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  1. Don't know if it matters in your research but, mine is a 2014 Robar H20 that came with the 3 position receiver extension, solid pistol grip stock, aluminum trigger housing, 2 port barrel with the seating ring design, all the stuff you listed in the above 11707 model but mine is a 11718. If you're interested.
  2. LOL...yeah, nothing Italian is cheap. About a year ago, I was taking my Ducati off it's center stand after I just finished a 13 hour drive back to Az., It got away from me and I couldn't muscle the the 425 lb bike and I just dropped it right there in the garage. Just dropped it..and not hard either Cost me $1200 in broken and bent parts.
  3. Yeah, I have no idea why my model with the solid PG stock came with the 3 position receiver extension, as well as why the pistons, and gas plugs, and almost all of the trigger group components were plated at Robar. I guess that I got lucky for once in my life.
  4. So is the 11718 which is the one I have. Solid PG stock with three position receiver extension.
  5. Hey, no I have never had a problem functioning even when the round count has been 350 or so before I cleaned it. Probably not much compared to most people. Mine is an older Robar plated H2O model which is supposed to take more dirt and fouling and still function.
  6. Hey CCB, I take mine down as shown in the video every time I clean the gun which, sometimes ends up being after a few shooting sessions. Sometimes after every one, if I know that it's going to be a while till I shoot the gun again. With one exception; If I know that I'll be hitting it again soon, I don't do much in the way of cleaning except getting the grit and unburnt powder out of the breach area and adding back lube. One thing I don't do is use the bolt handle for removing the gas plugs or pushing out the trigger housing pin. I use an appropriate sized steel punch for those two things.
  7. LOL...yeah watch out tho...all it will take is for dementia Joe to bump his head on a cabinet door and it will tip him over the edge. Then at the convention it'll be "here she comes to save the day, because Hillary is on the way!" God help us......
  8. Yes, I read something about that but even so, do not other conditions have to be present with the above crimes to use deadly force?
  9. I could be wrong as I have not taken apart my trigger group for at least two years but, does the snap ring not narrow in thickness as it curves up to the opening on it, and this allows the ring to enter/engage the slots?
  10. Thinking maybe I should've answered with what I understand about it to better help you. The answer is yes, if the snap ring is installed in the correct position, it should engage the slots however slightly, it may not look as though the ring has engaged the slots but it has...just enough to keep the bushing from backing out of the frame. Anyway hope some of it helps.
  11. This excellent tutorial will show and explain how the snap ring interfaces with the trigger bushing and how to properly install and remove it.
  12. Sorry you didn't get what you apparently ordered but those slugs are my preference over the 1600FPS stuff. I have some of the 1600 FPS stuff on hand but, for general shooting purposes and HD, the 1300 FPS stuff is the ticket. You can shoot those all day long. The 1600's are hard kicking, even in an M4.
  13. Well...there's this but it's been jacked up quite a bit. https://www.ammunitiondepot.com/965-federal-premium-12-ga-low-recoil-2-3-4-1-oz-truball-rifled-slug.html?unit_type=21
  14. IMO $2.99 is not a bad price for Fed 12ga slugs, especially in these times. I like anything Federal, I think they make very high quality ammo. I but a lot of their American Eagle brand in 9MM & 45 ACP. I really enjoy shooting .44 & .357 Magnum but it's hard to find good prices for it.
  15. Yeah, the way I look at it is, as much as I love it, now is not the time for me to be doing rec. shooting depleting my stores to under what I consider a minimum, when the future availability and fair pricing is so uncertain for the calibers I shoot. Now if I can find it and get it first, then I'll resume the activity.
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