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  1. Yes, it's very simple.....everyone in the community sees what happens when much desired parts become scarce. So on one hand a "store" or website is out of stock., then the natural progression in the quest leads one to gun broker where, as always, items that are scarce from suppliers can be found on GB for inflated, sometimes grossly inflated prices. Hypothetically, someone can create their own little niche in the scarcity market by maintaining an "out of stock" profile on their website or store, but selling at an inflated price under a not immediately recognizable user name on GB. Mo
  2. Ditch the red dot sight and zero with your irons and see how you do. Personally, I don't like or trust those things for any kind of precise shots at a distance of more than 30 feet..
  3. Evolution


    Nice deal!
  4. Absolutely. The 10403 fits the field stock exactly the same as the solid pistol grip stock. And you use the screws that are from the OEM butt pad. Iv'e installed the 10403 on the field stock I have. So I know it works.
  5. I get what you're saying. I hate being told faulty or untrue info, but...it happens sometimes. You just get the wrong person on the phone. Did you order a custom sling? I ask because I just looked at their website and they do say almost exactly what I stated: https://www.blueforcegear.com/custom-padded-vickers-sling Anyway not here to argue. In fact, I never used the sling I bought from them. I use the Magpul sling. I found that the BFG webbing material was very stiff and abrasive for my taste. The Magpul sling web material is much softer and pliable. So, the BFG sling sits idle in
  6. I have purchased from BFG and they tell you on the web ordering site that they are filling military orders as a priority. ALSO, they make the sling you order as the order comes in, because each sling is custom tailored as to which color sliders you want, what colors you want for the front, the rear, the pull strap, etc.. They don't have a bunch of pre made slings sitting on a shelf ready to ship. Just be patient, they are a good company.
  7. Evolution


    I just looked at a couple of online retailers that I have used in the past and saw that a single box of 50 range type ammo in .45 ACP or 9 MM Federal ammo is listed for 78$. I never have given in to the old capitalist mantras of "supply and demand" or the "the market sets the price." To me it has always been just an excuse used to justify price when people become desperate for something to rip people off and make huge profit margins while the desperation lasts. F them!
  8. Well...... in my case, I pull the bolt back far enough so that only about a quarter inch of it is still visible at the ejection port window, that's just shy of it actuating the elevator..... then I drop a shell down with the rear of it as far back as it can go and press it down till I feel/hear a snap. Then holding my thumb on top of the shell. I release the bolt forward. Others probably have a different way to do it but that's how I do it.
  9. Hey Les. where ya been man?😀 Iv'e never had a malfunction from having one left on the elevator and then racking the bolt to chamber however, if I push the shell on it and the bolt is too far to the rear, when I close the bolt, it activates the elevator and chambers the round. I found that there is a sweet spot when dropping one on the elevator so the bolt won't activate it and chamber it. What kinda malfunction are you talking about?
  10. One other thing, which may seem to be a small thing to some people, but the way your tube is shipped to you is first class also. It doesn't come loose rattling around like something shipped in an Amazon box. LOL. I'll let you be pleasantly surprised.😄
  11. I'd say that's the right one for a parkerized gun.
  12. Seems like this is for a standard parkerized gun.https://shop.carriercomp.com/product.sc?productId=3&categoryId=4 Or you could go with the muted one for a slight contrast.
  13. Mine is an NP3 H20, not the new cerakote version. The muted tube is a little darker, not as shiny, but in different lighting contrasts, it looks almost the same color as the rest of the gun. More different in other lighting. But that's ok because the slight contrast looks cool. The one I had on my gun was a FFT NP3 7 rounder because at the time, FFT was the only source for NP3 plated tubes. I replaced it with the carriercomp which I had been lusting after for several years. I actually dig the slight contrast of the new mag tube with the silver of the gun. The CC tube is a higher qual
  14. Do you mean that the spring popped the last round into the receiver but not far enough back so the bolt carrier could engage it and activate the elevator? Or was the shell still partially stuck in the tube?
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