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  1. Saying "Someone" is far too kind. I think that I paid about sixty bucks for mine from Brownells about 4 years ago. That's what the thing is worth. About 60 bucks. Humanity never disappoints.
  2. Obviously your gun doesn't like that particular ammo but works fine with everything else so a non issue IMO. Just for fun, I would closely examine/compare the rims of the Hornady ammo with the rims on the other brands. For some reason it seems like your extractor slips off of the shell rim instead of grippping and pulling it out of the chamber.
  3. Benelli design as is with same shape just a slightly larger knob. But honestly, I have no desire to change mine because it works for me and it doesn't come out unless I want it to and it's NP3 plated. But your work does look awesome!
  4. Welcome! No doubt thousands of people on the internet will say that they shoot rifled slugs out of their modified choked M4's without any issues. I don't, because I like to err on the side of what the manufacturer says and you already know what they say. As to your other question why they come equipped with the MOD choke and not an IC, I haven't ever seen an answer to that.
  5. Yeah....reminds me of a brother in law of mine. Sad thing is, he's had my sister bamboozled for more than thirty years. You're right that's him for sure. And also right about this vid being his response to what he encountered here. No doubt.
  6. LOL....I have a brother in law just like him! Sad thing is, he's had my sister completely bamboozled for thirty years.
  7. I was looking for a messenger type bag for flying on small jets between SFO and Tucson that don't allow for a typical normal size carry-on bag. For my laptop and stuff like that which you can't afford to go missing in a lost checked bag. I had an old small laptop bag that I used for years but there was not much room in it for anything else. I had been looking at Kreiga bags because I use one of their small waterproof bags strapped to the seat of my Ducati when I ride and they make a quality product. So I bought one their messenger bags then I discovered the Vanquest site and decided that I needed a new range bag as well. While it doesn't have specific pockets made for holding magazines, it can easily handle what I usually take to a typical range day for me and I like the twin bottle pockets on the sides. Fa molto caldo in the summer where I live.
  8. I don't think he's been banned by the site, more like being shamed away by peers. He could be back though, cuz I don't think he's capable of feeling shame.
  9. I'm terrible at taking and uploading pictures, hell I can't even figure out how to upload an avatar on this site. So, I'll show a picture from the website of the 13" model bag that I bought recently to rplace my ripped up range bag. This is an awesome bag IMO, super tough thick material, several pockets with one for a pistol and fits up to a 13" laptop as well as two pockets that will fit quart sized water bottles. Double handles on top and a shoulder strap. Perfect for the range trip. I encourage to watch the video on the site too. https://www.vanquest.com/envoy-13-gen-4-messenger-bag/
  10. Yeah go figure. I replaced the hammer with a Geissele one anyway when I went 922R.
  11. Evolution

    New Optic

    Where did you get that absolutely stunning example of leather craft??!!
  12. Yeah must be, because my whole system is plated. The front sight, the rear sight and the pic rail not, but all the associared screws are. The trigger and sear are, the hammer was not. The plunger cap is and the little arm for the shell carrier is plated also the hollow hammer pin is also plated. Must have been who did what on a given day or, who knows what?
  13. SD; were you referring to the NP3 H2O's as not plating the gas system? I ask because on my gun the gas system is plated even the pistons and retaining pins in the gas cylinders.
  14. Evolution

    New Optic

    I'm a fan of the french door style but, you should have went with a KitchenAid.
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