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  1. Yeah, I don't consider that part as a necessary change either. But I'm not a John Wick type operator either.
  2. I think that it's probably that the tube just turned out to be darker than some, or most, for whatever reason. In any case, I just posted my pictures so that anyone (such as JRCOWBOY) considering a muted finish titanium tube looking for a good match to their H20 gun, might consider that they may not end up with a good match. Especially after waiting and anticipating for 3+ months.
  3. Yep. Well that's what I ended up with on mine. I really don't mind it much but, would have been happier if it matched better. Actually, your picture against the tree in indirect sunlight looks to me as a good match to my picture in indirect sunlight on the river rock. Or, maybe I just have an ultra bright NP3 plating on my H20. It stands to reason that even Robar guns probably had a slight variation in finish production, right?
  4. This is a "muted finish"CC titanium tube on my Robar vintage NP3 H20 Benelli. As you can see, in most lighting conditions, it does not match the NP3 plating at all. In some lighting conditions it looks similar but, mostly it looks almost like a parkerized finish. When I first got it, I called Marcie and texted her pictures of it on my gun and asked if they mistakenly sent me a tube for a standard finish M4. She told me no, that this is how the muted titanium finish looks. So, unless I was lied to (and I don't think that I was) or, I just got a one-off weird example tube, then this is
  5. As for myself, when I first got my M4, I tried cleaning the barrel of lead streaks and melted plastic with kid gloves. I found it to be an impossible endeavor. After wearing myself out and wasting a lot of time trying to clean the bore, I read about using a bronze brush, a length of rod, and a cordless drill. I don't waste time anymore.
  6. I think you're at the right place...there have been a few people here lately posting looking to buy one.
  7. Looks pretty good from a distance and for 550 bucks would make an excellent range fun gun and to give the Benelli a rest/keep for more serious duty. Can you even buy a Glock for 550 bucks anymore?
  8. Hey, no, I haven't but Iv'e heard good things about them- thanks.
  9. I used to meticulously clean my firearms after every shooting session because I enjoyed it. Not so much anymore.....now it's more like a PITA, or Iv'e become lazy. Probably a combination of the two. With the Benelli M4 what I really hate doing is cleaning the melted plastic residue from the shot shells out of the bore. An electric drill and a rod segment with a bronze or SS brush attached has made the chore easier but, I still hate doing it. So I put it off until I really feel like doing it.....
  10. I had a similar experience with Springfield Armory. I purchased an M1A and had it for 10 years, shot thousands of rounds thru it. I began to notice peening of the metal on the inside of the receiver caused by the bolt travel. The rifle functioned normally without any issues but, I thought what the hell, I'll see if they'll replace the receiver. So I called them, they emailed me a shipping label, I sent it to them along with a note telling of my concerns. Two weeks later I had a new receiver. Good customer service is invaluable. Hope you have good luck with yours.
  11. One thing I just noticed from your pic of the receiver's side is that dot-matrix method of the "m4" instead of the roll mark that they used to do. Man, I really don't like that!
  12. Really sloppy workmanship and this one should never have left the factory. I agree with your sentiments completely.
  13. LOL.....how did you figure that it would end? Calling people who have legitimate complaints against this clown "whiners" and telling them to "grow up". That their complaints are "to be taken with a grain of salt". I'd say that would tend to piss off most people who feel that they have a legit complaint about anything.
  14. Beautiful work ruger!!!!! Have you thought about using eBay?
  15. My vote is for CarrierComp titanium. Why? Because it's impossible to be disappointed, theirs is simply the nicest one made.
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