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  1. NJ2002

    Benelli M4 sights

    I had several target miss shots,so i decided to use a laser bore sight to align front and rear sights, the result can be seen in the attached pictures,any suggestion to solve this problem?
  2. Have any one shot this kind of load with the M4?
  3. Thank you all, I have successfully finished installing the C-stock without any tools, it was really really stiff . They way i did it : 1- full disassemble of the shotgun . 2- oil on and around the edge of the contact area between the pistol grip and the gun body to help loosen it for the first time disassemble . 3- ROTATE THE PISTOL GRIP COUNTER CLOCKWISE FROM REAR SITE VIEW OF THE SHOTGUN (FROM RIGHT TO LEFT). 4- use your fist as a hammer if the grip is so stiff . 5- enjoy the tactical look & feeling of your BENELLI M4 .
  4. I will try vertigofirearms, thank you . its Benelli original part # 70085, 3 position collapsible .
  5. Also i have followed this video link to install the collapsible stock, did i miss something? a hidden part? anything? it should be an easy thing to do.
  6. Hello, I've bought the collapsible stock for my Benelli M4 (it had the pistol grip stock) i have followed the instructions:fully disassembled the gun parts,rotated the pistol grip clockwise from rear sight , i was able to rotate it one full 360 degree round but it is SO STIFF and wont move anymore to remove the pistol grip. Please, Can anyone give me advise what to to?, i did put oil on and around the edge of the contact area between the pistol grip and the gun body to loosen it but its not working . Thanks .
  7. Try Nordic supernova mag extension, i have watched several reviews for it and it seems to be good quality, and you have multiple choices depending on your barrel length . http://nordiccomp.com/retail/shop/nc-extensions/nc-shotgun-extension-complete-assemblies-for-12ga/
  8. Reggie_375RGR : Thanks for the comment , yes, mine came with the extended magazine tube from the factory, i think my M4 is the Italian market version, currently i live overseas . - M4-Desert Camo : Thanks for the comment, Benelli makes 20'' barrel, i attached a photo of my M4 with the measuring tape, Benelli Brochure and the technical features page, you will see that they made 20'' barrel, and that the 20'' barrel holds 6 magnum or 7 (2 3/4) shells. but it didn't take 7 (2 3/4) rounds. - Hookster : Thanks man! the two letters are (CI) that is sexy as ****!! 2012!! you made my day - M4Whore : Thank you for the feedback, the thing is that they shouldn't say in the technical features page that it holds 7 rounds (check the photo i attached) ,or at least they must state that 7 rounds is for military and law enforcement only. I wont take the risk and play with the magazine tube, am afraid to do something stupid and cause a damage to it (it cost me $$$$) you know what am saying... About sell lengths, I tried Winchester hollow point slugs, fiocchi slugs, sellier-bellot slugs/buckshots, federal 00 buckshots, they all ranged between 2.4-2.7 inches . Never the less, M4 is the best!
  10. Great and very informative forum, thank you all. I just got my new Benelli M4, pistol grip, 20''barrel and a standard magazine extension. I would like to share some notes about it: 1-First time shooting: Right out of the box, I cleaned it a little bit and shot about 100 rounds (80 slugs- 20 buckshot 00), it shoot smoothly like silk, no problem what soever. bump fire is WOW! i shot 7 rounds in less than 2 second, not bad for thefirst time i think. 2- Magazine capacity: Although the user manual andthe Brochure says that the 20'' barrel with theextended magazine holds 7 (2 3/4'') shells, but its NOTTRUE! , i pushed -withforce -only half of the seventh round into the magazine, and that was a realdisappointment for me, could it be that the Magazine spring is(stiff) because its still new? any suggestion? 3- Date of manufacture : Can iget help about the manufacture date of my M4? i checked these links but couldntfind answer : http://www.shotgunworld.com/bbs/viewtopic.php?f=57&t=73492 http://www.benelliusa.com/forum/showthread.php/16914-preban-M3?p=94026#post94026 My M4 have the following codes: 1-TM57994E : on the barrel above the argo system. 2-117698 : between the 2 gaspistons 3-Y053419U:is the serial number. 4- M4 box : I wish if the cartoon box was a couple inches wider to store the M4 in it ... Thanks a lot...
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