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  1. It's a later model SBE. (There was no "SBE 1" - the originals were SBE, followed by SBE II and SBE 3) The trigger guard is rounded, not squared off in front like the SBE II and the forearm is the original fat version rather than the slimmer version of the II. It's a later model because it has the stamped/riveted steel link attached to the bolt rather than the original cast version which were subject to breakage. I replaced two of the originals on colleagues' guns after they broke hunting geese in Canada shooting tons of 3.5 inch goose loads.
  2. What gun/stock are you trying to install it on? They're not all the same. I've installed one on a M1 but that was easy peasy.
  3. If you can find one, recommend that you go with OEM. I had issues with proper fit of a Sure Cycle several years back. Issues may have been resolved by now but I've never had issues with OEM extensions.
  4. Yes, it will work. Just about anything coming out of a 12 gauge at door-bustin' distances will work on bustin' doors. Frangible is preferable. Raiding some crack houses are we?
  5. Primary difference would be that the M2 receiver is one-piece, all aluminum while the SBE has a two-piece receiver with a steel upper that's part of the barrel assembly and an aluminum lower portion. SBE would therefore be heavier than the M2. Inertia firing system is pretty much the same in each. The SBE has always been considered a heavier-duty type gun able to take more use with heavier loads vs the M's. I've got both (12 ga.) and functionally there's not much difference. The lighter M2 has a bit more felt recoil than the heavier SBE but in actual use in the field I never notice it.
  6. Contact Benelli customer service. They may be able to provide (sell) the fine-thread part. Or, contact Midwest. They may have the correct part. And for future reference, a pipe wrench isn't a proper gunsmithing tool. Just sayin'. 😁
  7. M2 barrel will fit the M1. There will be some necessary modifications to the M1 forearm for it to fit. Finding a barrel will be your main impediment. They'll occasionally show up on ebay or gunbroker. Shoot clays with the barrel you have. I shoot skeet, sporting clays, and pheasants with 19 and 21 inch barrels.
  8. If you can find one, the OEM extensions are preferable. Next on my list would be Nordic Components extension. If you're flush with cash, go whole-hog and go with a monotube replacement (full length tube, not an extension) by Roth Performance, formerly X-Rail by RCI.
  9. If it's like several others here, there's not much you can do to remedy the sticky stock. There seems to be a period in which the mixing/curing process of the polymer material was sub-optimal. My remedy was to call Benelli and describe the problem. They sent me a new stock. Did you buy it recently as a new gun or was it used? I would think by now newer guns would have had the problem fixed.
  10. I shoot a RM05/9moa dot on one of my 3-gun M1's. I've got RM04/7moa RMR's on other guns. To my eye it's impossible to tell the difference in size between the two. There are a couple of issues with the dual illuminated models. Each issue has to do with ambient lighting. First, when shooting in direct, unobstructed mid-day sunlight, the dot flares a great deal. Second, when shooting from a covered/shady or darkened position out into a bright, sunlit area, the dot is almost invisible against something like a bright white painted steel target. I've taken care of the first problem with a black sharpie, inking over the light intake area. That works great in the outside scenarios since the ink is opaque enough to transmit sufficient dot-illuminating light even on a cloudy day. However, that fix exacerbates the second problem scenario shooting from a darkened area out into a bright light area. Since most of my competition stuff is out in the bright sun (Florida), the sharpie fix works like a charm to reduce the dot flare. But that's just me. Your choice will depend on the type of shooting you intend to do.
  11. As I noted above, call Benelli. In my case they sent me a new stock.
  12. Can't think of a reason why it would be doing that. It should work. Sounds silly, but try wiggling the muzzle end of the barrel back and forth while pulling back on it. Another: take the trigger housing and bolt assembly out and try to install the barrel. When doing that, look up inside the receiver to see if you can find the barrel extension coming in contact with something. I can't really think of what since there's not really anything in there to interfere with it. That's all I've got.
  13. I don't have the cajones to shoot 3 1/2 in buckshot so no, I haven't seen that. Having said that, the question is: What do you mean by "trouble recycling"? Is it not ejecting? Not loading after ejection? Following round not being released from magazine? Do they cycle properly with other brands or different loads? If both guns are having trouble with that particular brand/load but work properly with others, that's a clue. Quit using that brand/load. I've got one gun that refuses to work with Rio shotgun shells. It works with everything else I run through it. I don't use Rio any more.
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