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  1. That is where I am confused. I thought that no matter what the forcing cone does at the beginning of the loads travel, where it exits the barrel at the choke end would be the final determination of the loads form. I guess I'm wrong?
  2. That guy on the hide says that the barrel ring is aluminum. Is it? I never examined it closely but I always thought it was steel.
  3. Federal flight control 00 buck and Federal LE full power Truball, and low recoil (1300 fps) slugs with an IC choke is what I have used for years. Tight pattern with buck and very accurate with slugs. Trouble is, it's extremely hard to find these days.
  4. So in a broad sense you're giving up your 4th amendment rights. No thank you.
  5. Looks like an effort to turn a shot shell into a Claymore.
  6. Iv'e never shot anything but slugs and 00 buck from my M4, both full power loads and LE reduced recoil shells. I think that the recoil is already so soft with the M4, especially if you've got a limbsaver pad in place, that on balance, adding a few inches to the length of the gun as a home defense tool, is not worth the gain one might perceive from the MB. Recoil from the M4 is nowhere near as severe as a pump SG. JMO.
  7. Gorlami........GORLAMI...now where have I heard that name....is that you Brad Pitt?
  8. Evolution

    Botach order??

    Sounds liken of those shipments that starts out at UPS and then is handed off to USPS for final delivery. I have had many shipments of things from various vendors that go that way. I'd give it a couple more days to catch up in the system where it will be updated no doubt. Botach IMO is OK. Never had an issue with them but sometimes they are a little slow when they post a tracking# and when the item is actually picked up. I wouldn't worry.
  9. Just want to publicly say thanks to Unobtanium for the trigger group I bought from him in this thread. I received it today and it is perfect and new just as he described it. I knew that it would be from my impression of him during the last several years on this forum, is that he is a person who is very meticulous about his firearms. He also sent it out to me without first receiving the funds I sent him. Thank you, sir!
  10. I think these two guys covered everything to the nth degree for you. However, I would add just one caveat.....I would not buy the gun sight unseen, like from GB or other online dealer that use a generic photo of a Benelli M4, because you very well might get one of Benelli's "COVID BLUE" receivers (as I call them) as has happened to several forum members here. Some have liked the blue colored receivers but, some have also hated it. Benelli gave a disingenuous excuse, (as far as I am concerned) as to why the change occurred from a normal parkerized type finish to a somewhat electric blue fi
  11. Are the threads on SOCOM GUY's tubes left in the white or are are they coated with whatever finish? Never mind...I just saw a closeup in the above pics and the threads seem to be finished.
  12. Yeah, LOL...I would put this in the same category as their new "Covid blue" receivers.
  13. Check....it's a thoughtful design in that you really would never have to remove it once installed, unless you wanted to swap out for a new flashlight. The old AVA light mount was the same way except that it attached to the barrel ring behind where the IWC mount does.
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