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  1. Finally figured it out... Flat head screwdriver used to remove two screws in recoil pad. 11mm deep well socket to buttstock nut. Whole thing slides out.
  2. Got a regular M-4 (pistol grip with full stock). How do you remove it? Need some help please.
  3. I am planning on getting one of the KZ single point sling attachments for my M-4. Question is....Do I have to go in the reciever and take the buttstock apart (nut) there or can I undo the two screws in the rear of the buttstock and slide it off and then slide the plate over the tube to where it is flush with the back of the reciever and then re-attach the buttstock? I have the solid pistol grip stock not the collapsible. I searched the forum but only found topics on the collapsible one.
  4. This picture speaks for itself... Of course I need to put my M-4 in there too.
  5. That's crazy. That ammo is the official type (9mm, .40, .45 ACP) for my agency. We have been waiting seven months to get our shipment in for issue to the troops. Still waiting...... If we cant get it, Law Abiding Citizens are even further down the list.
  6. Anyone using Eotech, Aimpoint, etc. for thier M4? I just mounted my 552 on my M4 and it just looked funky, plus the rail is too high to line up with sights. Just wanted to know if anyone else is using optics??
  7. Still, there is something slick about a dedicated system. Got em' on my MP5 and Remington 870.
  8. We had 3 of the P-90's at my old Police Agency (select-fire). Cool guns except they are way to short to get a good sight picture. The semi-auto version does look funky with that long barrel, however MFI makes a fake suppressor that slips onto the full length tube and makes it look even cooler. Hard part is finding ammo for that puppy $$$$$
  9. Steve, There is one on Gunbroker right now http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.asp?Item=141398002 It should bolt right on your M4. No need to get a new tube. How much you want for the collapsible stock???
  10. Thanks for the advice
  11. A hook on the front and a metal tab on the back
  12. Steve, I'll straight trade you my pistol grip stock right now for that collapsible one.
  13. DETECTIVE1108

    M-4 Sling

    Anyone know where to get a factory (HK Type) sling for the M-4? The front sling attachment is wider than the one on the buttstock and I dont want to use a slimmer 1" or so sling. Does the rear buttstock sling mount take a metal clip or something? Forgive my ignorance...
  14. That's who I bought my M-4 from. Square dealing guy who will give you a fair price.
  15. Decent price. I got mine new for $1350 ($15 over dealer price). Just think, with your savings you can put on all the goodies now.
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