 1913 spec. Looks fantastic.
  9. I have one and I got it from DSA, but it was in stock when I ordered it. their are pictures on the B&T Quadrail post. It works great, this rail was in fact used by hundreds of Marines.
  10. yes, that is the 1720 case and it's great.
  11. Did someone say bla-akkk?
  12. I have been shooting these three loads, all bought at Walmart for about $20/case. Remington 2-3/4, 1oz, 6shot Federal 2-3/4, 1-1/8oz, 7shot Winchester 2-3/4, 1-1/8oz, 7-1/2shot All cycle near flawless in my 11707. I have been shooting these for the past 3 years, literally thousands of rounds. I say near flawless because I have noticed if I get lazy and hold the gun loosely it will sometimes (very rarely) fail to eject. Not all 2-3/4 rounds are the same, but it is worth noting that 7 of these will fit in the extended mag tube.
  13. Mesa Tactical does make an 8 Shell. I have one and it works great. Do a keyword search with: Mesa Tactical or Sidesaddle. There is some discussion and pictures.
  14. I have the Mesa Tactical 8 and love it. In my opinion there is nothing better. They're not that expensive either. You can get them brand new on eBay.
  15. Surefire m900ab - BT Quad Rail - Picture search m900ab.
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