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  1. Somehow the e-mail with an attachment slipped by me. I'll look it over. Here I was waiting for you to get home...
  2. I thought about that, but I'm not sure that's the right way to go. I'm not worried about anyone lifting the work or anything silly like that, but I think one on one is more effective.
  3. Hello, Right off I'd like to make it clear that I am no gun expert, which is why I am seeking assistance here. I am an unpublished writer working on a PI novel, and I need to write an M4 and am looking for someone to look over my M4 related scene. It's not much material - one scene, four paragraphs of M4 related content. Maybe 500 words. I have some very specific technical questions WRT the handling and loading of the M4. I've read a number of descriptions, and I've read over the operators manual. But I do not have access to one that I can put my hands on to load up to see how it is done *exactly*. I'm American, but I'm in another country for the near future. So...not so easy to walk into a gun shop and start asking questions and maybe have a look. The last thing I want to do is get the book published, then get a bunch of complaints from irate readers telling me I'm an idiot for getting the gun all wrong. (That happens, apparently. Go figure.) What I am hoping for is someone willing to look over the scene for technical accuracy; someone that owns an M4 and/or knows the shotgun well. A reader of PI fiction would be a plus. If one of you is interested, please send me a PM, so we can chat and see if this will work for us. I'm not published; I'm a new writer shopping my first PI novel right now. Writing isn't making me rich yet, so I can't pay for a consult. Of course you would end up in the acknowledgements when it's published. Hopefully, someone can help me out. Thanks!
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