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  1. Bummer man. Like SD says back to the drawing board for that one. Never should have left the factory. It seems to me that once the Covid scamdemic started, Benelli QC/QA went down the tubes, at least with the M4 from what Iv'e seen.
  2. I don't have a tornado brush, just some bronze brushes. I use a length of cleaning rod chucked in a cordless drill. Gets the lead out super quick.
  3. Whatever you get, you want it to be very accurate and guaranteed deadly. That means you need a minimum 1000 FPS .177 cal. Anything less than 1000 FPS and it's not guaranteed to kill anything tougher than a bird. And really a waste of money IMO. Trouble is, they are loud. And you need to be careful of over penetration and be mindful to have a good backstop in case you miss. But the good news is that many of them can be had with a built into the barrel silencer, which are supposed to be very good at suppressing the sound. I have no experience with one of those though. A break open, single shot, spring piston air rifle. Iv'e had a Ruger brand one, (made in China LOL) for about 10 years and it's been extremely accurate with a 50 dollar scope on it at the ranges Iv'e used it at, (max. 60 yds or so) and a reliable killer on very tough rodent-type varmints..if you opt for one of these type expect to pay about $130-$150 up to about $200+ for one with a suppressor. This is the one Iv'e had for ten years but I put a better scope on it. It is pretty loud. Very sharp CRACK! And these spring piston Hi-Vel types do recoil some. https://www.airgundepot.com/ruger-blackhawk-air-rifle.html
  4. Not my cup 'o tea but, I like your attitude.😉
  5. Evolution

    M4 stock change

    Yeah as alpha says easy peasy. Just remove the trigger group and unscrew it. The field or straight stock comes with the same useless sling attachment plate that the PG stock comes with. I say useless because among other reasons, it will only accommodate a 1" wide sling and 99.9% of slings made these days are 1-1/4 inches wide.
  6. I believe the model 11718 just denoted that the gun was an NP3 plated H20 model with a 5 round restriction that originally shipped with the straight PG stock. Only because that is exactly how mine came new in the box. Some other info; ROBAR stopped doing the NP3 plating for Benelli years ago. NP3 is an electroless nickel impregnated with Teflon. The current H20 M4's are CeraKote finished - a ceramic coating. If you didn't know.😀
  7. Mine came exactly as yours is with the straight PG stock and the black magazine restrictor. I bought it new in 2014. Nothing really to note except that ours are the original real deal NP3 plated H20 guns done by ROBAR. Somewhat of a collectors item. Not much else to say about them except that they command a higher price and the actions run as smooth as greased lightening. Be happy you scored! I tried to upload a picture of the box end that my gun was in but alas, it's not working. It just says; 11718 M4 H20 12ga PG some bar codes and the serial number of the gun. That's it.
  8. Under normal circumstances, I agree completely. Nobody is going to sniff around your guns doing a proctological examination looking for an infraction. But things like that usually happen coincidental to some other event, totally by accident. These days you never know when you might run into some brainwashed, robotic prick, who may want to push an issue. It's federal. That's why a lot of people choose to observe 922R however ridiculous it may be. Myself included. It's up to each individual to decide for themselves. I don't judge either way. Like in California for example, if you replace a "muzzle brake" device with a normal flash hider on a particular rifle, you can be arrested and charged with possession of an "assault weapon"- a felony. Keep a "muzzle brake" on it, and all is well. Completely insane and ridiculous but, that's what can happen if caught.
  9. No, you're not picky. Substandard is substandard. No matter how you cut it.
  10. I'm not an expert on chokes and their effects with various loads. But IMO, it's an advantage to have a barrel where you can change the constriction to tailor your needs/desires for any given load that you may want to shoot. Various brands/loadings will behave differently with the same choke. So it's a matter of experimenting with the combos. From what I have read here, the M1014 barrel is a modified choke. The 14" entry barrel is a cylinder choke. I kinda think that an IC choke is the best of all worlds, a tad tighter than a cylinder choke but also works well with slugs. I pretty much shoot mostly Federal LE reduced recoil slugs and flight control 00 buck. I do have a bunch of military 00 buck that I'll try out one day. I have had very good accuracy with slugs, and fairly tight patterns with 00 with both the IC and cylinder chokes. But I don't over think it either. For me, it's a combat shotgun, not a sniper rifle. Just my opinion...
  11. The IWC mount has QD cups on both sides for QD sling swivels for either a righty or leftie shooter. Take a look at the above pictures of it.
  12. Hmmm... not surprising to me. My opinion of FFT stuff is that generally, the stuff they put out is "almost...but, not quite." That's the best I can describe my opinion of their stuff. I had their hand guards and I had an NP3 7 round tube of theirs.
  13. I have a SF Scout M600 with the standard shrouded tail cap mounted on an IWC mount. I have long arms, big hands and long fingers. I don't find that activating the light button either for momentary or on/off, has any affect on my grip that I would say compromises it. Maybe someone with different anatomical structure would have issues but I don't. I think the standard OEM hand guards are one of the things Benelli got right with the gun, altho stippling greatly improves them.
  14. Yep. IMO, nothing beats OEM guards stippled by Tango Arms.
  15. My mistake. I don't know where I pulled that figure out of. Sorry for misquoting.🙃
  16. Member StrangerDanger here has posted several times that, as an experiment, he once went like 15,000 rounds with one of his M4's without cleaning it, other than squirting the bolt and receiver down with CLP or the like, and never experienced a problem.
  17. I don't know about overrated but, yeah, it's just another stupid law written by imbeciles who likely know zero about weapons, designed for nothing other than to punish law abiding gun owners into submission. That said though, I would not want to be caught in that trap.
  18. If you are talking about a whole bunch of customization just for the sake of customizing, I wouldn't pay anything for that. Only because IMO, parts that many people so often replace don't really gain anything and are superfluous bling. But that is just my opinion. It's quite easy to make an M4 922R compliant. The degree of easy depends on which parts you change out. A US made 7 round tube and follower is 2 parts and US made hand guards makes 3. Done. But I would go with OEM hand guards stippled by Tango Arms and use the A&S trigger housing for #3. And as long as you have a cheap heat gun, this example of a conversion can be done in less than a hour. If you have a collapsable stock model, you need to replace 4 parts to comply instead of the 3 that would be necessary in your example above. If you want to go deeper and change the trigger housing and associated parts, that too can be easily done with a few basic gunsmithing tools, such as snap ring pliers, punches, and a plastic bench block. Again, that conversion can be done in an hour or less. I do everything I can to do my own work rather than risk shipping an expensive firearm back and forth. So, 2 hours of gunsmithing + parts=?
  19. My H2O is an original NP3 plated model. This is it with the CC muted titanium tube. Initially, I was a bit disappointed with the match but I really don't mind it anymore. Also, the tube that was replaced on my gun was a FFT NP3 7 round steel tube which was a perfect match to the gun but the CC titanium tube is a superior product. Scroll down in this thread for my pics;
  20. That is where I am confused. I thought that no matter what the forcing cone does at the beginning of the loads travel, where it exits the barrel at the choke end would be the final determination of the loads form. I guess I'm wrong?
  21. Just curious....benefit how?
  22. That guy on the hide says that the barrel ring is aluminum. Is it? I never examined it closely but I always thought it was steel.
  23. Federal flight control 00 buck and Federal LE full power Truball, and low recoil (1300 fps) slugs with an IC choke is what I have used for years. Tight pattern with buck and very accurate with slugs. Trouble is, it's extremely hard to find these days.
  24. So in a broad sense you're giving up your 4th amendment rights. No thank you.
  25. Looks like an effort to turn a shot shell into a Claymore.
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