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  1. Iv'e only tried 2 different slings on my M4. The Magpul MS1 and the Blue force gear Vickers sling. Both extend and retract and hold position equally well. I prefer the MS1 sling because the material is softer and it is just a wee bit wider that the BFG sling, maybe 1/32 to a 1/16 of an inch. Not a big issue if you buy the padded versions but mine are the unpadded versions.
  2. That was the positive with Robar....you could trust them to do it right. Disassembly and reassembly. In my mind it'll take a long time for some other company to build that kind of trust, even if they'll work on an M4.
  3. The length of the shell is actually derived from the measurement of it before it is crimped down or rolled over the load. Since the shell has to be fully expanded and cylindrical to allow the wads and shot column to pass through without any excessive pressure peaks, the crimped section (whether rolled or petaled/folded) has to be completely cylindrical. Thus the chamber length is the actual “measurement” of an “Uncrimped” shellcase. ( actually, the chamber is fractionally longer than the factory made shell case) I think that the reason some people have trouble fitting 7 in the mag tube has to do with the variance in the length of the springs, and how many coils each spring has. That, coupled with the variance in the length of the shells from maker to maker can tolerance stack. They are not all made to exactly the same length, the length can vary from spring to spring. I highly doubt that you can did any damage as you say, trying to force that 7th round in. You could buy a couple springs, or clip a coil or two off of your existing spring and try that. I'm not a fan of the idea to remove the mag spring retainer as a possible solution.
  4. It's possible that those instructions as regards to chokes and shooting slugs "for all Benellis" are only related to those that are made for the civilian market and do not pertain to the military M1014. Someone here posted a link to the manual for the M1014 awhile back and I wonder if there is anything in there pertaining to shooting slugs through them. It's my understanding that the end bore diameter is a modified choke size.
  5. I'm fully aware that M4's made for the civilian market use have choke insert barrels. It is the military model barrels that do not have an insert choke barrel. That is what I said. I made no reference to civilian M4 barrels not having an insert choke. I know that they do. I also wondered aloud if they possibly don't preclude the use of slugs in the MILITARY barrels BECAUSE they are not insert choke barrels. The M1014 barrel is not made to accept an insert choke.
  6. My my....such strong emotion. I think that you should check your facts, the military model M4 which is known as the M1014 does not have an insert choke in the barrels.
  7. I was thinking, maybe they don't preclude the use of slugs in the military barrels because it's not an insert choke barrel like the regular M4 barrels are. Could it be that their thinking is you could blow out the choke insert with too much constriction?
  8. Yeah...Iv'e thought about this from time to time also. I don't have a military barreled M4 but, do they include a warning with those so equipped guns that it is not safe to shoot slugs with them? From my understanding those military heavy walled barrels are made as modified choke. As for me, I use an IC choke in mine for both slugs and buck. I tested accuracy at 25 yds with both a Mod and IC choke with the slugs I use and noticed no difference in accuracy from the bench at that distance. So....I just go with what they recommend.
  9. One thing to be aware of if you replace the 5 rnd mag tube with a seven. That is that you will need to replace two more of the OEM Benelli parts with US made parts to stay 922R compliant. A total of three parts must be replaced with US made parts, the 7 rnd mag tube can count for one of them. Mag follower, trigger, hammer, trigger housing. are a few others to pick from. There is a complete list of elidgable parts here; https://freedomfightertactical.com/pages/922r-faq The IWC mount is a good one, I use it and I think it's the only one available for the M4 at this time. It's made for the Surefire Scout series of lights and keeps a very low profile mounting them. IDK how other lights can be mounted on it with the same results. You can screw a short PIC rail onto the mounting boss and then attach a different type of light to it using a PIC rail clamp but, thats more bits and pieces and you won't get the benefit that you do mounting a Scout light directly to thr boss. As for a shell in the chamber, I don't ever do it. I keep one ghost loaded. If I don't have time to rack one intp the chamber if something goes bump in the night well, I guess I'll just be dead.😉
  10. As usual, outstanding job on the tutorial....I read thru the whole thing even though my M4 came with the correct recoil tube installed for the collapsable stock..
  11. Nice work...definitely not for the faint of heart. I was admiring the Vickers sling that is on the H20 in your pics and figured out that the pattern is Kryptek Typhon and thought one of those would compliment my H20. Turns out that BFG is phasing out that pattern and the padded portion of the Vickers sling is no longer available in Kryptek Typhon. Too bad about that because I think it's a very cool pattern suited well to either a black or silver gun. But at least I was able to purchase an unpadded version complete with the silver triglides!
  12. Good point. Safer to use the momentary function when in area clearing mode, I suppose. Do you know if all the models of the SF tape switches have the momentary function, or just some of them?. It's not clear on their website.
  13. Another question for ya..is it necessary to trim the tailcap shroud off the 600DF with the IWC mount?
  14. Well said. One major standout I like about them is that it's machined from a piece of billet aluminum and every single edge on the piece is broken- a very nice touch. Then there's the superior finish and blah, blah, blah...😋
  15. Not that I know of Les. But IIRC, there was some whining about something later on in production but I think that was more attributable to "operator error."😉
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