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  1. I'll go with what served me well in the Army in the 1960's for part of it: M14 (or civilian M1A) M4 (of course) .45ACP 1911
  2. I don't use the M4 for home defense. The rule here is that any firearms used in an incident is confiscated by the PD. About a 50/50 chance of ever getting it back. Attorney fees quickly exceed the cost of an M4. So I use a "throw-away" FN TPS 12 gauge w/ Winchester Ranger 00 buck for home defense.
  3. About how long before the dealers/distributors might have these? I could not find these M4 stock on Brownells, Midway sites?
  4. I had to fit mine a little, it was a tiny bit too long. The barrel would not fit up to the receiver all the way, gap evident. Milled about .060 off the back of the B&T, fits perfectly now. Yes, I had to stare @ the shims and spacer a while before it made sense how they designed it.
  5. http://www.tds-us.com/catalog.php/tds/dt44337/pd884997/WINCHESTER_RANGER_RA12005__12_gauge_00_9_ball__5_ROUND_BOX
  6. Standard fixed stock. I want to customize my M4 w/ a non-USA made forend (Brugger & Thomet).
  7. Yes, I'm looking for a way to meet the 922r, plan "B" is to make my own gas pistons and hammer. The pistons (269J) won't be too difficult, but the hammer (002J) metallurgy and heat treat will be more effort. 1. Receiver 2. Barrel 3. Bolt 4. Bolt carrier 5. Gas piston 1*********************1 6. Gas piston 2***********************2 7. Trigger housing 8. Trigger 9. Hammer*******************************3 10. Disconnector 11. Buttstock 12. Pistol grip **possible??? 13. Handguard 14. Magazine body/Tube************************4 15. Follower*********************
  8. Does anyone make a replacement USA made P/N 083J rubber pistol grip?
  9. Hi, I put a DMW in my M4, normal right hand configuration. The machine work for centering on the plunger C/L is not symmetric, so I don't think it is reversible. However, next time I have the M4 apart, I'll see if the DMW safety can be inserted and work properly from the Left.
  10. yep, just wider stubs, a compromise, but better than the stock unit, I hope
  11. Hi, Just received this today from Davesmetalworks, fits perfectly and lets me keep the irons. Nice wide rails, as opposed to "stubs" w/ the standard rail. http://i180.photobucket.com/albums/x257/fish1_07/DMW_rail.jpg
  12. Hi, This address has worked well for me in the past for technical issues: Chief, Firearms Technology Branch Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms Firearms Technology Branch 244 Needy Road Martinsburg, WV 25401
  13. It takes my local Post Office about 3 days just to get packages from where they are unloaded in the back, up to putting a notice in my PO box. So my tube is probably in there somewhere............. It showed up @ the PO today!!! looks great. Kip, thanks for overcoming all the challenges!
  14. Hi, Has anyone ever ordered a Brugger & Thomet Benelli M4 Quad Rail Handguard - (p/n=BT21353) from DSA? How long did it take for delivery? I have one on back-order, DSA has no idea when they will get more in. Thanks, m4_fan
  15. I tried the SLIP 2000 to get the carbon out of the booster of my 1919A4, soaked it for days, no luck. But that is not a fair use of the product, nothing except a air-powered needle scaler will get the stuff out of a booster, I subsequently found out. The next time I went to use the SLIP 2000, it had eaten through the metal can and oozed out onto the shelf. Potent chemicals!
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