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  1. It would be nice if Benelli would get on the M4S90 drawboard again to update a 1 piece forend. It`s in my opinion the most trickiest part in assembling, especially when you have to hurry up.
  2. The thick mattress and soft gun case would have cushioned it somehow, but it`s the unseen stress applied to it which could have caused microscopic bending here and there what annoys me. Or is it just a OCD?
  3. I was hiding my Benelli M4 with the collapsible stock shortened in a soft gun case on my bed with a blanket over, when I expected visitors in my apartment. After that I forgot my gun under the blanket and lay my 185 pound body over it. Should the M4 be checked for any damages?
  4. What happens to me if I post here pics of my 100% spaghetti Benelli M4 with its TS stock and 7 shot tube (stock Benelli Italy factory setup)? Ok, me and my gun are not in the us, but will I be busted for posting it on a american forum?
  5. This runs my M4S90 http://www.deltaoil.com/Product.aspx?CtgID=10&ProductID=21&LngID=EN
  6. What about putting a new set of 11707 oem forend on older m1014s? I read a thread somewhere that earlier M4/M1014 forends wouldn`t be compatible on the newer 11707s, but in reverse new forends will fit on older M4/M1014. My 2003 M4S90 has no barrel ring, but does the barrel extension anyway seat properly against the receiver with new factory 11707 forends? By inspection through the ejection port I cannot see any gap between on my weapon, but can there be a little misfit that could rattle up the gun by time?
  7. I know it has been discussed numerous threads about this issue, but are there some new innovations for the collapsible stock? GG&G wont work and the Mesa tactical pistogrip split pin version could be a thumb buster I guess. Couldn`t GG&G come up with one for the TS stock? I like to have a single point sling adapter close to the receiver.
  8. Move the barrel clamp a bit towards the muzzle or get another extension tube that is not bent. It could also be a bad barrel guide ring.
  9. Somebody who knows where other places than Remingtons I can obtain genuine parts for the Remington M24 Sniper rifle? I`m looking for the irons sight bases with screws.
  10. Keep your LE M4 and save up some money for a rifle.
  11. It looks weird and this big welding can flake off by time and damage the weapon, I think. My link is flawless and has no trace of welding between.
  12. Thanks, it was good to know that the hammer must be cocked prior to install the bolt into the receiver, but does it matter if someone only takes the trigger group out or in the receiver when the hammer is down without installing the bolt next?
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