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  1. I wonder which is louder inside a house, a short barreled AR or a 12ga? My money is on the AR. Piercing noise those things make.
  2. IMO, I think that a heavy 12 gage weapon is likely too much for either one. If shotgun is a must, I would suggest a 20. But my first choice would be an M4 type AR. Pretty much anybody can easily handle one of those. And plenty of firepower.
  3. I would say no, the choke is not listed as one of the parts eligible for 922R compliance. Here is a comprehensive list of the parts that can be replaced for compliance. https://freedomfightertactical.com/pages/922r-faq
  4. Yep, good enough for a GI weapon but, I for one am not gonna use my NP3 plated bolt handle to do that.
  5. How to remove the spring retainer that has no holes? Remove the mag cap then start loading shells into the mag. After 3 or four shells the spring should push it out. I'd place a pillow in front of the gun first so things don't fly all over the place when it pops out. Then you can drill holes in it easier if you want.
  6. Not at all an uncommon experience with a brand new gun shooting LR rounds. Some have said to "break in" these guns you should fire at least a couple hundred rounds of full power loads before you try any low recoil stuff. As for ammo, I have read many times on the 'net about people having these issues with the bargain brands of ammo, particularly Fiocchi. Both not fitting and reliability issues. Cheap stuff isn't always worth the money savings. Reliability is foremost. Personally, I only use Federal and Remington ammo in my M4. My advice, shoot a couple hundred rounds of full power American made stuff, then try the Fiocchi again if you want but, in any case, I don't recommend shooting any LR stuff rated below 1300 fps. People have claimed ftf's and fte's even with Federal's 1145 fps stuff. And, have fun, the M4 is an awesome shotgun!
  7. I disagree. When I look to aftermarket parts, be it for my Ducati or a firearm, I always strive to strike a balance between functionality and aesthetics. Why ruin the looks of an expensive beautiful thing by slapping something ugly on it, just because it may be functional? Burnt orange carpet and purple drapes may be functional, but are you gonna decorate you home with that?😀
  8. This thread got me to thinking about a couple of things.......first, I never really looked a my recoil spring tube to see if it is the 3-position collapsable stock one or not. I was pleased to find that it is. Mine is a 2014 H20 gun. Secondly, I got out the field stock that I bought and never used to take another look at it. I actually like the way it looks on my gun better than the fixed PG stock that came with it. SO, I ordered another NOVESKE QD sling swivel and another LImbsaver butt pad to put on this field stock and give it another chance in actual firing.😎
  9. Keep the gun....buy a PG stock so you can try both of them out to see which one you prefer and, so that you can have an alternate set up should you decide that you like both stocks.
  10. Evolution

    AVA Tactical

    I checked his profile and he hasn't logged in here since 11/22/18. Whatever can be made of that, I don't know.
  11. Birdshot? Iv'e never used anything but 00 buck and Federal slugs in my gun and it's always loaded 7 shells without any issue. Don't know what's going on there with your gun. Let us know if you are able to resolve it.
  12. They are supposed to hold seven 2-3/4" shells. Mine always has. Of course they will not hold seven 3" shells. Check your ammo. I have read that some brands of shot shells are a bit longer so when you try to stack seven of them in a tube, they won't all fit. As for me, I only use Federal and Remington shot shells; 2-3/4", which measure 2-1/4" in unfired condition and seven rounds fit fine in my gun. What brands of ammo are you loading that don't fit seven in the tube?
  13. Wondering if you can put the Benelli ComforTech Gel Recoil Pad from the    SBE ll onto the SBE lll and it fit correctly, I liked the gel pad on the SBE ll more than the foam on the SBE lll. Anyone tried it or know if it will fit?

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