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  1. Evolution

    A 7 Round tube does NOT always fit 7 rounds in the M4

    Birdshot? Iv'e never used anything but 00 buck and Federal slugs in my gun and it's always loaded 7 shells without any issue. Don't know what's going on there with your gun. Let us know if you are able to resolve it.
  2. Evolution

    Benelli M4 magazine tube spring questions.

    They are supposed to hold seven 2-3/4" shells. Mine always has. Of course they will not hold seven 3" shells. Check your ammo. I have read that some brands of shot shells are a bit longer so when you try to stack seven of them in a tube, they won't all fit. As for me, I only use Federal and Remington shot shells; 2-3/4", which measure 2-1/4" in unfired condition and seven rounds fit fine in my gun. What brands of ammo are you loading that don't fit seven in the tube?
  3. Wondering if you can put the Benelli ComforTech Gel Recoil Pad from the    SBE ll onto the SBE lll and it fit correctly, I liked the gel pad on the SBE ll more than the foam on the SBE lll. Anyone tried it or know if it will fit?

  4. Evolution

    Nova recoil pad options

  5. Evolution

    Nova recoil pad options

    Will this one work? https://www.nokick.com/Precision_Fit_Pad_AirTech_Benelli_p/ls-10810.htm
  6. Evolution

    Changing out tactical stock to fixed stock.

    No worries....it's not uncommon at all to have to do minor fitting with stocks even OEM. They are after all, a moulded item and not CNC machined. Yes, either a blade or even more controlled, is sandpaper wrapped around a small wood block or similar and go slowly remove a little bit of material at a time from the part that curves around the back of the trigger housing following it's curves. Check frequently until the trigger housing will seat fully into the receiver and the pin will latch through without using excessive force.
  7. Evolution

    Changing out tactical stock to fixed stock.

    Hi, are you talking about the pin that secures the trigger group in the receiver not lining up after screwing the stock on? If so, sometimes you have to shave a little bit of plastic off of the the part of the stock that curves around the back of the trigger housing to get a fit. It doesn't allow the trigger group to fully seat into the receiver. I had to do this when I changed the oem trigger housing to an A&S aftermarket housing.
  8. Evolution

    New Mesa Tactical M-Lok forend for M4

    While I'm glad that companies are paying attention to the platform, I have to admit that aesthetically speaking, I don't like that forend at all.
  9. Evolution

    Someone stole my M4 trigger assembly

    As already said, don't give up the ghost just yet, it may turn up. That said, could I offer some advice for the future? First, I trust USPS priority mail 2-day for smallish to medium sized packages more than UPS, I just do. Second, removing and installing the trigger group parts is a relatively easy job to do with a little patience and just a couple of inexpensive specialty tools. There is a very fine, detailed tutorial, on how to do it complete with step-by-step pictures right here on this board courtesy of member "StrangerDanger". From my experience, I don't let mechanics touch my Ducati motorcycle and I don't let "gunsmiths" touch my weapons...especially if it would involve shipping them. Shop manuals and tools are my friends. I hope this turns out well for you.
  10. Evolution

    Sure Cycle Bolt Handles

    yep...if that benelli handle is a true representative example of the part, it's going to spin. Personally.....i've never found the need to replace the oem bolt carrier handle, or the release button with larger style aftermarket types.
  11. Evolution

    Handguard Correctly attached

    The pictures that you posted of the hand guards seated look absolutely normal to me. Just make sure that the mag cap is screwed down as tight as you can get by hand, and that the base of the barrel is tight flush against the face of the receiver. The flat spring inside the barrel ring provides some tension for hand guards against the receiver. The guards also serve the purpose of covering the gas system.
  12. Evolution

    Handguard Correctly attached

    I hope you end up liking it. It's a handsome looking piece in any case. I'm a pure minimalist most of the time IMO, the OEM hand guards are tops. For me, the only improvement to be made on them is this, which I did; https://www.tangoarms.com/products/benelli-m4-forearm-stippled
  13. Evolution

    Handguard Correctly attached

    The hand guards should line up easily. The way I put them back on is; first I seat them into the retaining plate at the front of the receiver holding them together with one hand, then slide the barrel down on until the barrel ring has captured the front of the guards. There is a flat spring inside the barrel ring that keeps constant pressure on the guards as you tighten the magazine cap down making sure the ring at the base of the barrel is tight against the face of the receiver. Congrats on the new M4 you're gonna love it, it's a great gun:cool:
  14. Evolution

    Handguard Correctly attached

    Looks right to me...curious why you had to "put it together" did it not come assembled? You said in another thread that you're in California, where did you buy the gun? In a gun shop, online?
  15. Evolution

    Benelli M4 922(r) Compliance Questions

    LOL! damn...busted.