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  1. One thing about loading the M4: If you're a novice, you're going to get your thumb caught in the Carrier or Shell Lifter. If you're very familiar with it, you kind of get muscle memory when loading it so the forks of the carrier don't get hung up on the wrinkles on the back of your thumb.
  2. http://www.benelliusa.com/shop/stocks-forends/m4-stocks Choose the standard stock. http://www.brownells.com/shotgun-parts/stock-forend-parts/buttstocks/buttstock-synthetic-m4-standard-prod31743.aspx Or like the man said, ebay.
  3. In most cases, oil it enough that its almost dripping. With that type of high brass ammo that should work. If not, then You may need to send it to Benelli for repair.
  4. Hmm. Bacon is to Muslim terrorists as garlic is to vampires. I like it! Just make sure that it's real bacon bits and not the fake stuff or you'll just end up with a well fed Muslim terrorist with some 00 buck holes in him.
  5. You convinced me, I'm in for 1. I just happen to already own the Trijicon RMR. Might have to buy another RMR though, my pistol likes it where it is. You could probably sell the RMR on your website and put it up as a package deal.
  6. http://www.midwayusa.com/product/365922/benelli-recoil-pad-stock-insert-wood-stock-super-black-eagle-ii-m2
  7. Don't forget lubrication. Spray it a bit before taking it out. It should almost be dripping. Since it's a gas system the weak shoulder shouldn't come into it much, but I'm sure it can affect it. Broken Legend
  8. Well I'll be snookered! I didn't know that the Benelli M4 came in a 20" version. You can tell from where the barrel brace is (or whatever that hoop is called). On mine the cap is almost flush with the muzzle.
  9. I saw one here but it was a custom job.
  10. Since a super quality trigger isn't essential for a shotgun, and Benelli's trigger on the M4 is pretty good, I'm thinking about just paying the $200 tax stamp and registering it for the ability to use a short barreled shotgun. I don't have a short barrel for the M4, and I don't plan to get one, but that $200 tax stamp would exempt me from the 922r nonsense. It would be like "just in case" insurance if you wanted to upgrade a few pieces of the gun and not have to buy a handguard, trigger group, or hammer that I don't want/need. And if I ever got the hankering for a shorty M4, I just have i
  11. Bello is right, it's that way so you can top off the magazine while the next zombies come around the corner.
  12. Made in Turkey, it is a gas piston system.
  13. [ATTACH=CONFIG]895[/ATTACH] http://www.hatsan.com.tr/new_escort_mpa.asp I've got a Benelli M4, but this caught my eye the other day. Crazy cheap too. http://www.proshootersupply.com/escort-home-defense-semiauto-shotgun-gauge-inch-chamber-p-25057.html Has anyone dealt with this shotgun before? At a little over $400 I'm a skeptic that it will be as reliable or have as good quality, but hopefull.
  14. For the Benelli M4: If I was wanting one, I guess with all that fancy gear between 1800 low and 2200 high. Remember that everyone's preferences on accessories are different and might not be worth the purchase price to others. I am not an expert and probably have no idea what I'm talking about.
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