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  1. As usual, outstanding job on the tutorial....I read thru the whole thing even though my M4 came with the correct recoil tube installed for the collapsable stock..
  2. Nice work...definitely not for the faint of heart. I was admiring the Vickers sling that is on the H20 in your pics and figured out that the pattern is Kryptek Typhon and thought one of those would compliment my H20. Turns out that BFG is phasing out that pattern and the padded portion of the Vickers sling is no longer available in Kryptek Typhon. Too bad about that because I think it's a very cool pattern suited well to either a black or silver gun. But at least I was able to purchase an unpadded version complete with the silver triglides!
  3. Good point. Safer to use the momentary function when in area clearing mode, I suppose. Do you know if all the models of the SF tape switches have the momentary function, or just some of them?. It's not clear on their website.
  4. Another question for ya..is it necessary to trim the tailcap shroud off the 600DF with the IWC mount?
  5. Well said. One major standout I like about them is that it's machined from a piece of billet aluminum and every single edge on the piece is broken- a very nice touch. Then there's the superior finish and blah, blah, blah...😋
  6. Not that I know of Les. But IIRC, there was some whining about something later on in production but I think that was more attributable to "operator error."😉
  7. Depends on your point of view. As for myself, when it comes to critical firearms parts, such as parts that bear stresses, or contain other critical moving parts with pins and springs, I don't like polymer. But, obviously millions and millions of people do. I wouldn't own a polymer framed handgun, but then, I don't like striker fired guns either.😊 They probably switched the M4 to polymer trigger housings because it's cheaper and faster to produce. I have one of the first hundred of the A&S trigger housings produced for the M4. It's a superior product to either of the OEM housings.
  8. Ha ha....you need a little finesse for this job.... not use a 90lb jackhammer to crack an egg.😁
  9. I have a FFT NP3 plated tube. Back when I bought my H20 model they were the only people providing that finish. It has been fine all these years. CC makes a superlative product according to reviews but, you'll have to wait out a few moons before you get it.
  10. All you needed to do (and it sounds like you still should) was carefully sand or file off some material from the curved portion of the stock that butts up to the rear and follows the contour of the trigger guard. The stocks are a moulded item and as such more often than not, they require a little fitting in this area in order to gain enough clearance room for the trigger housing to drop in. Rounds down range won't help the situation.
  11. My forward sling plate never had any slop in it.Once the snap ring is installed in front of it there was no play fore and aft, it was tight to the point of having drag when I rotated it the eigth inch or so that is allowed due to the barrel cutout.
  12. I'm not a fan of any of the aftermarket hand guards that have ever been made so far but, having to remove and reinstall tiny set screws any time you want to have a look at something or clean it, is a deal breaker for me all by itself.
  13. Evolution

    M4 home safety

    The M4 is not "drop safe". When the safety is engaged, it merely blocks the trigger from being pulled. The sear or the hammer for that matter, is not captured in any way to prevent the hammer from falling should the gun receive a violent blow. I never keep a round chambered, I maintain a full magazine and one on the shell carrier when in home defense mode.
  14. FYI...you might want to keep the mag spring as a spare, it's supposed to be the same as they use for the 7 round mag.
  15. This is the butt pad, Same one as for the fixed pistol grip stock. http://www.nokick.com/Precision_Fit_Pad_Benelli_M1_Tactical_p/ls-10403.htm The Noveske item is the sling plate that replaces the OEM sling plate in the stocks. On one side of it is a QD swivel receptacle. https://www.noveske.com/products/benelli-qd-sling-plate I put all the parts on the field stock that Iv'e had for a while and....I just can't get used to that thing. The grip area for the hand just cocks my wrist in an uncomfortable angle for me when my finger is on the trigger. Iv'e given up on thoughts of using the thing. The fixed pistol grip stock is for me.....
  16. I think the military wanted a barrel without a screw in choke tube just because the don't want to deal with something like that in combat conditions.
  17. Evolution

    M4 Maintenance

    IMO, any brand new out of the box firearm should be broken down to at least it's major groups and thoroughly lubed before it's taken out and shot for the very first time. Iv'e seen some guns being pretty dry NIB from the factory.
  18. I wonder which is louder inside a house, a short barreled AR or a 12ga? My money is on the AR. Piercing noise those things make.
  19. IMO, I think that a heavy 12 gage weapon is likely too much for either one. If shotgun is a must, I would suggest a 20. But my first choice would be an M4 type AR. Pretty much anybody can easily handle one of those. And plenty of firepower.
  20. I would say no, the choke is not listed as one of the parts eligible for 922R compliance. Here is a comprehensive list of the parts that can be replaced for compliance. https://freedomfightertactical.com/pages/922r-faq
  21. Yep, good enough for a GI weapon but, I for one am not gonna use my NP3 plated bolt handle to do that.
  22. How to remove the spring retainer that has no holes? Remove the mag cap then start loading shells into the mag. After 3 or four shells the spring should push it out. I'd place a pillow in front of the gun first so things don't fly all over the place when it pops out. Then you can drill holes in it easier if you want.
  23. Not at all an uncommon experience with a brand new gun shooting LR rounds. Some have said to "break in" these guns you should fire at least a couple hundred rounds of full power loads before you try any low recoil stuff. As for ammo, I have read many times on the 'net about people having these issues with the bargain brands of ammo, particularly Fiocchi. Both not fitting and reliability issues. Cheap stuff isn't always worth the money savings. Reliability is foremost. Personally, I only use Federal and Remington ammo in my M4. My advice, shoot a couple hundred rounds of full power American made stuff, then try the Fiocchi again if you want but, in any case, I don't recommend shooting any LR stuff rated below 1300 fps. People have claimed ftf's and fte's even with Federal's 1145 fps stuff. And, have fun, the M4 is an awesome shotgun!
  24. I disagree. When I look to aftermarket parts, be it for my Ducati or a firearm, I always strive to strike a balance between functionality and aesthetics. Why ruin the looks of an expensive beautiful thing by slapping something ugly on it, just because it may be functional? Burnt orange carpet and purple drapes may be functional, but are you gonna decorate you home with that?😀
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