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  1. Thanks to all, for the help, this is going to be a good community to be part of. ✌️
  2. LOL, Thanks! I appreciate it, now I can sleep at night. I don't care much of the type of aluminum. I used to be the GM of Rizoma USA an Italian motorcycle aftermarket company, and am very familiar with all things; ALLOY, ERGAL, ALUMINUM... 😄 I have one on order but it's taking FOREVER to get because of the mass panic buying. It was between an M4 and Beretta 1301 Tact, however I knew I'd kick my own nut sac if I didn't go with what I have always wanted! I hope to learn from these forums, as I familiarize myself with my new tool. Thanks again...
  3. Hi All, Before I get lambasted here are a few things that won't help: 1. NO, I don't have access to a Benelli M4 to do a magnetic test to see if it sticks, otherwise I wouldn't post this question. 2. I know its a merry go round and old topic from the looks of back in 2009, BUT, I was just at Shot Show and those Italian fools refused to answer this simply question. Me being a filthy Italian can say that! haha So, please refrain from smart @$$ comments and would someone just say, STEEL receiver or ALLOY (7075 etc. etc. aluminum) Thanks!
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