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  1. is there any thing i can use to keep the barrel from scratching thats the only reason its there electrical tape?
  2. in the picture it doesn't look as bad but you can still tell a bit and it bothers me im OCD when it comes to this kinda stuff but its barely tightened when i moved it back farther but still bends i checked with a pencil width and no problems behind the barrel clamp but like an inch or two after the barrel clamp the pencil will get stuck[ATTACH=CONFIG]2593[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]2594[/ATTACH]
  3. yeah i turned the trigger group upside down and it popped right out i also put a light trigger spring in it as well as a lighter buffer spring but will the buffer spring being new make noise? it sounds as if the spring is riding against the tube when i pull it back and also when the bolt is locked back (like when you run out of shells) you should be able to hit the bot release and it should go back to normal well when i lock it back myself and hit the release it doesn't go forward... any idea's?
  4. im switching out my safety on my M2 i have the spring out but when i attempt to remove the safety its really hard and wont budge am i doing something wrong or is just a pain in the ass to get out?
  5. anyone ever notice the nova in fast and the furious 6? [ATTACH=CONFIG]2568[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]2569[/ATTACH]
  6. i just ordered my extended carrier, safety, and spring set and also got free shipping, check it out. http://tarantacticalinnovations.com/
  7. kdenz

    Will this work??

    OK sweet thanks for the reply i didn't want to order something and have it not fit. I'm moving to the ghetto side of town and don't want to get robbed so I'm turning the m2 into a home defense shotgun. Now i just have to figure out which one to buy! Anybody have an opinion on the two surefire or streamlight?
  8. kdenz

    Will this work??

    will a surefire X300 or Streamlight TLR attach to the rail on the nordic barrel clamp with the picatinny rail?
  9. If you have one for an M2 you want to get rid of let me know
  10. can you remove the cheek pad on the urbino stock?
  11. i want a pistol grip for my M2 but im not sure if i should buy the factory one or the one from Mesa Tactical. Any major difference between the two?
  12. Do you have their spring kit for reduced recoil and faster follow up shots for your benelli? if so how do you like it
  13. has anybody bought this Power Pak spring kit from Taran Tactical for there M2 if so how well does it perform i havent seen any reviews or videos on this product its fairly cheap for price $40. but any info would be nice here is a link to their page http://tarantacticalinnovations.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=116_118&products_id=344
  14. Hi everybody im new in this forum, I own a Benelli myself its a M2 with a couple upgrades not much but its reliable and dependable [ATTACH=CONFIG]2351[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]2352[/ATTACH]
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