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  1. Please enlighten us. What, exactly, is a "slammer". Inquiring Benelli owners want to know.
  2. If you have a forend for a rifled barrel I can't understand why it won't fit with the rifled barrel. I'd call Benelli customer service. Something ain't right if you have a (supposed) rifled barrel forend that won't fit a rifled barrel. A "slug gun" is a "field" gun with a rifled barrel instead of a smoothbore barrel.
  3. The older HK imports with the one piece tube have different threads into the receiver than later versions and M2's. Me, I'd go with what I got there (I've got two of those older versions). RCI, the x-rail folks, used to make higher cap one-piece tubes for the older guns but I think they quit making them. You could check with them.
  4. Buy a rifled-barrel forend. https://www.gunpartscorp.com/products/1438820B
  5. Yes, but you'll need to drill/tap the receiver.
  6. For sporting clays, no. Even the TTI carrier isn't really needed for that. It's not like you're having to do speed reloads when shooting clays of any kind. The only thing that might be useful is a thicker or thinner recoil pad, depending on what you get with the gun and whether the LOP needs a slight adjustment.
  7. truckcop

    M1 super 90

    You can download one here: https://www.tngun.com/wp-content/uploads/Benelli-M1.pdf
  8. truckcop

    M2 carrier

    The "tactical" version has the standard carrier. I probably went through 7 or 8 shotgun courses over the years with the standard carrier and never got thumb bite during a course. The only time I ever had an issue with catching my thumb was when I was just farting around on my on at the range. Over the last few years I changed most of them out to Taran Tactical versions. Just because. If you use the proper technique, you shouldn't have any problem with the OEM version.
  9. truckcop

    M1 Super 90

    Yeah, I just assumed he meant magazine spring since he didn't mention taking the stock off. Probably should have clarified that.
  10. truckcop

    M1 Super 90

    You'll have to remove the magazine tube from the receiver. It will probably take some heating up at the interface to loosen up the thread locker. Those early M1's had a full-length, one-piece tube rather than a sectioned tube that came on later models.
  11. Could be one of the old "practical" guns that were marketed to competition shooters back when. It came with an extended magazine, 26 inch barrel with a large muzzle brake. Overall, it was looooong. I think they also put that muzzle brake on some regular "tactial" versions. The muzzle brake was basically an extended choke tube that was screwed into the barrel and threaded for installation of the brake. Without further info on the gun you're looking at, it's just speculation as to exactly what it is.
  12. First of all you need to make sure the pistol grip stock is designed for the M2 and not the M1. The interface between the stock and receiver is different between the two. Otherwise, just what do you mean " . . . it doesn't quite fit"? The attachment of the two types of stocks are different. The pistol grip stock ordinarily uses a sling plate that goes through a slot in the stock and the mounting lug on the back of the recoil spring tube goes through the hole in the middle of the plate. The standard stocks use a different type of locking plate to secure the stock with the lug still going through a hole in the middle. There may be differences in the stock retaining screw between the comfort tech stock and the pistol grip stock. I've removed a number of pistol grip stocks and replaced them with field stocks over the years but I don't remember any issues with mounting. But those were primarily the older M1 guns and not the newer M2's.
  13. Snap rings in the forearm?? What snap rings? There should be two "flat" washers and one spring washer (not flat - sort of bent), and one elastic ring (your "snap ring"?) that's "C" shaped with little wings that fit into recesses in the forearm. They should go into the front end of the forearm in this order: flat, spring, flat, elastic. Once installed on the gun there's no way for them to "come out" of the forearm. The barrel ring pushes against them and the magazine cap holds it all in place. Exactly how did they come out??
  14. The GGG pad comes with a modified latch so you don't have to do your own drilling/tapping. There's also TAC2 that's a bit cheaper. http://www.tac2.com/index.php?template=bbr I prefer the round shape of the Nordic but I have both the GGG and TAC2 and they work just fine.
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