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  1. You can sleep well......knowing that you won't be sorry either.🙂
  2. The Benelli M4 has an aluminum receiver. I cannot get any more technical with it than that. like what type etc. because I don't know. It is not steel, it is aluminum.🙂
  3. I think that the M4 model with a 3 position collapsable stock is the model that "has it all." With the M1014 or "military model" you don't have the option to change to any choke you wish, or collapse the stock. Thereby you've lost flexibility. It's a modified choke which may not allow the best accuracy when shooting slugs. Benelli's website states that it is not "safe" to shoot slugs with any choke tighter than an IC. I know, I know,....lots of people do it but Benelli is obviously against it. https://www.benelliusa.com/support/faq
  4. I wasn't assuming anything, just was advising not to jump on the gun before you tried some better ammo, a lot of people do.🙂
  5. Only info that I can offer is what I have read- that it is not uncommon to have issues with Fiocchi ammo in these guns. I would just stay away from it. Buy some good quality US made full power ammo, (if you can find any) run about a hundred rounds of it, before you blame the gun.
  6. As you say lighter and, with the slim profile, to use a made up word; unbulkiness of them is very hard to compete against. Concerning modifications with anything, I'm a person who always weighs aesthetic qualities with functionality. If something works well to my needs but looks like hell, I'll usually ditch the idea completely.
  7. That's because nothing made yet beats a pair of nicely stippled OEM handguards.
  8. Can't say either except that this stock fits me perfectly, like it was custom made for me. LOP, acquiring the sights, and angle of the the grip feel like an extension of me when I shoulder it. Out of all the long guns that I have the M4 is the most natural feeling/comfortable when shouldered. I'm 6''2" and 195 lbs. I tried the field stock just for fun and could not dig it because the wrist angle felt completely awkward and uncomfortable. Now on my 590A1, I have the LOP set shorter on the MAGPUL stock
  9. Thanks...just thought it would be cool to have one.
  10. Where can I buy one of these tools?
  11. Iv'e never had an issue with loading my M4 tho' I don't speed load it however, love your avatar!
  12. The Italians are on vacation thru the end of this month. Typically it's August they take off but, I guess in light of the global shit-storm, they needed it early.. https://forums.benelliusa.com/topic/23140-still-waiting-back-order/
  13. Why are you giving up on it so quickly? I would break it down, lube it real well, load it up and manually cycle shells thru it to see if there is any hang up doing that. Even if there is or isn't a hang up manually running shells thru it, I'd then fire it a bunch using full power 00 or slugs. Then see how it runs after/during that exercise. I'd do anything I could to avoid shipping a gun anywhere. Some of them just need a little working-in when new out of the box. Good luck.
  14. Sweet bike hope you don't miss out out on too much riding her!
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