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  1. Sorry for the delayed response. Regarding the barrel clamp, I really had it cranked down after moved quite a bit the first few times I shot with it. Having said that, I had look at the point where the barrel joins the receiver. It does appear flush (as near as I can tell) but I realized that I may have another potential issue. I'm also running a Side Armor replacement top rail with removable shell carrier on the left side. It fits fine with the OEM hand guards but it's very tight where the shell carrier meets the left rail of the B&T forend. Pictures attached but wondering if it's worth
  2. These are pictures of what I was running on my M4 when I broke the barrel guide ring. I've pulled these off the web as I'm not running this config right now. The Benelli gunsmith mentioned that he thought the quad rail was preventing the barrel and mag tube from moving independently. I don't believe the fore-end would do this at all as it does not actually touch the barrel. The CDM mount (which I forgot to mention to the Benelli gunsmith) most definitely clamps the barrel and mag tube together which in my mind would explain the problem. I'm just trying to find out if anyone else is running the
  3. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture but it basically sheared the weld right at the bottom of the barrel. It was my understanding that the Benelli gunsmith just re-welded it.
  4. Apologies if this has been covered before but I'm wondering if anyone has had any issues running aftermarket fore-end's and light/rail mounts. I have seen a number of posts but none specifically addressing what I experienced. I recently broke the barrel guide ring on my M4 which was less than a year old and had less than 750 rounds in it. I was running a B&T fore-end with a CDM Gear rail mount (which happens to clamp to the barrel and mag tube). Benelli fixed the guide ring free of charge (minus $40 to ship it to them) but said I shouldn't run any aftermarket fore-end on it. Has anyone
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