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  2. I love the 26" barrel because of its versatility, you would not think that 2 inches would make a big difference but it does considering all of the weight from the extra 2" is at the end of the gun and for Turkey hunting you are holding that gun up for long periods of time completely motionless. Get a pair of Shooting Sticks if you are a Sitter- your comfort level will be so much better- no matter what size barrel you have! I have been doing extensive pattern testing for the last 9 months with all kinds of different loads for different applications through my SuperNova with many different Chokes, Ammunition Companies, Loads, Etc. I can tell you that for me 3" loads pattern much better than 3.5" loads. 9 months ago I would have told you 3.5" loads all day long but after seeing the results box after box from different companies and different loads it is consistently 3" for the best pattern. I am sure that many will disagree but these are my findings, others may find otherwise. Best of Luck this Spring! Hunt Hard and Be Safe!
  3. We have had both Ducks and Canada Geese here in Maine for the past 3 weeks!
  4. tyson129


    M1014 Beautiful as ALWAYS! Tucker301-That is a Great Gun....Too bad it is still locked up at the store.....
  5. I guess I will have to share the info for people who are interested in night hunting. Thought someone on here was going to help me out or hook up a link.....I will post as soon as the info is attained from my gun dealer and once the part is on my gun. I will include a field report with the post as well. Had a coyote hanging up at 50 yards last night, could not get it to commit to my mojo critter, and I did not want to take the shot without the night sight on my gun. Clean or Nothing for me. Hunt Hard and Be Safe!
  6. Hello Everyone, I need a Tritium Fiber Optic Night Sight System for my SuperNova for Coyote Night Hunting. All I can find are Ghost Ring Setups for SuperNovas and Novas that came from the Factory as the Tactical Version with Ghost Rings. All I really want is the Front Bead, a Mid Bead would not hurt if it came in the kit but it is not necessary. The Site MUST Work in Complete Darkness. I can find some stuff from Meprolight but I cannot find which one will fit the SuperNova. Any suggestions and Links would be Extremely Helpful! I want the Brightest Available and if Possible a Tactical Version where the Animal or Intruder on the other side of the barrel cannot See the Light ( Exactly Like the TruGlo Tactical Tritium/ Fiber Optic Front Sight- Which only works for round barrels that need to be drilled and tapped- They said they are working on a Version for Ribbed Barrels but they don't know when it will be available.) Thanks in Advance!
  7. Hey Everyone, Long time No Talk! Got Benelli Some Action over at Hevi-Shot doing some Pattern Tests with a PatternMaster Long Range Ported Choke Shooting Hevi-Shot Dead Coyote T Shot and 00 Buck Shot out of my SuperNova. Let me Know What you Think. ...And yes that is my Rifle-Not my Shotgun....I supplied them with photos on the fly and they went with that pic. http://www.hevishot.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=88:tech-center-dead-coyote&catid=17:tech-center&Itemid=71 BE SILENT. BE STILL. BE DEADLY. Tyson LaVerdiere Founder and President of COYOTE INC http://skinnymoose.com/wanderings/?p=1025 http://skinnymoose.com/wanderings/?p=896
  8. I won't believe it until I see it. Why would you ever lend such a rare gun to a friend? I don't even lend my regular SuperNova to a friend unless they are going hunting with me and want to try out a Benelli. It will be cool to see if it is True. An explanation on how you went about getting those parts would be great for all of us SuperNova Fans. Tyson
  9. P.S. Shoot 3" shells for best results because there is too much load in the 3.5" shells to have consistent patterns. That is not just my opinion but the opinions of those at PatternMaster and a few other choke companies. Good Luck!
  10. Carlson does say that their best results come from the .665 but I will be giving the .640 a good field testing this up coming year. Your best bet IMO would be to get the almost 1/2 off Turkey setup (not ported version because they offer both) because it comes with a pattern tested choke, which should at least ensure that it patterns good out of the box. Good Luck in your decision. Tyson
  11. The warm weather caused a late rut this year and I did not get to tag out...The coyotes are really destroying the deer herds here in Maine... Everywhere you look in the woods now is piss with blood in it...And muzzle loading season just ended...BOOOOOO! Those does are in full heat!
  12. Welcome to the Forum! Great choice for your first gun. I personally carry extra shells in my right jacket pocket that are loose for those quick much needed extra shots and a box or two in my backpack. Some carry extras on the stock but I find that to be more tactical and I personally don't like the feel of anything on the butt of my gun. There are many other options but this is what works best for me. Good Luck and Congrats on your First Gun and First Benelli! Tyson
  13. I agree the Nova and SuperNova are Tanks but no gun is rust proof. I would advise everyone to clean guns that have gotten fully wet, whether it is from miles of walking in the pouring rain or dropping your gun into a stream. This Tip is to keep your weapon in optimal performance. My SuperNova has sat overnight after a 7 mile hike in the pouring rain before getting cleaned and oiled thoroughly but as stated above they do resist rust very well, but beware to any noobs that they are not rust proof. I as well look forward to the LimbSaver field report and sorry for being the guy who speaks the truth on rust...No disrespect. Tyson
  14. Welcome not only to the Forum but to the World of Benelli! You have made a GREAT Purchase and are now the owner of my favorite Pump Shotgun in the wold! I would do as NovaKing said by following your manuals instructions. My advice to you is to take it apart in its entirety and get really familiar with the shotgun. A light lube of all the inner parts will serve you well. Once reassembled, with the safety on, cycle various loads through your gun to make sure that everything is performing correctly. This gun is very easy to take apart and clean. Simply unscrew your barrel screw cap on the end of your forestock which will allow you to remove the barrel. Next I would take a push pin or the barrel screw cap nipple to push out the two pins, this will drop your trigger assembly out. You can than pull out the forestock and lightly oil the rails, than reinsert. Do not force these pieces into the holes they were removed from, use a delicate touch so that you do not bend them, this is made easier by making sure the bolt assembly is in the correct position allowing for the rails to insert correctly on the inner rails that they slide on. Make sure the bolt assembly is in the front position before reinserting the trigger assembly, again do not force or jam any of these parts. When they are in the correct position it will all go back in nice and smooth. Oil the outer parts of the trigger assembly and reinsert it, making sure the longer screw goes back in the forward hole.. Give the inside of your barrel a thin oil job and reinsert onto the gun, finishing the assembly with the screwing on of the barrel screw cap. Make sure the pump action is working correctly and cycle some different staggered sized rounds through it. For example insert a 2-3/4" followed by a 3.5" or 3" and than back to a 2-3/4" round than repeat until the magazine is full before cycling. If you do not have different sized shot shells just cycle the ammo you have available, making sure that you have correctly reassembled the gun. Have a Great Time with your new gun and shoot a lot through it! You will find that the more you shoot it the smoother the action becomes. Happy Hunting!
  15. Have you checked LimbSaver? They make high quality gear that won't break the bank. Are you sure you got the largest recoil pad of the 3 Benelli offers? Maybe you ordered the wrong one by mistake or they shipped the smaller one by accident. The ones I saw at Cabelas were about $100 and the largest was much bigger than the original. Good Luck!
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