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  1. As Stranger Danger said, there is the Urbino coming out next month from Mesa Tactical. Here's the link for reference. So now you easily have 4 U.S. made parts, which easily puts up below the 3 required. http://www.mesatactical.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=722&p=4
  2. Thanks Hookster, I have been completely immersed in updating this house we just bought. So I haven't even looked at my Benelli in a couple of months. We'll have to try and hook up for a surf next time we're down your way. MeanGreen
  3. This is the best summary I can give you. A list of the 13 parts the ATF states are in the M4. 1) Receiver 2) Barrel 3) Bolt 4) Bolt Carrier 5) Gas Piston 6) Trigger Housing 7) Trigger 8) Hammer 9) Disconnector 10) Buttstocks 11) Forearm 12) Magazine body 13) Followers If you want to add a full length mag tube then you'll have to replace 2 other parts. Currently there are US made followers and forearms on the market. Mesa Tactical is making a US made pistol grip buttstock to be released in April, so that will make three. I sent a follow up letter to the ATF re
  4. Take a few extra shots for CA for us. Maybe we can make some change here "You can believe in" just like in MA.
  5. Nice job Panabax! Thanks for attempting to tackle this.
  6. It actually does have the 1913 rails. Here's the link to the description and pictures on the website. http://www.botachtactical.com/kzm4.html I bought this one and the Surefire M80. I returned the Surefire and kept the KZ forend. I just liked the fact that its all metal and feels really sturdy. Also it didn't hurt that its made in the U.S. and that it was cheaper than the Surefire forend.
  7. Actually Ubo, this will count as one US made part. Its a non-collapsable single unit pistol grip stock. That's all the ATF cares about.
  8. John, Here is the address you want to send it to. Don't bother asking or emailing your local ATF branch to write you a letter, because they won't even know what 922 r is. Plus the Firearms technology branch is where they make the determination of the number of parts. Attn: Firearms Technology Chief ATF Firearms Technology Branch 244 Needy Road Martinsburg, West Virginia 25401-9431
  9. Hey ShadowShooter and Hookster, Would you guys mind posting your response letters also? It would probably be good for everyone to see the consistency in the responses from the ATF as well as any differences in the answers that they may have given.
  10. Knowles, According to the letter I received it is 13 imported parts. Under 922r, you if you want to change your gun to a non-sporting configuration, you need to have no more than 10 imported parts. That means you'll have to swap out three parts if you want to extend the magazine or add an extension. Luckly there are enough US made parts to do this. There are US made full lenth tubes or extensions, followers and forends. With a soon to be released US made fixed pistol grip stock from Mesa Tactical. So you'll be fairly safe with four soon. As to how to prove somethings US made, that's
  11. As I obsess over when I am going to get my tube, I check Kip's website every hour for updates. I just found out he updated the front page for expected delivery dates. Here is what's posted. IMPORTANT! Status Update as of October 10, 2009; All completed orders placed through August 5th will ship NLT Wednesday Oct 14, 2009 unless otherwise pending payment. Orders between Aug 5th, 2009 and Oct 9, 2009 are expected to ship no later than November 1st, 2009. Credit Card authorizations on orders placed between July 11, 2009 and Sept 5, 2009 will have expired by that time, and customers will be c
  12. I second the CQB sling from Spector Gear. Its a great sling. the rear attachment to the stock is smaller than the forward attachment. Its a great product for the price.
  13. Steve1968LS2, They are legal in CA. CA's law only states you can't have a semi-auto shotgun that has a mag tube holding more than 10 rounds. As long as you don't have a collapsable stock or detachable clip. This is what is prohibited under the CA Assault Weapons Control Act of 1989: (5) A semiautomatic pistol with a fixed magazine that has the capacity to accept more than 10 rounds. (6) A semiautomatic shotgun that has both of the following: (A) A folding or telescoping stock. (B) A pistol grip that protrudes conspicuously beneath the action of the weapon, thumbhole
  14. Good news! Thanks Hookster and Decodence for keep those of us who ordered after 7/11 updated. I ordered mine on 8/7 no email yet though. Now I want to see if they truly do show up on a donkey like Texas Skeeter said, then it would make perfect sense of why they are taking so long. Donkeys are very slow creatures. UPS or the Postal Service would have been a better choice of carriers for Kip.
  15. If anyone is interested in getting one. I know that National Police Supply has a couple in stock. Sean is absolutely the best at customer service. Would love it if there were more people running businesses like him out there. Here is their website. www.nationalpolicesupply.com
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