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  1. truckcop

    Fixed IC Choke

    Fixed means it's integral to the barrel, non-interchangeable.
  2. Search the forum for "Benelli click". It's a long-time known issue with some guns. Various fixes have been tried with mixed results. I fixed one of my guns with a swap of locking heads between guns. Fixed another one by replacing the original blued locking head with a newer version chromed head. It happens regardless of the loads; heavy, light, slugs, buckshot, birdshot. Benelli never really acknowledged a problem, putting the blame on dirty guns, ammunition, not holding the gun properly, et. al. A couple of years ago they finally made a modification of the bolt on a couple of models that appears to have corrected the problem . Unfortunately, the re-designed bolt group isn't backward compatible with older guns.
  3. Movie Prop http://www.imfdb.org/wiki/Alien_Nation
  4. truckcop

    Asgard Defense

    Man, 15 years ago I'd have jumped all over this. Now, at my age, the cost/benefit analysis just doesn't compute. Dang it!
  5. Magazine limiter plug installed??
  6. Is it 922r compliant? Sorry, I just couldn't help myself. Gary, your post actually made me smile. 😀 Great looking wheels. I didn't realize they had gone back to making motorcycles. I just looked at their website. Back in the day I had one of the first 4 cylinder Honda 750's. I don't remember the 6-hole Benelli from those days.
  7. Have you tried to find a used barrel? Gunbroker, local gunsmith possibly. Or even try for used gun of the same vintage as yours.
  8. Since a "stovepipe" is generally indicative of an ejection problem, first, take a look at the ejector on the inside of the upper receiver. It should be under spring tension and you should be able to push it backwards and it should return forward under the pressure of the spring. You should be able to see the forward end of the ejector spring hooked on a tab on the leading edge of the ejector plate.
  9. A glimmer of hope for NP3: Robar Closure ATTENTION GUN OWNERS: With the closing of the Robar Companies the question of accessing NP3©, NP3+© and ArmorLube© coatings has come up. Coating Technologies LLC (CTL) is the owner of these processes. We are currently exploring a methodology to help facilitate individual access to our finishes. This will take some time but we will announce availability to Distributors via electronic and printed media as quickly as we can. To be added to our contact list and receive an update as information becomes available, please send an email with your name, phone number and email address to [email protected] Please note: CTL does NOT have any gunsmithing services nor can we accept work on an individual basis. Thank you for your patience and we are looking forward to resuming our great relationship with our firearm owning friends. Robbie Barrkman CEO
  10. I'm going to break tradition here and probably ruffle some feathers on things like shotgun triggers, especially a combat-intended instrument such as the M4. Leave the trigger alone. Not to put too much of a fine point on it, a shotgun is a blunt instrument, not a precision sniper rifle. I've shot uncountable numbers of shotgun-related training courses, a zillion rounds in academy training as an instructor, and a bazillion rounds at those little orange discs and feathered creatures that fly through the air. Not once have I EVER thought gee, I wish I had a lighter/crisper/whatever's different trigger. Never. I have a safe full of Benellis of various stripes, including the M4, as well as Remingtons (mostly 870's), Brownings, an LC Smith that granddaddy owned, and probably a couple more that I can't think of right now. I can't think of one reason to put another trigger into any of them (well, except for the 870, which requires a change of the entire trigger plate assembly if you want to switch to a left-handed safety). And, I can think of a couple of reasons why not to. Just do a search of aftermarket triggers for Benelli here and other places and you'll find all sorts of tales of woe about all manner of maladies after such installations. I'd say, leave well enough alone. But, hey, that's just me, a sampling of one. 😁 Let the flames begin!
  11. Me: Doctor, it hurts when I do this! Doctor: Well, don't do that! 😁😁 (I'm so sorry, I just couldn't help myself. Someone had to say it.)
  12. I'm almost 100% certain that the SBE 2 barrel will fit the SBE 1. You may have to replace the forearm with a 2 version. The forearm on my SBE 1 is from a 2 so the damaged barrel I got was almost certainly from a 2. If you're only finding SBE 2 barrels, that may be an option for you.
  13. How is it messed up? Depending on the damage, a decent gunsmith might be able to repair it. I purchased one cheap from someone whose muzzle had been blown out. Sent it to Briley, they cut off the damage portion, cleaned it up and installed their thin-walled chokes. SBE 1 barrels show up on GunBroker & Ebay but they're always very expensive.
  14. My personal thoughts only. Others, including the OP may not concur. For a HD shotgun load, Federal LE13200 (FliteControl) is as good as it gets. Lower recoil over the higher velocity rounds. At HD distances, you'll have a tighter pattern, i.e., more accurate shot and LESS likely to have an errant pellet fly hither and yon. Depending on the gun, within 30 feet and even beyond, you'll likely get a one-hole hit on target. Some will chime in that " . . . well if yer gonna have such a tight pattern you might as well shoot slugs . . . and, well, I'd rather have more of a spread in the pattern . . .blah, blah, blah". To those I say, fine, make your own choice. Overall, the shotgun for HD, in my view, has its own disadvantages and strengths but that's another discussion. My defensive shotguns, home or otherwise, are loaded as noted above.
  15. Sorry, SD, but you've either mis-spoken here or there's something I'm not understanding in your response. The first part of your that sentence, and I agree, in a "click" situation you hear the hammer fall because it has been reset. But then you immediately contradict that by saying the hammer is already lowered against the back of the bolt. If the hammer is already lowered against the back of the bolt, as in the case of the mechanism not resetting, you would get a mushy trigger and hear no click.
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