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  1. Yes, the same 10403 fits all the M4 stocks.
  2. Could not agree more about felt recoil with these guns. I'm sure the NP3 helps too but Iv'e always thought that the design of the action itself, (the heavy bolt carrier with tail, the recoil tube and the gas system design) is what makes these guns so comfortable to shoot with heavy buck and slug loads. Especially compared to pump guns! The Limbsaver is a 10403, right?
  3. Check, and thanks. I recently purchased one of those from Arms Unlimited for 10 bucks when they had them on sale. Looks like a quality piece, seems to fit the same as the OEM but until I can test it on a range, I'll not be using it besides it's black and my gun is NP3. I don't mind the contrast actually, but it needs a good bit of range time before I'll trust it not to fly out.
  4. Very nice! Whose bolt handle is on that one?
  5. Alright SD! BRRRRRRRR....I'm glad I'm in southern Az.!!!!!!
  6. Here it is in writing; https://www.benelliusa.com/support/faq The Benelli rep told your people that because they plainly say that it is not safe to shoot slugs thru anything tighter than an IC. Obviously, lots of people ignore that advice and do it without apparent problems- yet.
  7. Is that a mag extension/cap combo? And who makes it?
  8. Nice work as always SD. Not one to dispute what you say but, I think those butt pads help~ but in the range of about 25% really. The OEM ones are like a hockey puck.
  9. Some Ca. AW laws apply to LEO's and some such as magazine capacity, they are exempt. I am not a lawyer but, I have "heard" that if the stock is pinned so it cannot move unless tools are applied, it technically would be legal. But, I'm not that brave, I wouldn't do it and I wouldn't recommend doing it. I mean, what's the point then?
  10. No, there is no provision for registering or exemptions. Once that section of the penal code went into effect 1/1/2000, that's it. Tax stamp and 922R are federal regs., not state. Even though that stock as you purchased it does not have the capacity to telescope, I'm surprised that it was sold in Ca.. It's the first Iv'e ever heard of. Maybe it's a recent addition of Ca. available M4's since it's unable to scope in and out. Has the "look" but doesn't work. Yeah, the only other legal options for a Ca. resident are the straight or "field stock" or, the more commonly found non collapsable pistol grip stock. Better you found out now before you spent $$$$.
  11. You're absolutely mistaken. See here statute 12276.1 item 6 A&B. https://oag.ca.gov/firearms/regs/genchar2 A semi auto shotgun that has both features of a pistol grip AND telescoping stock is an assault weapon. You don't want to go there.
  12. So are you going to pin the stock so it can't telescope? Otherwise, under current California law, you would be manufacturing and possessing an unregistered assault weapon by having a semi auto shotgun with a pistol grip and telescoping stock.
  13. Saying "Someone" is far too kind. I think that I paid about sixty bucks for mine from Brownells about 4 years ago. That's what the thing is worth. About 60 bucks. Humanity never disappoints.
  14. Obviously your gun doesn't like that particular ammo but works fine with everything else so a non issue IMO. Just for fun, I would closely examine/compare the rims of the Hornady ammo with the rims on the other brands. For some reason it seems like your extractor slips off of the shell rim instead of grippping and pulling it out of the chamber.
  15. Benelli design as is with same shape just a slightly larger knob. But honestly, I have no desire to change mine because it works for me and it doesn't come out unless I want it to and it's NP3 plated. But your work does look awesome!
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